Capresso EC100 vs DeLonghi EC155


Looking for a good coffee maker for use at home? Capresso EC100 vs DeLonghi EC155 are some fine options that you can consider. Both of them come with integrated milk frothers. So, in addition to espresso, you can also make drinks like latte and cappuccino with ease. Now, continue reading to find out which one that is best for you!

What we will discuss below include:

  • The design and build quality of each coffee maker here
  • Which model that is generally easier and more practical to use
  • Which model that has a larger reservoir and thus doesn’t need frequent refilling
  • The performance of Capresso EC100 vs DeLonghi EC155
  • Why DeLonghi ECC155 can be a better choice over Capresso EC100, especially for beginners

Capresso EC100: Overview

The name “Capresso” is obviously a play of the words “cappuccino” and “espresso”. Of course, the company has produced a number of machines that are capable of making espresso and cappuccino. But that doesn’t mean that they are strictly limited to these categories; the company also has things like electric kettles, coffee grinders, milk frothers, and automatic coffee makers. See also: Breville ESP8XL Vs DeLonghi EC702.

Capresso EC100 is one of those machines capable of making espresso and cappuccino. The first thing that you will notice right away is the stainless steel construction, which enhances the appearance of the unit while at the same time being easy to wipe clean. The company has tried to make Capresso EC100 look “smarter” than the other models in the class by adding a programmable digital timer, an LED display, and a filter indicator on the front panel.

One of the most annoying things in brewing coffee is the need to refill the reservoir every once in a while. When you are in a hurry, having to go back and forth to take the water and refill the tank seems like too much effort. A coffee machine with a large reservoir is appreciated, as it won’t need to be refilled too frequently.

Between Capresso EC100 vs DeLonghi ECC155, Capresso EC100 is the one with a larger tank with a maximum capacity of 46 oz. In other words, it will be able to make more cups of coffee before asking for a water refill. Moreover, the water tank has a transparent wall, so you can easily monitor the amount of remaining water to avoid running out of water in the middle of a brewing cycle.

Capresso EC100: Features

The first notable feature of Capresso EC100 is the dual frothing system. It has different modes for making frothed milk (cappuccino) and for making steamed milk (for latte). The wand has a sleeve which you need to put in place in order to blow hot steam and air into the milk to create rich, foamy milk for cappuccino. Meanwhile, if you remove the sleeve, the wand will only inject hot steam to create milk for latte.

On the front of the machine, there is a removable drip tray which will keep the operation mess-free by catching all drips that fall outside your cups. There is also a removable warming tray made of stainless steel, which is useful for keeping your coffee hot for some time. Both the drip tray and the warming tray are easy to clean.

Regarding the heating system, Capresso EC100 uses a thermoblock which is lined with stainless steel. The thermoblock is able to heat up very quickly, so it will allow you to enjoy your coffee in no time. Capresso EC100 is also fitted with a 15-bar pump for ensuring optimum extraction of the flavor and aroma from the ground coffee. By the way, the machine accepts ground coffee as well as coffee pods.

Unfortunately, the length of the power cord is rather short, so you need to place the machine close enough to a power outlet if you don’t want to use an extension cable. Capresso EC100 has an automatic shut down function, which will turn off the unit after 2 hours of not being used. The automatic shut down is a nice feature that will save your electricity bill when you forget to turn off your coffee machine before going to work.

Capresso EC100: Performance

So, how is the performance of Capresso EC100 vs DeLonghi ECC155? Well, if you are not a total aficionado, you will find that these machines work just fine. They kind of produce concentrated coffee shots rather than real espresso, but people who just want to get some caffeine with acceptable taste won’t complain. Regarding Capresso EC100, it is a good choice if you only make coffee occasionally.

Capresso EC100 is not recommended for frequent use. The coffee brewing process involves heavy pressure, but this machine doesn’t seem to be robust enough to withstand heavy wear and tear. There are rare cases where this machine gets broken due to excessive use. These cases are very rare, but it can still happen. However, if you only drink coffee occasionally or just once per day, this machine is still fine. The coffee is pretty good, the price is very affordable.

