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Getting our daily dose of caffeine from shops is indeed more convenient but they will cost so much in a long term especially when we drank more than two cups a day. If you are not very fussy about the coffee and prefer a strong, bold flavor, Café Bustelo Vs Pilon are two good commercial coffee to get from nearby grocery stores. However, before shopping, check our article below to see how they may taste like and pick which brand will fit you the most.

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  • How are the Aroma of Café Bustelo and Pilon
  • How are the Taste of Café Bustelo and Pilon
  • Café Bustelo vs Pilon

Affordable Commercial Coffee

With our busy life and want everything to be convenient, getting coffee from nearby coffee shops seems like the best option to fill our day with caffeine and stay awake throughout the working hours despite the report we only finish at 3 in the morning. It seems that coffee is becoming more and more important by the day so it is not easy to just stop drinking them suddenly even though we know, everything is not good when consumed excessively.

Some of us may be enough with a cup in the morning and another after lunch but there are also those who need more or even finish the 3rd cup before reaching the lunch hour. If you are working from home or often being at home, most of us will choose to get any grocery stores, commercial pre-ground or whole bean coffee to enjoy while doing various tasks around the house or sitting in your desk and completing the job.

Commercial coffee is a very good option if not the best option for coffee drinkers who want to save some money since they are very cheap, much cheaper than a few cups of espresso from your nearby shops. They are also convenient enough to not require additional effort to treat for all we have to do are only boil some water and brew the coffee grounds in a cup. Added with sugar or milk, it is all up to you to drink it hot or cold with ice in a hot summer.

However, commercial coffee is only for people who are not very fussy about their beverage because they are not made to satisfy every tongue. As you may already know, pre-ground coffee is not a good option in general for a high quality coffee beverage since we never know how long they have been processed. Coffee enthusiast see this a drawback for it will reduce the taste and aroma, more importantly we also don’t know exactly what bean they have used on the blend.

Commercial pre-ground coffee can use any bean types but due to their fairly cheaper price, they also tend to use low-quality beans. But, if you are not an enthusiast or thinking about those complicated things while sipping the black liquid, commercial coffee mostly dark roast may have certain kick or enough caffeine to wake you up in the morning. Overall, what we need is a delicious drink that has caffeine in it so as long as they work and fit your plate, the rest may not seem to matter much. 

About Café Bustelo and Pilon

If you are also in this drinker range, a commercial coffee is a very great option for daily caffeine intake especially if you are not very fond of expensive cups, just to get some caffeine and let you finish the job. Like anything with a huge market, coffee is drunk by so many people by being one of the most popular beverages in the world so expect to see many options when going to grocery stores which can be a great thing or not depends on how you look at things.

Huge options means we can choose freely to match them with our taste but, it can be a drawback when shopping for it also means we have to spend much time considering the brands. However, nothing beats trying something yourself so before actually drinking the coffee, we can never be sure whether they are pleasant or not but, there are those loved by so many other drinkers. While they are not going to be 100% good choices, they also have a high chance to fit your preferences.

Among those many brands to choose, Café Bustelo and Pilon are two of the most popular commercial coffee brands we can get in nearby stores with a cheap price for the amount of pre-ground coffee they offer but, in general Bustelo is a little bit more expensive than Pilon. While both of them have their own history in building the brand and being the favorite options of many, currently they are part of JM Smucker together with Folgers and Dunkin Donuts retail coffee.

Café Bustelo has been around for quite some time when founded in 1928 which is very popular among Cuban exiles at that time and becoming very familiar with the hipster subcultures in the 90s and early 20s. It brings back nostalgia and even today, they still used the distinct identity of yellow and red canister pack. As for Café Pilon, this brand was started in Cuba and competitor of a brand called Souto Brothers Coffee who then purchase the brand and sell the product in the U.S since the 1960s.

There has been a debate about the origin of Café Pilon famous story of Souto brothers since some people stated that the brand was already popular even before they purchase the name which opposes the story of how these brothers build the brand. 

Café Bustelo and Pilon Variants

Both of them are offering various types of product or coffee but, in general Café Bustelo is a little bit richer in collection since this brand have pre-ground coffee, brick coffee, Supreme version of its original blend, decaf, instant coffee, single serving sachet, flavored coffee, as well as espresso capsules for espresso machines so we can drink the beverage without doing much hassle; suitable for a busy life. As for Café Pilon, this brand only have espresso ground, decaf, gourmet, instant coffee, and single serve pack.

Before moving further, they are equally an espresso ground, suitable for espresso style coffee including when using espresso lever but, we are sure most of us just brew the coffee traditionally. If you are preferring drip method, both of these coffee brands are too fine to give a good result and comparing the two, Café Pilon seems a little bit finer in texture.

Café Bustelo and Pilon Bean

As for the bean, Café Bustelo and Pilon are mostly using the same blend which mean they are not a single coffee such as 100% Arabica that some people may prefer better especially enthusiast. They are most likely a mix between Arabica and Robusta with the first being the most prominent and the bean source itself will also vary from different crops around the world. The blend created to give certain flavor to our beverage so those in top liners will have a more complexity compared to commercial brands like these two.

However, in case you like something that is already clear enough from the package, Café Bustelo Supreme version and Pilon Gourmet are actually 100% Arabica so you can enjoy the good quality of the certain bean. Compared to Robusta, Arabica is preferred due to its lower concentration in chlorogenic acids so even when not coming in dark roast the coffee is not too acidic. Read also: Café Bustelo vs Café La Llave here.

Café Bustelo and Pilon Aroma

When you brew these coffees, we can instantly smell the nice and pleasant scent that emerges from the cup. Comparing the two, they are already very strong even just from the aroma so we can expect something bold when sipping the liquid. It is a distinct smell of dark roast so it can be hard to actually know the prominent bean used in the coffee but, in the past Café Pilon have some chocolate smell to it which recently somehow gone and not as aromatic as they used to be.

Café Bustelo on the other side smells really good and very pleasant to our nose with some hints of cinnamon which we do prefer better to wake up in the morning. Some people also find a little hint of chocolate when brewing the coffee.

Café Bustelo and Pilon Taste

As for the taste, it may be different when tested by other tongue but, both of them are best described as bold and strong type of coffee so expect to taste very bitter liquid on the first sips especially if you never drank the coffee black. Despite their lack of viscosity, they taste very much like a concentrated coffee without the richness. While it is hard to measure caffeine manually, it feels like Café Bustelo sparks our eyes more than Pilon.


Now, let’s compare Café Bustelo with Pilon. As you may already know, they are Cuban style espresso pre-ground coffee brands with a strong and bold taste which is great when combined with lots of sugar in case bitterness is not a good quality in your plate. Comparing the two, Bustelo smells nicer and give an adequate of caffeine for the morning but is a little bit pricier.

Café Bustelo vs Pilon

- Pack of two, 36-ounce cans(total of 72-ounces)
- A rich, flavorful blend of the finest coffees in the world
- Pack of 4, 10-ounce bag
- 100% arabica coffee


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences so it is best to pick the one that fits your taste the most but, between the two we like Café Bustelo better due its aroma and taste.

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