Cafe Bustelo vs Cafe La Llave


Drinking coffee in a fancy coffee shop sure have its own merits but, when done too often, it is not wise for our money management. To make sure we are getting enough caffeine at home, Cafe Bustelo Vs Cafe La Llave are two amazing brands to choose that has been drunk by so many people over the years. To see which suit your taste the most, see how these brands may differ below so then we can choose the one match our tongue better.

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  • Café Bustelo vs Café La Llave

Commercial Coffee

Coffee is a very popular drink and while in the past we already have many coffee shops here in the U.S, its amount actually not as many as the huge population who enjoy drinking the black liquid. We love coffee because of its caffeine and the effect of fresh as well as energized which is very helpful when we need to stay awake and do various tasks. The rest like its taste that differ depending on the bean, roasting, and method to brew.

Drinking coffee for its caffeine probably more common than the latter but, in the last several years, enthusiast who loves coffee for its taste are increasing in numbers along with the amount of options we have today. For coffee drinker who pay attention to their beverage, bean quality play an important rule to end result along with how they are brewed so it is not uncommon to see them stocking a different coffee brewing tools or preferred blend and roasting type.

However, not all of us have the time to think about each of them and just want to get a shot of caffeine before starting the day or to have some refreshment in the afternoon. There is nothing wrong with getting any coffee we see as convenient and while coffee shops is the fastest way to get a cup of espresso or an iced latte, they will also accumulate into a huge sum of money especially if we drank them often or almost every day. Read also: Jura E6 vs C60 here.

If you are like the rest of us who drink coffee every day, grocery stores or commercial coffees are already sufficient to quench the lack of caffeine and they are also very affordable which is why many people love them. In taste, they are also mostly classic and bring back our younger days or childhood when our parents drank them while chatting in the weekend but today, they are one of the best options for both cheap coffee and convenient.

They are coming mostly pre-ground and while enthusiast always avoid using coffee that has been grounded for quite some time, pre-ground coffee doesn’t need additional equipment. Making a cup is also very simple even without a Moka pot; all we need are hot water, sugar and coffee then mixed them together in a cup. Served while hot or added with ice, a nostalgic commercial coffee can help us pull an all-nighter or to just energize the day and deal with more tasks.

About Café Bustelo

If you are not fussy about your regular dose of caffeine, we can purchase the commercial pre-ground coffee with a very afford cable price point. They are also widely available so all grocery stores must have them while each state may have different favorite cheap coffees, what matters is our own taste. For those who are fond of dark roasted coffee or enjoy Cuban style coffee, Café Bustelo is one of the most if not the most popular brand we have today.

Being already marketed since decades ago, this coffee smell alone can be very nostalgic for those who are away for too long. It is a prime example of old time favorite and still can be found in many kitchen due to its pleasant taste. In the past, Café Bustelo is also the first who cater to the Hispanic community in NYC. We can’t say it will suit everybody but if you like something that is dark with not as high acidity, this brand is a nice one to try.

Café Bustelo Variant

To follow the demand of modern lifestyle, this brand offer so many variants in their collection but the one we are talking today is the classic espresso ground coffee. In case you prefer something more convenient and different, they also have a personal pack that we can carry everywhere; very helpful in the office. It has decaffeinate version and freeze dried coffee for people who are not very fond of coffee ground sediment in their cup. Machine owners can use their K-Cup pods and enthusiast may ground their own coffee with whole bean variant.

Café Bustelo Aroma and Taste

For those who wonder why Café Bustelo is very popular and especially well-known among coffee enthusiast who loves strong blend, it is because how the brand creates the product itself. As it has been mentioned above, this coffee is a Cuban espresso and made from Arabica beans which is roasted properly to enhance the taste and aroma. Brewing a cup from a few tablespoons instantly gives off a pleasing scent emerged from the liquid. Native to its bean, even before sipping the liquid, we can already imagine the bold flavor.

Smelling a cup of coffee that just been brewed is indeed very pleasant in case you love coffee’s natural aroma and as many people may already guessed, Café Bustelo can be simply stated as “bold”. It gets the job done, no more and no less because if a simple, dark coffee is what you need and want, this brand will exactly give you those. It taste like any dark roast and has a bold, strong taste with quite the bitter notes when not added with plenty of sugar.

Just a sip of the liquid will wake our tired body relax and the smell does help but, what we love the most is it is not too acidic for our plate and a cup is enough to kick start our morning. As for caffeine level, Arabica doesn’t have as much as caffeine compared to Robusta but as long as it works, we are willing to come back later.

About Café La Llave

There are so many good commercial coffee ground out there and our journey should not stop here because the door to a new discoveries are always open so coffee drinker can get the one that fits their taste the most. If Cuban style coffee is the one you are looking for, besides Café Bustelo we also have Café La Llave which is one of the oldest players and many of us have already tasted them or even grow up with its aroma when still living with the family.

Café La Llave Variant

This brand has a long history and continue its legacy until now with its robust blend and reliable dose of coffee in a cheap price. It currently offer original roast and instant coffee as well as decaffeinated version but, if you have a machine in the house, we also have the one serving version to quicken the preparation. If you prefer to ground before brewing the coffee, Café La Llave offer whole bean version that we can use as needed to keep the coffee fresh.

Recently in February, the company released a press to announce their new launched espresso capsules which is compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines contains 10 capsules for $5.99 that we can get in stores like Amazon.

Café La Llave Aroma and Taste

Like any Cuban styles coffee, this brand is also winning the competition by offering a strong and bold flavor with typical dark roast. There is no information on what bean used to make the blend but it is mostly combination of Arabica with Robusta similar with many other commercial coffee brands. It gives a strong and bold aroma which is a great helper to welcome the day and make our eyes open fully in the morning. Overall, it is a cup of pleasant dark roasted coffee.

Moving into the taste, we are aware that the chance of different mouth will have different opinion is high. Café La Llave won’t have that “fresh” aroma anymore like the one we get from stores and just been ground the moment we purchase it but, it does well as a cup of coffee. Many people love the taste and satisfied with how powerful it is but the one we are not very fond is how acidic the liquid taste like which is again, not going to match everyone’s plate or those with sensitive stomach.


Now, let’s compare Café Bustelo with Café La Llave. As it has been mentioned above, both of these Cuban style coffees are for those with a taste of strong and bold coffee that will kick start your morning by just a sip. They may not suit everyone’s plate but, comparing the two, Café La Llave is actually more acidic and not as “dark” which bury some of the acidity in Bustelo. 

Cafe Bustelo vs Cafe La Llave

- Pack of two, 36-ounce cans(total of 72-ounces)
- A rich, flavorful blend of the finest coffees in the world
- Vaccum packed
- Packed fresh


All in all, we like both of them since when combined with sugar they are not as dark or bitter anymore. The aroma from both coffee are very pleasant but Bustelo seems to be roasted longer while in Café La Llave the taste is more acidic and probably hard to swallow for some, so if you don’t have a strong stomach, we do recommend to try Café Bustelo first.

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