The frother is worth mentioning because it works really well. It can steam milk just fine. With the sleeve attached, it can produce very good foam that will make delicious cappuccino. Some people may argue that the cappuccino still doesn’t compare to something from a good coffeehouse, but it is pretty close.

DeLonghi EC155: Overview

If you are looking for an affordable coffee machine, DeLonghi EC155 comes as a highly recommended choice. The company behind the product has established an excellent reputation; they are known to produce high quality products. DeLonghi ECC155 is no exception. Not only it looks cool; it also performs admirably well.

Of course, this is a very simple model. You probably won’t find this machine in a coffeehouse, as it lacks the features that professional baristas need to fine-craft their coffee. But this machine is perfect for home use.

The profile is compact and sleek. DeLonghi ECC155 features a black finish with stainless steel parts here and there. There is an integrated milk frother that is easily accessible from the front side.

Another nice thing about DeLonghi ECC155 is the ability to work with ground coffee as well as pods. So, you can use fresh coffee when you are in the mood to grind whole beans by yourself (provided that you have your own grinder), use pre-ground coffee from the local store, or simply use pods.

As mentioned above, one difference between Capresso EC100 vs DeLonghi ECC155 is the reservoir capacity. The one on DeLonghi ECC155 is relatively small. It can only hold up to 35 oz of water. Indeed, it will need more frequent refilling, but it should be already good enough for personal use or for serving just two or three regular coffee drinkers.

DeLonghi EC155: Features

DeLonghi ECC155 is a great choice for beginners because it has a built-in tamper. This feature will allow people to make good coffee without worrying about the tamping. If you prefer to do the tamping by yourself, you can. But you will need to have your own tamper.

The integrated frothing wand has a patented design which is called the swivel jet frother. It is very easy to use, and it consistently creates rich, creamy foam. However, due to the compact size of the machine, there is a limited space to work around, so you need to stick with standard cups. Otherwise, you won’t have enough room to move the wand.

The operation is very simple and straightforward. You just fill the reservoir and add the coffee. The unit has a self-priming function, so after switching it on, you only need to wait for a moment to start brewing. The temperature indicator on the front panel will tell you when the unit is ready to brew.

Of course, there isn’t much room for customization here. You can experiment with different grinds, but you can’t alter the brewing cycle of the machine. This is totally fine if you just want to get some good coffee without dealing with too many technicalities.

DeLonghi EC155: Performance

For a simple coffee maker that is hassle-free and produces good results consistently, you won’t find any model that is better than DeLonghi ECC155. This machine will always give you great espresso and cappuccino.

This model uses a boiler instead of a thermoblock. It has two separate thermostats for controlling the brewer and the frother. As the effect, the performance is very stable. There is minimum temperature fluctuation when you brew multiple cups in a row, and the results are all good with decent flavor.

Another great thing about DeLonghi ECC155 is that it actually seems to be robust enough to withstand frequent use. There is still some limitation; you want to invest in a more capable unit if you want to serve coffee for dozens of people regularly. However, DeLonghi ECC155 is a great choice for a heavy coffee lover who usually drinks several cups of coffee a day.

Capresso EC100 vs DeLonghi EC155

- ESPRESSO/CAPPUCCINO MACHINE: Creates perfect gourmet coffee beverages
- FEATURES: 15 Bars of pressure and unlimited steam output
- CAPACITY: Removable 46-oz water container
- RINSE: Automatic rinsing cycle
- Use convenient pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder. It makes espresso preparation simple and fast
- Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the swivel jet frother, for perfect drinks every time.Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz)-120~60
- Eliminate annoying start-up preparation with the self-priming operation. On/off switch
- Always brew espresso at the perfect temperature with two separate thermostats, which allow for water and steam pressure to be controlled separately


In general, DeLonghi ECC155 is more recommended. It has a better build quality. It is a good choice if you usually drink several cups of coffee in a day, as the build is robust enough to withstand the frequent use. The coffee quality is good. The performance is very stable and consistent, thanks to the dual thermostats.

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