Cappuccino vs Americano


Coffee is indeed tasty for those who like the original flavor of this bean based beverage but, there are also those who prefer to add something into their cups to mellow down or even alter the taste. There are so many coffee beverage types out there such as Cappuccino Vs Americano which are among the most popular we drank today. While they can be separated in a glance, some people may not know the difference so check them below to know which fits your preference better.

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  • Cappuccino Vs Americano

Coffee-Based Beverages

Many of us can’t leave the habit of consuming caffeinated beverages in a day because our body constantly crave for the stimulant. While caffeinated beverages are available variedly in various names and taste, coffee is one of the most if not the most popular beverage drank because of the caffeine content which help us get the work done or keep us awake at night to finish some tasks. However, many of us also love this bean based beverage for the tasty flavor.

Coffee in general when roasted, ground and then brew will taste bitter and depend on the bean or how long they roast it, there will be some acidity as well which made some people have a stomach issue. This is why commonly, coffee is drank with some type of sweetener, most often sugar or added with milk to mellow down the strong flavor especially for those who are not very fond of black coffee. Yet, of course there are also people who love black coffee and its natural taste.

When it comes to beverages or foods, different people can create different items as they want and this is why we have so many recipes today based on coffee, even more with the trend where youngsters also enjoy this beverage. Black coffee is seen as boring and unattractive as well because we probably already tasting them since childhood and didn’t find the taste to be appealing. But, with the additional ingredients like sugar, milk or chocolate, coffee becomes more mellow and acceptable for many including those who don’t usually drank coffee.

This customary drinks are also more popular with the increasing number of coffee shops in which many of them have special recipe or unique drinks to offer and attract the customer’s attention. Not only the taste, many of them are also made to be visually appealing so people can share the picture on their social media accounts and then help spreading the popularity. This strategy sure effective and we can see lots of users sharing or talking about their favorite beverages from certain shops.

Getting them from your favorite coffee shops once in awhile won’t hurt and we can take it as a self-treat but, the cost will be piled up if we have to buy them everyday especially if you also drink those coffee based beverage more than once a day. One of our best options to help saving more and still get the beverage of our option is to brew at home. We can get a useful espresso machine or more conveniently instant flavored coffee or instant mix.

Cappuccino Origin

Instant coffee, instant mix, and more traditionally pre-ground coffee are available widely and what’s so great about them besides the affordable price is convenient since we can make them with only hot or depend on the mix, cold water as well. Coffee-based beverage is a nice option when you need something to wake you up for it still have some caffeine in it but doesn’t taste bitter like black coffee or if you don’t really drink coffee. Among those many options, Cappuccino is one of the most popular coffee-based beverages.

We are sure most people already have a taste of this mellow beverage due to its widespread popularity but in the past, this drink is made in Italy and as you may already know, this is a very tasty drink to spend your evening or to help stay awake before lunch. It is usually served in a small cup or regular cup and has a foam on top which in a glance very similar to a latte that usually added with some decoration art on top.

In general these two beverages are the same since being made with 3 main ingredients of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk but are different on the amount for each portion. Taken from Wikipedia, the reason why it is called Cappuccino is because the beverages looks like color of Capuchin friars habit. It stays at the origin until 1930s but then it spread around the world from the Viennese-style cafes in Trieste or other cities in former Austria in the first decades of the 20th Century.

About Gourmet Barista

Cappuccino is one of our favorite drinks when visiting a coffee shop but, we can also make them easily at home with instant mix like the delicious Gourmet Barista Mocha Cappuccino Mix. This beverage is very convenient because we don’t need to have an espresso machine at home to create a cup of tasty Cappuccino since it can be used with only hot water just like when brewing pre-ground coffee but without utilizing any filter for it has no coffee remains at the bottom, making it a great mix for iced beverages.

Like many other instant mix, the coffee portion used in Gourmet Barista Cappuccino Mix is also crystalized or instant coffee and as you can expect, there is already sugar in it so we don’t need to add anymore for it already quite sweet. Creamer and powdered milk is also added on the ingredients to mellow the coffee taste further and chocolate powder is also added for this Mocha variant to enhance the taste. Overall, it is like a sweet and tasty treat rather than a coffee.

Gourmet Barista Cappuccino Taste

On the taste, many customers are pleased with how this Cappuccino mix taste like and we also find it very affordable, compared to get one from a shop because for a pack of $53 will give you 72 cups of delicious beverages. It also has a very balanced taste but may not suit those who prefer strong blend so you may want to add the mix more to match your preference. Many of us also live making a beverage with blender and topped them with whipped cream for a sweet treat.

Americano Origin

If Cappuccino is a nice option for those who are more into sweet things rather than the natural, a little bitter taste of coffee brew, we also have those for people who adore the original taste of your bean-based beverages such as Americano. While this sounds like we invented the drink here in the U.S. the fact is it actually a shorted for Caffe Americano or American Styled Coffee and as the word suggests, it is spreading from Italy.

Today we are drinking Americano from shops and take them in a plastic tumbler to school or office but it seems that most of us drink them with iced, making Iced Americano the staple drink of both youngsters and adults. For those who are not familiar with the recipe, this beverage is actually a watered down Espresso because it is indeed made with only single or double shots combined with water usually up to 455 ml. In Australia, this beverage is called as Long Black but essentially the same.

About LavAzza

Since Americano is made with Espresso and there is no such thing as instant Espresso, we can only get them from a shop if you have more fortune, we can use espresso machine with exclusive pre-ground like LavAzza. This brand has so many products to offer both the coffee and the machines and even has those cups for Keurig machines such as Keurig K400 Vs K500 for people who already have the brewing machine at home and need something that is even more convenient.

Depend on which Espresso blend you choose to make other beverages or to drink as it is, LaVazza pre-ground Espresso blend have different intensity such as the original variant we used as an example above which is already quite high and rich but there is the Perfetto variant with darker flavor and has a fuller body or richer as well.

LaVazza Americano Taste

What we love the most from making Americano with Espresso brew from LaVazza is their commitment to use high quality bean so their Espresso blend is made with 100% Arabica which is preferred by many including us since this bean is rather sweet in comparison with Robusta with lower acidity as well. When making an Americano with Espresso from this blend, even though we add water and ice, the beverage still very tasty and balance. If you don’t have machine, the blend also goes well with drip style or moka pot.


Now, let’s compare Cappuccino with Americano. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them is on their ingredients because Cappuccino in its essential is a mix between Espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk in certain portion while Americano is just a combination between Espresso and water. Due to their mix complexity, Cappuccino is available in instant form even though it can’t be called an authentic Cappuccino yet, taste quite similar but Americano needs authentic Espresso since if not, the name will be just Coffee.

Cappuccino vs Americano

- Delicious mocha cappuccino may be made hot or blended with ice
- Makes 72 servings
- Convenient, resealable container includes portion scoop
- Net weight: 48 oz. (3 lb.)


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us are going to have the same preferences and favorite taste so it is best to go with anything you like better. Our own preference is more towards Cappuccino because it is mellowed down and can be enjoyed anytime with less chance of causing stomach discomfort.

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