Coffee is our most common caffeine source and as our energy in the morning when we need to wake up and prepare for the day. If you often drinking coffee at the office or at home, having a brewing machine like BUNN NHS Vs GRB will be very convenient so we can pour a cup whenever we want. If you are not very fancy about expensive espresso, both of these brewers are an ideal option but, see what they can offer first before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • What are BUNN NHS and GRB
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  • What are the Disadvantages of BUNN NHS and GRB
  • BUNN NHS vs GRB 

Coffee Brewer

There are so many beverages that has caffeine in it for example energy drink or the more natural black tea or green tea, and many other types of tea but, many of us choose the black liquid over them. Coffee is gaining more popularity today and even more than they used to be since it seems like everybody is enjoying the beverage whether it is just a simple black coffee or added with milk and many other ingredients to enhance the taste. 

Coffee itself is indeed fascinating, different brew creates a different cup and we can even distinguish it between for example two brands or pre-ground coffee like Café Bustelo vs Pilon despite being branded as the same Cuban Coffee. Enthusiast or professional can even tell where the beans probably comes from just by smelling and tasting the liquid but, for casual drinker like us, as long as the taste match our plate, those things are not very necessary, moreover, if we have to compromise with price tag as well.

Just like a tea, coffee needs to be brewed with water or sometimes other liquids like milk which probably not very popular but there are people who actually liking them. Preparing a coffee the traditional way is the easiest and most popular method today since what we need is just pre-ground coffee and hot water then let them steep for a while before we can enjoy the full flavor. As our fascination with coffee grew, we also have various methods to brew such as espresso and cold brew.

These types of beverages can be enjoyed at home but mostly we only have them at stores or coffee shop because they need professional experience since not all of us are familiar with the method. When it comes to taste, each one of them have their own popular sides and are very tasty according to many including us but not as convenient as our regular brewed coffee. If you often drink at home, you may want to have a coffee machine or brewer depend on your preference.

People who love espresso can get espresso machines whether those bean from cup machine or pod coffee machines which only require simple operation. But, if you are not very fond of specialty drinks, regular coffee will be enough and their brewer is mostly affordable. They are useful to brew your coffee and keep them warm for long so we can take a cup anytime we want.

About BUNN NHS and GRB

If you are also looking for a method to brew less but able to drink a warm coffee anytime you want, there are so many good brewer’s out there both those automatic and operated with coffee pods or those more traditional with only pre-ground coffee. One of the best brands when it comes to coffee brewer is BUNN and we are sure most people are already familiar with this brand since they are an old time favorite and many of us have one in the kitchen or even a few.

BUNN itself is a company that offer dispensed beverage equipment both for commercial use and home use but, two of the most popular brewers especially made for casual coffee drinkers are NHS and GRB. Both of them are essentially the same item or machine with the same capabilities in brewing coffee and since it is strictly a brewer, they don’t have much features on board such as creating specialty beverages or brew something else. Yet, for regular home use, they are already very reliable.

Before moving further, BUNN NHS and GRB have no prominent difference that will affect the performance since they are from Velocity line and this specific line is boasting a quick brewing operation thanks to their internal hot water tank which is claimed to be able to keep water temperature at ideal level so we can brew fast between 3-4 minutes anytime.

BUNN NHS and GRB Design

Comparing them side by side, as you can see they are a bit different from the design part because the NHS is coming with a round base and round top while the other is square-ish. If you compare the foot print BUNN GRB is actually a bit wider which means it will also take more space in your kitchen top compared to the NHS brewer. However, they have the same capacity of 10 cups maximum for each brewing or from 4 to 10 ounce.

The button on the top part is a warming button when you are operating or starting to brew the coffee while the power button is placed on the right side of the NHS or left side on GRB. Their carafe material are the same glass and have the same shape as well as the rest of their features.

BUNN NHS and GRB Features

As far as a classic brewer can go, they won’t be able to create a different beverage except for coffee and it is the same with BUNN NHS and GRB since we don’t have any additional interesting features here such as water hardness or even brewing temperature for they are preset to brew only around 200o F. This temperature though is claimed to be the proper temperature for hot, flavorful coffee which is not bitter since too hot or too cold water won’t produce good brew. 

To give you tasty coffee on every brew, these brewers are using unique spray head to extract and wetted the pre-ground coffee. It is claimed to create turbulence needed to wet and evenly extract your coffee grounds evenly so the drip coming through the filter are a delicious, flavorful liquid we always look forward to have. Another thing we love from these brewers is their fast operation because within 4 minutes, they are done extracting the coffee for those with busy morning.

As it has been mentioned above, BUNN NHS and GRB are going to let users drink delicious coffee anytime and cold coffee is not for all of us expect you prefer iced Americano which is also tasty but, to keep the coffee at warm and perfect temperature, there is a warming or hot plate below the carafe which is controlled by the warmer switch at the top. These brewers are meant to always working or ON but should be unplugged when not being used for days.

BUNN NHS and GRB Ease of Use

BUNN NHS and GRB are very easy to use and we don’t have to tweak with lots of things before getting our first cup but, we also need to complete initial setup by filling the water tank and to fully filled them, we will need two full carafes. After filling the internal tank, we can start brewing by placing the filter on brew funnel and fill it with pre-ground coffee, preferably 2 tablespoon of drip grind then slide the funnel into filter guides while open the lid.

Fill the carafe with cold water or around 4 cups then pour into the brewer, place the empty carafe above warming plate and close the lid to dispense hot water or start brewing. Turn the warmer on and then we can see the coffee being dispensed or drip from their filter. What we need to keep in mind is closing the water lid will dispense hot water so make sure to place the carafe first before closing their lid while the switch on top is only to activate their warmer.

BUNN NHS and GRB Cons 

While BUNN NHS and GRB are indeed a very helpful appliance to have in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean they are perfect since there are some customers complaining about burning plastic smell from their NHS model while the GRB is said to brew coffee too weak for their liking since the operation itself is too fast only about 4-5 minutes. Some complaints also said their warmer is not hot enough to keep coffee at good temperature for them to enjoy so some don’t bother turning the warmer on anymore.


Now, let’s compare BUNN NHS with GRB. As you may already know, both of them are very similar to each other and essentially the same brewers for the same capabilities and features as well as capacity and material while the difference is only from the design part or the dimension for GRB is bigger, have a wider footprint and take more place.


- Fastest 10-Cup Home Coffeemaker* brews a full pot of coffee in about 3 minutes
- An always hot internal hot water is ready to brew hot coffee on demand
- Multi-stream spray head showers hot water evenly over the coffee grounds
- Large flat bottom filter and funnel allows greater interaction between hot water and coffee grounds for superior flavor extraction
- Multi-stream spray head showers hot water evenly over the coffee grounds
- Brews 4 to 10 cups (20 to 50 oz). 3-year warranty
- Backed by BUNN customer service in Springfield, Illinois
- Large flat bottom filter and funnel allows greater interaction between hot water and coffee grounds for superior flavor extraction


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences or taste so it is best to get the one that fits your house the most. Since they have the same features or capabilities, we recommend people to get BUNN NHS since this model is more affordable.

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