Café Bustelo vs Medaglia D Oro


Most of us can’t properly wake up and start the day without a cup of hot black coffee in the morning. Rather than getting one from a shop everyday, it is more cost saving to make it at home since there are lots of good convenient coffee ground like Cafe Bustelo vs Medaglia D Oro available at stores. They are very tasty and strong for a nice kick in the morning and if you are also considering to try them, see which more likely suit your palate below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Coffee to Choose
– What are Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro
– Are Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro Expensive
– How are the Aroma of Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro
– How are the Taste of Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro
– Can we Reheat Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro
– Café Bustelo Vs Medaglia D Oro

Whole Beans Vs Pre-Ground

How many people in the world enjoying coffee on a daily basis no matter if it is to get some energy booster to start the day or to stay awake during the working hours. Coffee is one of, if not our best friend that can be relied on various difficult situations thanks to its caffeine which is not only making you more awake but also the taste that can boost our mood. Similar to tea, coffee’s taste varied widely from one bean type, region, or processing steps to another.

Coffee is made from the seed of coffee cherry and we are sure that all of us already see one or while it is still on the tree. When it comes to coffee, all of them are very personal so we can’t really say which taste the best for each one of us may have different palate or preference. Rather than recommending one type or brand of coffee, it is best if you do the testing and see if any of them will spark a different level of enjoyment.

What’s more important is the coffee product itself because the process often ruin the experience and when it comes to coffee, our choice will be either whole beans, pre-ground coffee, or instant coffee. Each one of them has their own pros and cons but for enthusiasts who want the best quality, we do recommend to get a whole bean because the condition is better in terms of keeping your coffee protecting its taste longer while on the other hand pre-ground and instant are better for convenience.

 Café BusteloMedaglia D Oro
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Shipping Weight10 pounds10.7 pounds

Whole beans is not convenient because we have to ground them first and then dosing them for how many to make except for those who are already accompanied by an automatic espresso machine so it will take some more time before we can enjoy the beverage. However, freshly ground coffee taste the best since they are more insulated to deliver more amazing flavors into your cup. For those who don’t think they can make up a time to do the whole process, pre-ground coffee and instant coffee are more ideal.

They are convenient and what we need to do is only dosing and pouring hot water, especially for instant coffee since they won’t need filter at all. The main issue is that they will be very sensitive to oxygen and light so it is always better to keep them in a tight canister or compartment to preserve the taste better. But, the longer these products are packed and moved to stores from the initial grounding process, the higher their risk to taste less authentic.

About Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro

The choice are all available and we can pick freely because all of them are widely available out there from different brands and different origins. Cheaper coffee will not taste as good compared to gourmet brands but who are we to make the decision thus, it is better to pick based on each individual preference. What you may want to pay attention first is probably the coffee type; either it is Arabica or Robusta since they have quite a huge taste gap.

Among those many brands and companies that are offering coffee as one of their products, Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro are two of the most popular pre-ground coffee brands we can grab from grocery stores. They are loved by many due to the distinct taste of espresso style coffee despite not always being made with this method and compared to many other similar brands, they do taste quite strong so those who loves black coffee might like them as well. See also: Café Bustelo vs Supreme Bustelo.

They are well-known across generations because they have been operating for almost a hundred years by starting their journey since 1920s. What you may find interesting about them is the fact that one is offering a Cuban-styles espresso while the other is offering an Italian-styled espresso and if you ever taste the one in Cuban style, we are sure you will also notice that their version of this beverage is sweetened with natural brown sugar so it is more favorable for anyone who are not in for the natural flavors of coffee.

It is however only happen in theory because Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro are similarly only pre-ground coffee but still, we can’t shake the idea of how the former craft their product to be made into similar beverage. Overall, we can use any method to brew them but the most ideal will be using an espresso machine or using a moka pot and coffee maker but, if you want rich crema, investing on an espresso machine is a good idea as well.

Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro Package and Price

These brands are available in various packaging from the plastic package to canister and also providing your with different types of coffee products to enjoy because no matter if you plan to get a whole bean, pre-ground, or even an instant coffee, these brands will provide just the correct type. The sample we used in this article is their pre-ground version which is very ideal for anyone who wants to be more convenient when preparing their coffee in the morning.

Price wise, Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro are very affordable and many of them are sold in a bulk package to let you shop less often and save some bucks. For example, the yellow brick package of Bustelo is sold at $10.90 for 4 pack of total 40 ounce of coffee and it should be able to be used for about a month. On the other hand, D Oro is sold a little bit pricier at $7.19 per 10 ounce canister but compared to many brands, it is still considered affordable.

Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro First Impression

First impression matters and both of these brands are offering the type of coffee that was crafted for those who are loving the natural taste of this roasted beans especially on the robust side. The moment you pour hot water on top of them, the coffee aroma will instantly emerges and filling some area in the kitchen pleasantly. They don’t give off a bad experience and doesn’t seem like a bitter coffee as well and like common grocery store brands, made by mixing Robusta and Arabica.

Since they are espresso ground, the powder is very smooth and fine which is great to get the most of their natural taste but since the types we used here is ground coffee, we will need filter or brew with moka pot to be convenient.

Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro Taste

Talking about the taste, let’s start with Café Bustelo first because this is one of the most loved brands when it comes to affordable coffee and we have heard lots of people liking it for the strong taste and when we try it, this coffee is indeed strong and robust. It is black and thick just like a motor oil, not in a bad way but the beverage does give a prominent kick when you need support to clear the head in the morning.

If you are not very fond of strong coffee, we do recommend putting sugar or creamer and for those summer days, this coffee is also suitable with ice when you need a refreshing home-styled Americano. Moving to Medaglia D Oro, if you drink this before Bustelo then the former will taste stronger but it is by no means that this coffee is weak either since in comparison it is quite concentrated thanks to the fine grind and it is probably safer for people with stomach issue when drinking coffee.

Reheating Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro

Café Bustelo and Medaglia D Oro are similarly strong coffee and made for people who need caffeine supply throughout the day so there might be some people brewing some in the morning and reheat them in stove top or using coffee maker. The issue with any coffee is they are not going to taste as good when you put them for rewarming again because somehow the “coffee” taste becomes indistinguishable and leaving only their bitter side.


These affordable coffee grounds are a nice choice for anyone who doesn’t have much time preparing the whole beans and as an espresso style coffee, they are similarly coming in a very fine ground. What makes them different is taste because if you compared the two, Café Bustelo will be thicker and probably higher in caffeine as well, making it the ultimate choice for strong coffee in general.

Café Bustelo vs Medaglia D Oro

- Dark roast
- 100% pure coffee
- Latin-style espresso ground coffee
- Espresso Coffee
- 100% pure coffee
- Italian roast


There is no bad choice when it comes to preference since you may like one or another and it is fine to have different palate but as we are not into string coffee that much, we actually enjoy Medaglia D Oro better.

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