Behmor Brazen Plus vs Bonavita 1900


Coffee maker like Behmor Brazen Plus Vs Bonavita 1900 are a very useful kitchen appliance to have in your house if the people living inside are drinking the beverage everyday because they can save some time on the preparing process especially for more than one drinker. These machines are easy to use, fairly affordable, and will deliver tasty coffee everyday from your favorite blend but, before deciding to go with one, see which model will fit your house the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How Coffee Brewing Affect Coffee Taste
  • What are Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900
  • What Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900 Look like
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  • What else Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900 can offer
  • How to use Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900
  • Behmor Brazen Plus Vs Bonavita 1900

Coffee Brewing and Coffee Grounds

For any avid coffee drinkers, we know that coffee blends will have different taste depending on where they come from, what beans they are made with, which method used while processing the beans, and several other stages that will affect the taste of our final cup of coffee. However, as complicated as it will become, coffee brewing process will also affect your beverage taste which is why brewing a blend as cold brew and brewing with moka pot won’t result with the same tasting coffee.

  • Temperature hand in hand with coffee beans will affect the final beverage since temperature will affect the acidic nature in coffee just like with everything else so it is recommended to heat water at the range of 197 to 205 degree Fahrenheit to brew a proper coffee so there will be no unwanted amount of acid from the bean released by the assistance of overly hot water.
  • The next process that will result you in a different tasting coffee is pressure such as the popular espresso extracting method. Pressing movement will extract much more from your coffee blend and a standard 9 bar machine can already do well in this terms but it is also true that many machines out there like Gaggia Classic Vs Breville Infuser have stronger pressure to deliver more for their customers.
  • Similar with pressure, the amount of time allocated to brew coffee grounds will affect the taste of your beverage because the extraction of solids like caffeine, acids, and solids will need time and the longer it was steeped, commonly the taste will get stronger yet, it also doesn’t mean to be more delicious for each beans have its special maximum extraction time to deliver the best result.
  • Together with time, we also have brewing ratio because water will dissolve the important parts of your coffee grounds so commonly we have brewing ratio recommendation on coffee blend package to give the proper tasty coffee. For example, while the common ratio for regular coffee is 1:17 with water, different brewing method like espresso require far less at 1:2 for those thick liquid.
  • If we already know that ratio plays an important role in deciding how the beverage will tastes latter, the turbulence or interaction between coffee grinds and water is also necessary just like stirring our brew bed manually which is recommended to be low to avoid clogging of excessive fines which often settle at the brew bed.
  • The last but not least is grind size because before we can brew a cup, coffee beans need to be reduced into finer particles for the oils and taste insides to be released and extracted with water. Finer grounds like what we used in espresso or drip coffees are giving more of flavors from the blends while cleaner taste usually achieved by coarser grind like when making one with French Press.

About Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900

As coffee brewing method varies and unique to their own features, the beverage made by one type of machine to another might differ widely so it is always best to get a machine that fits your type of application and brewing preference the most. Some of us go with single serving for they are convenience, some go with espresso machine because they are versatile and want to cut the amount of time spent enjoying the beverage at fancy café, then there are us who loves black coffee.

Among other types of coffee, black coffee is the most common being consumed at home or office because they are easiest to make with various tools or equipment around but, if you are fond of smooth coffee without any over-extracted taste which typically has round body, a coffee machine like Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900 can be a great help. As you may already know, both of them are standard drip coffee machines we often used at home to ease the job when preparing a morning.

These coffee makers are the favorite of many because of the capabilities of creating tasty coffee without being bitter which we often experienced when using many other similar machines. Both of them are using drip system similar to the traditional method with cone or with Chemex because the coffee grinds are steeped with hot water on a separated compartment then the liquid coming from the brewing basket will be falling into their dedicated glass carafe or thermal compartment for users to enjoy.

Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900 are a very similar models because almost all the featured presented in the formers are also available in the latter including being the SCAA approved coffee machines. However, our favorite parts of these coffee machines is their simplicity and some of the additional features that make brewing process even more interesting and reliable.

Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900 Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, these coffee machines are quite different when it comes to design since we can see the water tank clearly in Bonavita while Behmor conceal this compartment in the body. Yet, you can instantly tell that Behmor is placing the water on top part with its own lid while the coffee grinds compartment and its filter basket is located right below it using a slide system to eject and replace while Bonavita placed this compartment right next to the water tank.

In comparison, Behmor will be more space saving for this machine is using streamlined design than Bonavita. The one we used as sample above is the 1900TS version so both the machine fashion and carafe are stainless; the same we can find on the other machine. Brazen Plus do have a dedicated small analog display at the middle portion of the machine just below its water compartment together with some little buttons while the latter almost have no dedicated control panel.

Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900 Beverage

As a regular coffee machine, Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900 are only capable of making black coffee, so our options are very limited here. However, it should be enough for any household in which the owners are enjoying the beverage more often than any other types of coffees, especially those who are living with partner and family. As for the capacity, we can adjust the amount of water manually by how many needed for each serving but the maximum capacity for both machines are 1.2 Liter.

Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900 Features

Temperature is one of the factors that decide the taste of coffee and Bonavita is presetting this machine to heat water between 195 to 205-degree Fahrenheit to brew any blend you have but, Behmor is offering more because this coffee maker will allow you to choose precisely between the range of 190 to 210-degree Fahrenheit manually through the control panel so we can make it warmer or hotter depending on your taste or beans used. In addition, both of them also offer pre-soak time option.

What’s different is Behmor Brazen Plus will allow you to adjust the timer from 15 seconds to 4 minutes before the machine will be automatically continue its brewing process but with Bonavita, this menu is accessed by pressing and holding the power switch for 5 seconds to move into the pre-infusion mode so when we are ready, users should press the power button again to start brewing. If you have a brewing schedule, Behmor can brew according to the time you have adjust before so we can finish things up faster in the morning.

Another interesting feature offered by Behmor is its system calibration function to adjust the elevation in where you are living so water can be heated properly according to the elevation no matter if you live in Atlanta or Quebec. What’s unfortunate is none of Behmor Brazen Plus or Bonavita 1900 have warming plate to keep the beverage warmer longer but it is also understandable since both are coming with thermal carafe which should be able to hold the initial temperature longer. 

Brewing with Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900

As many other coffee machines, brewing with any of these makers are easy by pouring clean, filtered water on each of their tank then put the recommended filters as well as the amount of coffee grounds needed for the amount of serving we want to make. The next process should be commanding the machine to brew by activating the power or if you are using Behmor, we can choose from the On Demand, with Programmed Brew Time, and using Manual option.


When comparing Behmor Brazen Plus and Bonavita 1900, the main point is how many we want to spend to get a black coffee at home because at a higher price, almost 4 times more expensive than Bonavita, Brazen Plus is offering an automatic brew time, adjustable water temperature, manual brewing, and elevation adjustment so everything is more in control yet, Bonavita is simpler to operate, convenience, but not detailed.

Behmor Brazen Plus vs Bonavita 1900

- Capacity: 1.2 liter, 40oz, 8 5oz cups. Temperature control: set brewing temperature from 190f-210f (88c-99c)
- Note-scalding may occur if the cover is opened during the brewing cycles. Be careful around the steam. Product height is 15.25 inches
- Programmable brew start time: wake up to Coffee with timed brew setting
- Carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead are dishwasher safe
- Powerful and precise 1500-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195°-205°F (91°-96°C)
- Optional pre-infusion mode wets freshly roasted ground coffee to allow degassing before brewing


All in all, the choice is all yours because not all of us will have the same needs, but we do think those who only want to have a coffee machine will be better with Bonavita 1900 because it is simple, easy to use, cheaper, and produce tasty coffee without requesting much assistance.

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