DeLonghi Magnifica vs Magnifica XS


Do you perhaps love strong espresso drinks? It is safe to say that you are searching for an unobtrusively-valued super-automatic espresso machine that has enough highlights to enable you to make any claim to fame drink you can envision without costing you dearly. 

Assuming this is the case, at that point, you are going to adore the itemized DeLonghi Magnifica vs Magnifica XS audit we are about to cover in this article. Try not to let the fact that it is a fairly older model trick you. It utilizes its dated innovation to give all of you the instruments you have to make pretty much any beverage you can envision. 

It might have some confinements and we will cover those as well so that you have all the information you need to conclude if it is a solid match for your home or not. 

So, without further ado, let us get into the different highlights that drive and characterize these two machines. We will lay the two next to each other and compare them. 

Details Comparison 

DeLonghi Magnifica vs Magnifica XS: 

  • Both machines have an expert burr processor with 13 customizable settings give new beans each opportunity to guarantee the most extreme freshness. You can likewise utilize pre-ground in the subsequent load. Your decision of customary can claim to fame or decaf. 
  • The flexible manual cappuccino framework blends steam and milk to make the thickest, longest-enduring froth for your cappuccino. What is more, it is anything but difficult to change the levels to set up a rich latte, macchiato or flat white. 
  • You can essentially modify the menu settings for temperature, espresso quality, and cup size as indicated by your inclinations. The machine deals with the rest. 
  • Support: All DeLonghi Magnifica machines require a large portion of the cleaning time of different brands, not at all like contender machines which require synthetic cleaning tablets month to month. 
  • Guarantees may not make a difference to purchases from an unapproved retailer. 
 DeLonghi Magnifica DeLonghi Magnifica XS
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions17 x 9.4 x 13.8 inches
9.4 x 17 x 13.8 inches
Shipping Weight23.5 pounds23.8 pounds

Key Features 

DeLonghi Magnifica is a top-selling choice at the highest point of the value range. It is a #1 smash hit in espresso machines class and has a few famous options in a similar value run, for example, Jura A9 or Jura E8. It is 616 USD more costly than the normal espresso machine, 990 USD. 

Key Features of DeLonghi Magnifica: 

  • Worked in the water filtration framework  
  • Fragrance button  
  • Energy-saving switch 

Meanwhile, DeLonghi Magnifica XS is a prominent and one of the more affordable choices. It has several well-known choices in a similar value range, for example, DeLonghi EC680. DeLonghi Magnifica XS was discharged in 2014. It is 560 USD more affordable than a normal espresso machine, 990 USD. 

Key Features of DeLonghi Magnifica XS: 

  • Stainless steel low pitch tapered the burr processor 
  • 60-ounce water tank  
  • Adjustable height of espresso spouts 

DeLonghi Magnifica vs Magnifica XS Overviews 

DeLonghi Magnifica: 

DeLonghi Magnifica makes extraordinary espressos foamed like a champ though there is one issue. It is a bad dream to keep clean because it continually impacts granulates everywhere after use. 

While this machine can make great espresso, it requires work and a lot of its usefulness to actually get the hang of it. Right off the bat, the frother: the steam wand itself, is most likely keeping pace with a multiyear old religious woman smothering the candles on her birthday cake. However, you can trick it by heating the milk and polish off using an electric hand whisk.  See also: Nespresso VertuoLine vs Inissia.

So, with everything taken into account, the machine can make a decent coffee, a scope of utterly awful smooth beverages, and a quite strong espresso. 

DeLonghi Magnifica XS: 

You can be your very own barista with DeLonghi Magnifica XS. This compact espresso machine incorporates the majority of the highlights of DeLonghi’s full-size machines, yet in a smaller, increasingly helpful size. You and your visitors can appreciate delectable espressos and lattes any time you want. 

It has never been simpler to make true Italian beverages with the protected framework frother featured in the machine. You can just spot a compartment with milk under the spout to make a rich, velvety foam and it will practically do everything for you. 

It makes unfathomable coffee drinks, yet in addition sets aside your cash while doing it, with the energy-saving switch and single evaporator framework. You can select either entire beans or ground espresso, the machine does both. For the freshest outcomes, the protected direct-to-mix framework toils the beans right away before blending. 

With five espresso quality settings, everybody can get their preferred flavor. The choices do not end there. You can select from four cup-size choices to suit your favored taste. Different features incorporate easy-to-use manual controls, advantageous water filtration, heater, and a removable dribble plate. 

Here are the reasons as to why customers have the inclination towards DeLonghi Magnifica XS. 

  • Reviews reliably said that the construct quality is strong 
  • The crushing system on this machine is progressively powerful and not inclined to gumming up on “slick” espresso beans  
  • The size is all in all correct to fit under a standard American bureau  
  • Reviews showed that the cleaning component is basic and dependable 
  • The temperature of the warmed water is higher than the majority of different models  

With the majority of that stated, subsequent to owning this machine for months, it is safe to say that it is one of the better choices for purchasing something that you have no close to home involvement with and will never utilize. 

The main drawback of the machine, however, is that you need to put a tall cup under the yields when you turn it on and after you blend the espresso. At the point when it does its self-clean cycle, it does not utilize a lot of water but even with the spouts at the most reduced position, it sprinkles everywhere throughout the counter. The water does not go into those two little gaps in the dish button. 

DeLonghi Magnifica vs Magnifica XS

- This compact machine has a professional burr grinder with 13 adjustable settings grinds fresh beans every time to ensure maximum freshness. You can also use pre-ground in the second chamber. Your choice of regular, specialty or decaf.
- The adjustable manual cappuccino system mixes steam and milk to create the thickest, longest-lasting foam for your cappuccino. And it’s easy to adjust the levels to prepare a creamy latte, macchiato or flat white. Height adjustable Coffee spout
- Simply adjust the menu settings for temperature, coffee strength and cup size according to your preferences. The machine takes care of the rest.
- Compact size yet maintains all the features of our full-size automatic machines; Beans container capacity: 250 grams
- No waiting between making Espresso and frothing milk with the rapid cappuccino system
- MAINTENANCE: De’Longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly.


Both DeLonghi Magnifica and DeLonghi Magnifica XS have some keen highlights to offer home baristas. Both can spare both coffee and milk proportions and definitely have an element that cannot be found on a great deal of super-automatic espresso machines. So, what is your opinion of these two super-automatic espresso machines? 

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