BUNN Speed Brew vs NHS Velocity Brew


Brewing coffee per cup is inconvenient when you will drink several again later in the day or if the people in your house often drink the black liquid as well. If you need several cups to brew at once so we can enjoy them later as well, using Bunn Speed Brew Vs NHS Velocity Brew can be very helpful because they will brew and keep the beverage warm. To see what they can offer, check our article below so we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you drink coffee more than a couple of cups per day
  • What are BUNN Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew
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  • How to use BUNN Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew
  • BUNN Speed Brew vs NHS Velocity Brew

Coffee Machine

For many of us, drinking coffee is like a habit that we can’t just leave and take a break easily because limiting the amount of coffee we take will also reduce the amount of caffeine we used to consume in a day. For people who are not very fond of caffeine, coffee may look like a kind of beverage we should enjoy once in a while due to its pleasant taste when mixed with creamer or whole milk but, for many of us, coffee is very necessary.

We drink coffee in the morning to help open the eyes and energize our body so we can start up a new day and drive safely to work, a few hours later, we drink coffee to help keeping up with the tasks and let us stay focus with the work. Some people also drink coffee at lunch and after so in a day we can consume more than two cups easily especially in a busy schedule or after staying out all night.

When in the office we can carry beverage from home to save some bucks compared to consuming coffee from coffee shops all the time or brew in the office kitchen but, when you are often work from home or also drink coffee often in the house together with other family members, you may need a coffee machine as well. Just like the name, coffee machine will help us with the brewing process but, depending on the unit, they are separated into several types.

The most popular for home used today probably coffee pods machine which is single serving coffee dispenser that works with pods. They are popular and versatile since coffee pods are available widely and have so many options, not just coffee but tea and chocolate as well so non-coffee drinkers can use the machine; the example are like Keurig K400 vs K500. The next type is espresso machine and it is coming with an ability to brew espresso with some espresso based beverages; perfect for people who prefer a thick, strong and creamy coffee.

The last is brewing machine and this is the one we used in the past or today as well as the most affordable appliance we can use for making coffee. As the name suggests, they are only going to brew your coffee so we don’t have to do them manually anymore and compared to traditional methods, they are in general more convenient for users who need to brew several cups at once or drink more than a couple of cups in a day since they all brewed at once.

About BUNN Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew

If you are not very fussy about the coffee or prefer a traditional brewing method, the last appliance will suit your kitchen better since not only convenient, they will require less time to operate compared when using stove top and are also affordable for many to use. While the appliance is a classic for start being used since long time ago, manufacturers are continuing to upgrade their products to answer the market demand and one of the best options is BUNN.

This manufacturer has been in the market for quite some time and while many of us have been using their products even when still living with our parents, they have many new models which is improved from the last releases to be more dependable but still serving delicious coffees we used to drink. They are popular for producing beverage dispenser machines both for commercial and for home use but today, we are going to talk about the machine that we can utilize to help our work in the kitchen.

BUNN have many on their collection and we are free to choose the one that fit our house the most but, in general they are very similar or working similarly to each other with very little difference. Two of their most popular line or product are Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew. The first is actually a newer technology which is boasting the quick operation while the latter is still fast but probably not as quick in operation compared together. 

However, they are almost like the same appliance since there is no additional features or capabilities we can hope on these machines to satisfy other demands such as specialty drinks or an adjustment to increase the coffee strength or even water temperature for those who are more fussy about their beverage. Overall, like any brewers, they are only useful for brewing several cups and not for making special beverages that need personalization.

BUNN Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew Design

When you place them side by side, we can see that BUNN Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew are almost like the same machines just different on the aesthetic/cosmetic part for both are coming with the same “round” design as opposed to “square” we can see on other models like GR, BX, and BT from the same Velocity Brew line. They are taking less space thanks to the compact design, but still have the same amount of controls built in the machine.

The most prominent difference from the design alone is body because as you can see, Velocity Brew is bulkier on the water tank behind the carafe which is why many people prefer it to be fitted better in their space compared to the bigger model. The carafe, however, stays the same for it is still the round glass and plastic handle with a liquid measurement marking. They also can contain the same amount of coffee per brew up to 50 ounce.

BUNN Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew Features

As it has been mentioned above, the difference between both of these lines is on their technology which is not quite true as well because if you see their specification, all of the bright side from one line is actually also present on the other. The older Velocity Brew including NHS model is claimed to brew coffee fast only from 3-4 minutes per session but, when you see the other model, it is also coming with the same claim “under 4 minute”.

In general they are the same machine but, some users are getting a B pot and some are getting the D pot as their carafe with the machine. B pot is used for low altitude while the latter is used for those living in higher altitude area because as many of you may already know, the higher the elevation, the lower the boiling point is. The Velocity also claimed to brew at the right temperature which is about 200oF for extracting flavorful coffee that never bitter.

The Speed brew have the same correct temperature in heating the internal hot water tank until the proper range. The last feature or technique used by Velocity and also used by Speed Brew is the water funnel since their water is claimed to travel fast through the unique sprayhead to create turbulence required to wet your coffee grounds evenly in an attempt to extract the perfect flavor.

Brewing with BUNN Speed Brew and NHS Velocity Brew 

Since both of these models are only used for coffee brewing, there are very little process or manual we need to memorize. First, fill the water tank in both models with cold water around 2 carafe until full after sliding an empty brew funnel into the funnel guides and let the water flows to the funnel then we can start activating the appliance by plugging power cord and switching their vacation switch; on the right side of the NHS and left side of Speed Brew.

To start brewing your coffee, place a coffee filter on brew funnel and measure about two tablespoons of ground coffee. Place the funnel back in and pour a carafe of water then place the carafe back on their warming plate. Make sure to not close the water lid above the machine before placing a carafe since it will automatically activate the brewing process. Press the warming button at the front face to activate warmer plate and wait for the coffee for 3-4 minutes to done brewing then we can start enjoying the beverage.


Now, let’s compare BUNN Speed Brew with NHS Velocity Brew. As it has been mentioned above, both of them are an identical appliance since the features or capabilities and technology stays the same even though they are named differently. The only difference is on their design for newer Speed Brew machine is not as bulky and will consume less space as well as looks more modern.

BUNN Speed Brew vs NHS Velocity Brew

- Bunn-engineered sprayhead extends the contact time between water and grounds resulting in Coffee taste comparable to your favorite restaurant or Cafe
- The very best of our gravity drip innovation reimagined in a contemporary, curved design.Maximum capacity: 10 cup (50 oz) batch,Minimum capacity: 4 cup (20 oz) batch
- Internal water tank keeps water constantly heated to optimal temperature so you can brew a full pot in about 4 minutes
- Pour-o-matic drip-free glass carafe is specifically designed to eliminate spillage down the side of the carafe and on the warming plate
- Fastest 10-Cup Home Coffeemaker* brews a full pot of coffee in about 3 minutes
- An always hot internal hot water is ready to brew hot coffee on demand
- Large flat bottom filter and funnel allows greater interaction between hot water and coffee grounds for superior flavor extraction
- Exclusive drip-free carafe with a proprietary lid and spout design that arcs the pour of the coffee into the cup and wicks the coffee dribbles back into the carafe preventing a mess on cup or counter


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and budget to spend but, since these brewers are too similar to each other, it is good to go with the one that will benefit you the most and currently Speed Brew is more affordable so we do recommend people to pick this model over NHS Velocity Brew. 

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