Delonghi Magnifica vs Primadonna


Everybody loves coffee and most of the time we drink more than one cup a day and if you are one of us, chances brewing cup by cup is a hassle especially if there are other people who enjoy the beverage at home as well. If you are a fancy drinker, DeLonghi Magnifica vs Primadonna are two nice options to consider especially if you love espresso but, before you buy any of these machines, see what they can offer below so then we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Coffee Machine to Purchase
  • What are DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna
  • What DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna Look Like
  • Are DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna Convenient
  • What Beverages can we make with DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna
  • What else DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna can offer
  • DeLonghi Magnifica Vs Primadonna

Coffee Machine Types

Sometimes there is a day when you feel like there is a heavy rock hanging on your eyelids and it makes waking up in the morning an even more painful task to do but yet, we still have to go to the office or college. Many of us have to deal with extreme tiredness due to lots of activities or tasks the day before or from the whole week and one of the best saviors to save our morning is the popular caffeine-rich coffee. 

Coffee is indeed a huge help for almost everyone who can drink this beverage thanks to its caffeine content and the unique strong aroma which creates a good combination to make someone’s feel energized and overall more awake. If you are also loving this beverage, chances you will also drink more than one cup a day.  For those who enjoy several cups throughout the day, having a dedicated coffee machine can be a wise decision to make sure everything will be more convenient.

There are various coffee machines out there from the simplest brewer to the expensive fully automatic espresso machines but the most ideal option is still the one that we will be using everyday or fitting our preference. 

  1. For those who love black coffee, the best choice is a coffee maker and this is also the most affordable machine out there since it only takes care of brewing and doesn’t require complicated system nor menu as well. What they do mostly is heating water, wetting the coffee ground and let the extracted water fall down through the filter into a carafe that can be glass or stainless steel.
  2. If you are fancy coffee drinker and loves to try various brews whether it is black coffee or some specialty drinks but don’t want to put the effort to prepare and mix the ingredients, a capsule coffee maker is the best choice. They are very popular and more importantly convenient since we can practically brew any beverage as long as the mix is provided in the suitable pod or cup. Not only coffee, we can also brew tea or chocolate with this machine.
  3. The fanciest coffee machine out there is fully automatic espresso machine and this is the one that will serve you delicious espresso at home, anytime, on demand. They are using pressure system to press the coffee grounds with hot water and then dispense the liquid in your cup, all in one go. Depending on the machine, some of them are featured with coffee grinder as well to be an all-in-one solution.

About DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna

If you have decided to go with which machine, now let’s see what the market has to offer because there are lots of them out there and you may want to spare some time to check them one by one or based on the price range. For those who often enjoying espresso or espresso based beverage at shops but now want to conveniently make one at home, espresso machine is the best choice. Besides the fully automatic version, espresso machine also available in different types.

 Delonghi MagnificaPrimadonna
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions9.4 x 16.9 x 13.4 inches
9.4 x 17.4 x 13.6 inches
Shipping Weight28.4 pounds33.5 pounds

Some of them require manual operation yet, for the best convenience we recommend to use the fully automatic version so we don’t have to deal with the preparation and brewing process. Among those companies that are offering coffee machines or espresso machines, DeLonghi is one of the best brands to check out because they are well-known when it comes to quality and they are also carrying lots of models in the catalogue for users to choose based on their needs and budget.

DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna are two amazing options if what you are looking for is a machine with a full capability to create espresso freshly from the coffee beans because both of them are coming with integrated grinder, making them an all-in-one solution. We do like espresso machine with built-in grinder because the fresher they are, the better the taste for it has not yet been exposed to much oxygen. They are also fully automatic and convenient for everyone in the house to enjoy together.

DeLonghi has lots of espresso or coffee machines and many of them are continuously upgraded or renewed so sometimes it is hard to get the older version such as this Primadonna series which also available in a few different sub models.  Overall they are providing bean to cup operation and have easy to use menu to not only deliver espresso but some espresso based beverages as well like a cappuccino. Additionally, they can make one or two cups simultaneously.

DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna are a pair of beautiful espresso machines with stainless finish but if you compare the two, the latter actually show more stainless steel casing than its brother which only use the material for its front panel. However, the plastic components in these machines are very sturdy and we don’t have any issue about how they will last for these parts are built very rigid. As for the whole dimension however, Primadonna also slightly bigger.

This espresso machine is measured at 9.4-inch wide, 17.4-inch deep, and 13.6-inch tall compared to Magnifica in this example ESAM 3300 at 11-inch wide, 15.2-inch deep, and 14.4-inch tall. Both of them have two coffee spouts at the front and a simple user interface with few knobs and buttons while the latter has a small display combined with a collection of flat buttons to operate the machine. If you pick Primadonna especially this ECAM28465, there will be a milk container coming in the package with the machine. 

DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna Convenience

Espresso machines are utilizing pressure system to force the hot water through the tapered coffee ground and the stronger they get, the more flavors extracted from the ground. These machines are equally utilizing 15 bar to keep the flavors delicious and liquid creamy with rich crema on top. This amount of force should be enough for delicious espresso but we also like the convenient side of these machines because besides brewing from coffee beans, we can also brew from coffee ground like with Cafe Bustelo Vs Medaglia D Oro to cut the prep time.

They are featured with conical burr grinder which is great to grind coffee beans to certain fineness and not only they can grind coffee ideally for espresso but also adjustable in case you want to modify the taste, for example reduce the beverage strength by making the coffee ground coarser. The adjustment is located inside the coffee bean rooms accessible from the top panel.

DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna Beverages

The next point we want to talk about is the beverage itself but DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna are very similar to each other because they equally brew coffee one or two cups at a time and just like many automatic machines out there, there are few menus to choose besides espresso but only the latter will give you the automatic operation to pick between café latte, macchiato, and cappuccino through the simple control panel. On the other hand Magnifica can make the same beverages but manually done.

This is because both of them are coming with milk frothing feature but, they are different because one is with frothing wand while the latter is with milk container. They can create frothed milk just the same but with different method because with milk frother container, we can put the box in the refrigerator and install it again when needed while Magnifica required user to put the milk in a small jug and then manually froth it by placing the wand inside the jug until the tip is submerged.

DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna Features

The last point we want to mention is their additional features and in this side they are equally coming with the same huge 8.8 ounce bean container, removable drip tray, removable water reservoir, and programmable water hardness. In addition, they have energy saving mode as well as stand-by function so we don’t have to worry about the running electricity when the machine is not being used as well as get the beverage ready in no time.

Delonghi Magnifica vs Primadonna

- The double shot feature makes your preferred drink, Just taller It doubles the amount of Coffee and milk
- Integrated STAINLESS steel burr grinder with 13 adjustable settings for whole beans and second chamber for pre ground Coffee
- Maintenance: de’longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly
- 60oz water tank with water level indicator and filtration system
- Automatic Latte and Cappuccino: the proprietary LatteCrema system allows you to create Italian classic cappuccino, latte, cafelatte or other milk-based recipes just in one touch
- Stainless steel housing with digital display
- Memory function; Beans container capacity: 250
- Maintenance: de?longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly.

DeLonghi Magnifica and Primadonna are a nice machine for anyone who drink espresso everyday and have the fortune to spend. Between the two, their main differences are only on the stainless steel build which is more prominent in Primadonna together with the milk container and an option to choose the beverage directly from the menu, making it more convenient compared to Magnifica.


All in all the choice is all yours for we may have different preferences but after comparing the price, we do recommend to get DeLonghi Magnifica because the price gap is too far for a simple additional features.


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