Bonavita BV1800SS vs BV1500TS


Brewing coffee manually each cup can be very inconvenient especially if you are brewing for several cups a day and have a family member who loves the beverage as well. If you brew several cups a day, Bonavita BV1800SS Vs BV1500TS will save time and effort in the kitchen for we can make few cups or more just in one operation and let the machine do almost all of the process. For those daily coffee drinkers, see which machine will be the ideal choice below before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Brewing Coffee at Home
  • Why Using Coffee Machine
  • What are Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS
  • What Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS look like
  • What beverage we can make with Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS
  • What else Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS can offer
  • How to brew coffee with Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS
  • Bonavita BV1800SS Vs BV1500TS

Brewing Coffee at Home

Coffee is the favorite beverage of many people, especially in the morning because it is the one that wakes us up and there is something unique about enjoying it at home compared to having to line up in coffee shops and interacting with other people. Additionally, it will save us lots of time and money because coffee at those shops are not cheap compared to when we brew at home and in the long term the budget spent just to drink the beverage will go up as well.

We personally also loves brewing coffee at home because it will give much freedom on whatever we put in our beverage in which usually we don’t have many to choose in coffee shops. First, you may have favorite blend based on different beans whether it comes from low elevation in Indonesia or high elevation in Costa Rica so we can tailor the taste better to have more earthy notes or sweet when finally brewed. By brewing at home, we also can choose what methods to use.

As you may already know, coffee brewing method will affect the taste such as brewing in espresso machine or using Chemex as pour over coffee. Additionally, we can add anything in the beverage such as zero calorie sweetener, goes black, or with milk and creamer that fits your taste the most. When you are not in the mood for strong coffee, we can add a little bit of cocoa powder or even some flavorings to enhance the taste.

Coffee Machines

One of the common issues when brewing coffee at home is the process itself because it can consume a lot of time especially in the morning when everything is hectic and we need to spend as little time as possible to prepare everything. However, if you want to quicken things up, we can rely on coffee machine which is not only save more time but also more convenient since we can leave everything to them, starting from heating the water, doing the pre-infusion part, and then extracting the beverage.

Some more capable machine like single serving or espresso machine can even does the coffee grounds for each serving or make some adjustments based on their menu like in Jura E6 Vs E8. However, depending on what type of coffee you enjoy the most and the budget to spend, our most ideal choice can be different so it is best to pick based on your preferences such as the type of beverage they can make or how many cups they can make in each operation.

About Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS

If you are more often drinking black coffee at home and want to spend as little budget for the coffee machine as possible then the most ideal choice will be coffee maker. We are sure that most people are familiar with this kitchen appliance because it is widely available and the easiest to use as well as affordable for many of us to enjoy. Additionally, we can use any blend we prefer better or even freshly ground coffee from whole beans for refreshing flavors.

For those who loves black coffee, Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS are two ideal choices to go from this brand because they are going to help simplify your jobs around the kitchen. These favorite models are very similar to each other which is why many people are confused about which to choose and like many other coffee makers from the brand, they are dedicated to make black coffee only with simple operation and less features to fiddle with so everyone can instantly operate the machine.

If you are familiar with Bonavita coffee makers, they usually have a suffix at the end of the model’s name, making many of them sound different while in fact identical to each other and what sets them apart are non-substantial things such as between the stainless steel and brushed stainless. In addition, the suffix also means model different especially on the feature like between BV1500TS and BV1500TD in which the latter is digital mode with programmable feature for a more convenient machine to operate.

Between Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS, there is no substantial difference as well in terms of capabilities because they are equally an automatic coffee maker and equally coming with less features. However, there is an important difference mentioned by their model name already since as you can guess, the former is a bigger machine which means it can deliver bigger capacity as well when compared to its little brother so, if your house has more people, we do see the BV1800SS as a more ideal choice.

Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS Design

Like many other coffee machines from Bonavita, these two are sporting the same design but as you can see on the sample picture above, the former is supposed to be the bigger machine and it does slightly occupy more space in your countertop by being measured at 12.25-inch wide while the latter is only at 10.5-inch wide and the depth is between 6.25-inch compared to 5.8-inch. They are equally coming with the same stainless steel finish both on the machine and the carafe.

In the past, it seems that Bonavita used to line their thermal carafe with glass which result in more authentic coffee taste but won’t keep the temperature for long but as they changed into stainless steel liner, some people experience a bit of the metal taste. Another difference is the carafe size of Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS because the one in 1800 machine is bigger and can hold more coffee liquid compared to 1500 coffee maker along with bigger clean water compartment as well.

Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS Beverage

When looking for any beverage dispensing machine, the first thing you may want to know is the kind of beverage they can make but as many coffee makers, both of them are only capable of making black coffee which is brewed from your favorite blend so our choices will be very limited. However, black coffee is versatile when you want to add milk or ice and mixed with some flavorings to enhance the taste. What’s different from them is only coffee capacity because Bonavita BV1800SS is serving up to 8 cups.

On the other hand, if your house has less people drinking coffee, the BV1500TS is a more ideal option because this machine is only making coffee up to 5 cups with 5.5 ounce per serving. There is no automatic water amount to setup so the amount of water we put in their compartment will be the amount we get from the brewing process and in addition, there is no manual temperature adjustment available yet, Bonavita claimed that their machines are heating water properly between 195 and 205-degree Fahrenheit.

Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS Feature

Coming into the additional features part, we are not sure if there is something we can talk here because Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS are very simple with very less features to offer which can be plus or minus depending on how you look at things. But, we do recall one interesting feature that may improve your beverage taste and it is pre-infusion system, similar to the one we found in Brazen Plus yet far simpler so we can wet the coffee grounds before being extracted.

This mode is ideal when you are brewing freshly roasted coffee and to activate it press then hold the on/off switch in 5 seconds until it flashes indicating the machine is entering the mode. When you are ready, we can press the power button again to begin the actual brewing process.

Brewing with Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS

Brewing with Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS are done in the same manner by first putting the required amount of water and then followed by putting paper filter and then coffee grounds as needed for the amount of serving. Then we put the stainless steel carafe below its brewing funnel and press the brewing button then wait until it is done dispensing the beverage. Take the carafe and put the lid on so we can pour it into cup easily.


These coffee makers are indeed a great choice for anyone who is drinking the beverage often at home to ease the preparation process and be more convenient but in general Bonavita BV1800SS and BV1500TS are the same machine with different capacity because as it has been mentioned earlier, the former is serving up to 8 cups with its bigger water tank and bigger carafe while the latter is serving up to 5 cups, making it more ideal for smaller family.

Bonavita BV1800SS vs BV1500TS

- One-Touch brew operation
- Powerful and precise 1400-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195 degree-205 degree (91 degree-96 Degree Celsius)
- Showerhead designed for complete saturation and optimal extraction
- One-touch brew operation with auto-off
- Powerful and precise 1100-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195°-205°F (91°-96°C)
- Optional pre-infusion mode saturates freshly roasted ground coffee to allow degassing before brewing


While these coffee makers are identical, we can choose easily because capacity is an important point to consider when looking at the machine so we do recommend those who drink more throughout the day to go with BV1800SS and those with lesser needs to go with BV1500TS.

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