Breville Bambino Plus vs Delonghi Dedica


There are more than plenty espresso machines to choose from, based on what you want to achieve. For those who want to have a professionally brewed espresso at home with a simple and easy to use machine, the Breville Bambino Plus Vs DeLonghi Dedica are two affordable and convenient options to consider. These machines are pretty straightforward and ideal for home use but, they are not exactly the same as well so before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How Espresso Machine Work
  • What are Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica
  • How are the Design of Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica
  • What Beverages to Make in Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica
  • How to Brew with Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica
  • What else Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica can offer
  • Breville Bambino Plus Vs DeLonghi Dedica

Espresso Machine 

Coffee is a famous drink and they are very easy to make as well. The taste may vary depending on the brewing method and the ingredient itself because each type of coffee bean and the roasting method will affect how the beverage will taste. The brewing method will also affect how your coffee will taste, especially the level of extraction and the most popular way to make coffee-based beverages is probably using espresso due to its concentrated character.

Espresso is a very popular coffee beverage and is made by pushing hot water into a tightly packed fine coffee ground. When you go to a coffee shop and ask for an espresso, what you will get is a small shot containing 30 ml of very concentrated coffee drink. There are lots of factors that can affect the beverage including the water temperature, the pressure, and the coffee ground itself. The professional barista will take into account all of these factors and brew delicious shots for their customers.

Unlike homemade coffee beverages, espresso requires a specialized tool or also known as espresso machine. In the simplest form, this type of machine is heating water inside a sealed vessel to create the pressure. In the more modern form, espresso machines use pumps and incorporate more components to the machine. They have a reservoir to contain water and a pump to draw water out of the reservoir to a heating chamber with high pressure. The heating chamber is usually stainless steel and very sturdy.

 Breville Bambino PlusDelonghi Dedica
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions12.5 x 7.6 x 12.2 inches
16.54 x 5.9 x 12.99 inches
Shipping Weight3.1 pounds
9.26 pounds

They also have a portafilter which is removable from the machine and is used to hold the coffee ground. There is a small basket as well with a removable screen where the coffee is packed and at the bottom there are two spouts where the liquid will come out. You will notice there is a steam wand as well in an espresso machine and this is used to heat and froth milk that we can combine with the espresso to make various drinks such as cappuccino.

To make the machine easy to use, they will also have a control panel that in each machine can be slightly different. This is where you can find the power switch, brew button, steam button, and other related functionalities that make the machine more convenient. In general an espresso machine is very easy to work with. The performance may vary including heating time or whether or not they come with more features but it is very user friendly which is why it doesn’t need professionals to use the machine.

About Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica

For those who want to enjoy the beverage at home without having to spend so much for their favorite coffee everyday, we do think buying an espresso machine is a good decision, moreover if you will make several cups throughout the day or there are more than one person who will use the machine. Espresso machines come in a varying size and shape, as well as the features so not all of us will agree to buy the same machine.

It is best to get the one that seems best for the home use whether it is a simple manual machine or semi-automatic for the kitchen. If this is your first machine, it is quick to shop from popular names such as Breville and DeLonghi because they are easy to find and also well-known for the product quality. We are sure there are many who are already familiar with these brands as many are among the most favorite options in the market as well. 

Depending on which seems to fit in your preference the most, the machine like Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica are nice choices for their ease of use. Personally we like this type of machine because they are straightforward. At the core they are a brewer with a pump to push hot water through the coffee ground on the portafilter. Of course they have steaming wands as well so we can make other espresso based beverages or just warm milk for hot cocoa and other drinks.

The Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica are very similar to each other or have the same capabilities. Many love these machines because they are still quite affordable for simple home brewing, especially for an appliance that we use on a daily basis. They are very streamlined and in comparison, we do think they are equally convenient so you can go amazing with any of the two yet, if you want more from the machine, Bambino Plus give more and also cost more.

Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica Design

One of our favorite parts about these espresso machines is their design because they are very small. We are used to industrial looking machines such as Gaggia that you can check in our previous Breville Bambino Plus Vs Gaggia Classic Pro here and these two are looking more like a coffee pod brewer. They are compact and should sit well even in the minimalist modern kitchen or in your home office. In comparison, the Bambino Plus is just slightly wider than Dedica but the latter has a longer depth.

The water reservoirs are located at the back of the machine and should be able to hold at least 1 Liter of clean water but Bambino seems to have a larger tank as well so it will contain more than the maximum limit of Dedica. The machines housing are made of stainless steel but Dedica is also available in a few options such as black like in the sample picture above, and Red. The Bambino also has a higher clearance so you can fit a taller cup or glass below the portafilter.

Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica Beverages

Now let’s see what you can get from Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica. As an espresso machine, you will be able to make the same beverages with these two so besides one or two cups of espresso, we can make any espresso and steamed milk based beverages as well such as latte and cappuccino. Other beverages and food that we often make like green tea latte or hot chocolate and even instant cup ramen will also become more convenient because they can dispense hot water too.

Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica Brewing Process

These machines are very easy to use but make sure to have a good coffee grinder at home. Not only the machine, the bean selection and the consistency of your coffee ground will also affect the beverage. Espresso requires a very fine ground to produce the concentrated drink that we can use to make other coffee based beverages. First, put the coffee ground on your portafilter and pack it with a tamper and remove the excess amount if any.

Don’t forget to start the machine first to let it heat up while you prepare the coffee ground and after the water is heated, the LED light that indicates the status will light up. Put the portafilter and push the brewing button; one or two cups according to your taste. After the brewing is done remove the portafilter and dump the used coffee ground. We can proceed to steam the milk but there is usually waiting time right after the brewing is done and until the machine is ready to steam. Overall the Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica are very easy to use.

Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica Features

What’s different from these machines is their features because many compact espresso machines are very simple but this is not the case for Bambino Plus. As you can see from the sample picture above, there are two LED panels on the right, along with two buttons. These functions are to adjust the milk steaming settings as in this machine we can set the foam or the temperature and both at the same time. There are only three levels however.

Just press the lower button to adjust the amount of foam to produce from the lightest to thickest while the top button is for adjusting the milk temperature from low, medium, to high. There is no precise adjustment so we don’t know the temperature but it is still a welcomed addition.

Breville Bambino Plus vs Delonghi Dedica

Both Breville Bambino Plus and DeLonghi Dedica are great additions in your kitchen. They are equally capable and easy to use but also simple if you prefer a machine that can make a beverage from bean to cup in a more streamlined way. The brewing process is the same and waiting time or heating time is also about the same. The prominent difference is that Bambino Plus lets you adjust the foam and temperature on the milk.

- DOSE CONTROL GRINDING: Achieve a consistent and balanced espresso using the right amount of ground coffee; The 54mm porta-filter with 19 grams is the key for full flavor and cafe quality coffee
- OPTIMAL WATER PRESSURE: Low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases pressure at the start and helps ensure all the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction for a balanced tasting cup
- FASTER HEAT UP TIME: Innovative ThermoJet heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature in 3 seconds
- PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: Digital temperature control (PID) delivers water at precisely the right temperature, ensuring optimal espresso extraction
- Sleek design takes up only 6 inches of counter space, while still having a 35oz water tank
- The Cappuccino frothing system provides Barista quality foam; Cup warmer: Passive
- Thermos block technology allows the machine to heat up to the ideal temperature in a quick 40 seconds
- Automatic flow stop


You can go amazing with both machines depending on what you want to achieve. Dedica is the simplest and more affordable choice, great if you just want a straightforward machine without any features to tweak but, if you need a little bit more freedom when brewing the beverage, Bambino Plus lets you adjust the milk steaming functions. 

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