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One of the most useful appliances to have in any coffee drinker’s kitchen is a brewer because they are helpful when you need to brew several cups at once automatically. Bunn GRB Vs BXB are two reliable models from this popular brand and while they are very simple at the core, having one can cut some works around the kitchen everyday. Before shopping, see our article below to help you decide on a more ideal option since we are going to talk about their differences, if any.

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  • Bunn GRB vs BXB

Home Coffee Brewer

Being originated from Ethiopia and Sudan, coffee bean is now cultivated in almost every region which is all thanks to the popularity of this delicious beverage which is adored not only here in the U.S but also in almost every country in the world. This beverage is also what we used to drink to start our day because they are offering a light kick with the caffeine content which is like a stimulant on our body to help feel more energized and more focus.

Just like a wine which tastes are different based on the grape, where they have been planted, what mixes used to made them, and how the process going on, we can also tell as much from a cup of coffee but of course only those who are experts on the field are capable to do so. Avid coffee drinker may pay lots of attention starting from where their coffee beans are harvested to what type of beans included in one blend but, the majority of us can go with just any commercial brands.

Specialty coffees indeed mostly made with a more high quality materials but they can be quite expensive which is not a wise decision for everyday use. Besides the type of bean included on the blend or how dark each roast batch is, coffee drinker is also faced with a huge options or method to make their favorite beverage because we indeed have several of them that affect the coffee product so even in one family, the preferences between mom and dad may not always the same.

Some people are more into a thick and smooth espresso to start their day, some may like a mellow coffee milk, and some may prefer a simpler black coffee with sugar. The last is what drank the most in houses since it is the easiest to make with only hot water and a filter if brewed manually. However, if your house enjoy several cups a day or more than two, having an automatic brewer can be very helpful to cut the preparation process.

Automatic coffee brewers have been very popular since long time ago, similar with moka pot which is commonly used at home. They are very similar to each other but automatic brewer that we also called as drip coffee is now made to be more modern, electricity powered, and simpler as well as less messy to take care of. Many of them are also featured with manual adjustments for each brew like Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Vs CF092 so users can personalized their beverage.

About Bunn GRB and BXB

If you are not very fussy about the coffee beverage once they are brewed, we can save more by getting a regular coffee brewer because they are going to only brew regular coffee and very simple or versatile for home use. Most of them are also priced below $100 so we don’t have to spend much just to enjoy a warm cup of coffee anytime we want and maybe spend more on choosing the best coffee bean or pre-ground to satisfy your taste.

When talking about coffee brewer, we have so many options out there and while mostly they are the same, depending on the unit, some are more reliable than the rest just like what Bunn brewers are. We are sure most people are already familiar with this brand because they are one of the most popular brewers in the market and have been used by many since long time ago, so we may also ever used the unit back in our parent’s house in the past.

Their brewers are well-known for the reliability and what we love the most is actually how easy it is to use them even if it is your first time since we only need to pour water, pre-ground coffee, and switch the machine to do the rest. Similar like many brands in the market, they also have many models to offer which make some customers confused about the products that suits their house the most such as with the Bunn GRB and BXB.

Both of them are actually coming from the same family so it is not surprising to see how the brewers are so identical to each other and if you are not familiar yet with how Bunn named their machines, the “B” alphabet at the back is used to mention the unit’s color so both of these machines are black in fashion as opposed to “W” which means white.

Bunn GRB and BXB Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, these brewers are very similar to each other but there is a difference on the type of carafe they come with because the GR model is featured with a rounder version of Bunn carafe while the latter is using a straight circular carafe which is made from the same glass and plastic material as well as capable of containing the same amount of liquid inside up to 50 oz. so we can fill 10 cups of 5 oz. coffee at once brew.

The machine itself stay the same for either of them or have the same design and measured around 14.5-inch tall by 7-inches wide to not occupy too much space in your kitchen top. What sets them apart from each other by the design alone is the material used to build the machine because the BX product is made with a combination of stainless steel and plastic in which the GR machine is predominantly made from plastic.

Bunn GRB and BXB Features

Since both of them are regular coffee brewer or drip coffee, we can’t make espresso or a very strong coffee with these machines for there is no very little water amount adjustment so each brew is using at least 4 servings of water . What claimed to be special about these machines is their technology which is said to brew coffee at the perfect temperature to provide you a non-bitter, delicious coffee anytime as easy as pressing a button.

Bunn GRB and BXB are brewing at around 200oF every time consistently so the coffee extracted from your pre-ground coffee are going to be piping hot and flavorful. Like many other drip coffee, they are also wetting the coffee above each filter with a spray head which mean water are spread evenly on all of the coffee’s surface , creating the turbulence needed to wet the grounds evenly as well as extracting your beloved tasty coffee in each operation.

Another thing we love from these machines is the quick operation because it can cut down the amount of time used for preparing each cup for we can brew several at a time and both machines are working from 3 to 4 minutes each cycle which is also claimed to be the right time for rich and smooth coffee since we know, using hot water to brew coffee at a prolonged time may cause over extraction and resulting in a bitter coffee.

Using Bunn GRB and BXB

If you are not fond of complicated machine, Bunn GRB and BXB are not going to require much reading into the manual because they are very simple in operation. After you are done prepping the machine with clean water that should be done prior to using these machines for the first time, we can start to brew our favorite coffee from any pre-ground coffee of your choice. Fill the water tank first and then turn the machine on through the switch in the left or right side of the machine.

Place coffee filter into brew funnel and add 1-2 tablespoon of pre-ground coffee for each cup we want to brew. Fill the carafe with at least 20 oz. of water and maximum of 50 oz. to brew full carafe. In this side, we can adjust the amount of water manually in case you want a stronger brew. Place the empty carafe back into the warming plate and close the brewer lid then switch the warmer on. Now the machine will start to brew so we should wait until they are done and then we can start to enjoy the beverage once the process is complete.


Now, let’s compare Bunn GRB with BXB. As you may already know, both of them are an identical machine with the same capabilities and the same capacity as well as main design design. What sets them apart is only the carafe shape and the machine build which is combining both stainless and plastic in BXB brewer.

Bunn GRB vs BXB

- Brews 4 to 10 cups (20 to 50 oz). 3-year warranty
- Backed by BUNN customer service in Springfield, Illinois
- Fastest 10-Cup Home Coffeemaker* brews a full pot of coffee in about 3 minutes
- Quick-brewing coffeemaker is ready to brew when you are and delivers delicious, hot coffee in about three minutes.
- Coffeemaker stays on to keep the internal hot water tank heated and ready to go.
- Unique spray head ensures even, complete coffee extraction.


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences so it is best to get the one that fits your kitchen the most but, if you only want an affordable brew, we recommend to get the GRB brewer.

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