Folgers vs Maxwell House Coffee


Getting coffee from coffee shops is fine once in a while but it is not wise to always spend the money on something we can actually make at home with a cheaper price. If you are drinking coffee everyday, commercial blend like Folgers Vs Maxwell House Coffee can be a nice choice to quench your caffeine thirst with their delicious taste. For those who are also in the market for affordable coffee that we can make at home anytime, see what these brands can offer below.

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  • Folgers vs Maxwell House Coffee

Commercial Pre-Ground Coffee

Coffee has been consumed since our predecessor are walking on this earth and the tradition is still happening even today or probably more popular than how they used to be in the past. It is still fresh in our memory when watching our parents drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee while chatting about various things in our childhood years and now we are doing the exact same thing with our coffee but probably while also typing some reports or finishing the piling up tasks asking for attention.

This bean based beverage is arguably one of the most popular beverages in the world and people are taking their coffee game seriously with the rising availability of commercial brewing machine together with various methods to brew and serve the beverages. Latte art is taking the trend in a storm several years back and today, our trend seems to idolize the cold brew and drip coffee which not only giving us tasty coffee but also convenient enough to be made even at home.

If you are also fussy about the coffee taste which is affected through the process and its origin of beans as well as bean type, there are so many specialty products out there to try but due to the demand to be satisfying for enthusiast, they are not going to be cheap too, since there are lots of process to ensure their quality and taste. However, the majority of us are not very picky about the coffee, as long as it is brewed from coffee grounds.

If you are also in this category of coffee drinkers, we can be at ease because there are so many good options out there offered by so many different brands that not going to ask so much from the pocket. Commercial coffee whether it is still in beans form or pre-ground form will be much more affordable than getting similar version from coffee shops since in general they have lower quality to push the cost down and made available for more customers to enjoy.

While good things always expensive said is true and most of the time proved that spending more will provide better product, taste is very personal and it is great when even cheap pre-ground coffee will match your tongue’s preference. Before shopping, make sure that the coffee grounds is made with 100% coffee and see the roast or coarseness to match with your brewing method so we can create a better version of beverages such as fine grind for use with moka pot and drip coffee.

About Folgers

When looking for the best coffee with price and taste ratio, there is nothing we can do except try ourselves because apparently different people have their different opinions; even with the same cup of coffee, some may love and some may just pour it over the sink so it is always best to stick with your own choice but, for starters, it is good to see what other people are drinking since then we can pick one seems more promising.

When it comes to commercial pre-ground coffee, our mind instantly recall the red can of Folgers brand which probably the favorite as well in your house. This brand is among the most popular and one of the bestselling for non-fussy coffee drinkers which is also very affordable for many because we can get a tin containing 48 ounce of pre-ground coffee that can be used for up to 380 cups only at $16 which is even cheaper than your monthly cable subscription.

Folgers is now owned by J.M. Smuckers but it is already founded back then in the 1800s when people used to buy green coffee and roast them at home. It was sold to P&G in the mid-1900s and even became the number one coffee brand in the U.S but it is then sold again to the current owner in 2008. Until now, the brand last with its collection of affordable coffees and being a good option for those who need caffeine in their daily life without spending much.

Folgers Variants

Currently, Folgers is offering various types of blend but the most popular is their medium roast which is coming in the classic red tin or canister. But, they also have special version such as flavored coffee, instant coffee and K-Cup pods for Keurig machines like Keurig K400 vs K500. For those who are not very fond of caffeine in their coffee can try the decaf version which comes in a green tin or Simple Smooth for people with delicate stomach. If you like cappuccino, Folgers have the mix for a more convenient brewing.

Folgers Aroma and Taste

Except when mentioned at the package that it is 100% Arabica or Robusta coffee, it is safe to think that it is made from a blend of both in which as customer can rarely or never know the exact percentage. When brewing Folgers, we can smell a pleasant coffee aroma, reminding us of our parent’s house and it is like those we often enjoy at gas station or at dinner. It is medium roast and so, they are not offensively dark or smells bitter but just right.

Upon first sip, Folgers taste fine and it is not different than many instant coffee we often drink but also pleasantly drinkable thus, anyone who is not very fond of coffee can enjoy it as well. while being a medium roast, it is quite dark to mask most of the bean original taste so in the end it only taste like coffee yet, some people also find it surprisingly sweet and has a nutty flavor.

About Maxwell House

The battle of cheap pre-ground coffee is not ending here because if we can go on, there are hundreds or even more out there from both well-known and small brands but, we rarely see the amount in grocery stores. If you are fine with pre-ground coffee, another brands that rivaling Folgers as the most popular affordable coffee will be Maxwell House, very distinctive with its blue tin or canister and is a part of Kraft Heinz family to offer coffer for household in the U.S.

This brand has a long history for being established in the late 1900s which change the life of its original broker who sold the blend to Maxwell House Hotel and later became the brand for the blend. It is also famous for the slogan controversy about Theodore Roosevelt praising the coffee but today they are more popular for being an affordable caffeine source that we can make at home.

Maxwell House Variants

Maxwell House is probably one of the commercial coffees with so many coffee blend variants in its collection because they have more than a hundred of beverages under this brand. However, as for coffee, the most popular will be its original blend of medium roast pre-ground coffee. They have many flavored beverages or coffee, as well as instant version for a quick caffeine, decaf coffee, and the unique MAX variant with a higher caffeine content than their regular product for those who find it hard to keep an open eye in the morning.

Maxwell House Aroma and Taste

Similar with Folgers and many other commercial pre-ground coffees out there, Maxwell House is also made with a mix of both beans but, since they are affordable, they have a high chance of using Robusta bean which is cheaper as well. When brewed, it appears to be light and somehow a bit lighter in aroma as well compared to Folgers but we still can call it coffee of course and when sipped, our opinion is changed for the liquid taste just as good and not too bland.

It may not fit everyone but the coffee is uncomplicated and very well suited for those who are not very fond of dark coffee yet, there is also a hint of full body. It is simple and great to start the day fresh without paying much.


Now, let’s compare Folgers with Maxwell House. As you may already know, both of them are tasty on their own but in terms of aroma we like the richness coming from a freshly brewed Folgers better while the taste is a bit lighter with Maxwell so it may fit better people who prefer light coffee and like an uncomplicated taste as well as easy to the tongue.

Folgers vs Maxwell House Coffee

- 48 oz. AromaSeal canister holds enough ground coffee to make up to 380 - 6 oz. cups
- Regular caffeinated ground coffee
- Classic medium roast
- 100% Mountain Grown for Smooth, rich and consistent flavor
- One Cannister of Maxwell House Master Blend Ground Coffee
- 26.8 ounces cannister makes up to 210 - 6 fl ounces cups of coffee
- Make in a drip coffee maker with cold water
- Mellow & Smooth, good to the last drop


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same opinion especially on taste for it can varied widely and there is no one product that can satisfy all people. However, in our opinion Folgers is richer and is great when added with milk or sugar to smoothens the taste.

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