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Just like when tasting a wine, not all coffees from different brands taste the same because they are affected by how the product is sourced, type of raw material used, and manufacturing process which makes it necessary to consider your commercial ground for everyday use. If you are loving tasty coffee, Folgers Vs Starbucks are two favorite brands we can get at grocery stores at a very affordable price. If you are also considering these brands, see how they may taste below before getting one.

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  • Folgers vs Starbucks

Choosing Pre-Ground Coffee

Many youngsters and adults are starting their day with a cup of coffee or a tumbler full of this bean based beverage whether it is hot or cold to refresh your morning quickly. Different people may have different preferences on how their beverage should taste and it is fine since we should enjoy what we like best. Coffee is the same and while they are looking similar from one cup to another, the fact is they won’t taste the same.

Coffee is separated into Arabica and Robusta which is different from how they taste since on the bean with Arabica being more expensive, tastier according to many, and less bitter with less caffeine per serving compared to Robusta which is commonly used as filler since it is more affordable and easier to grow due to its nature for being more resilient. If Arabica is considered sweet, the other is often coming with earthy, harsh, grainy, and wood notes with some peanuts aftertaste.

Besides the bean type, the place where those beans are cultivated and harvested may also play a huge role in deciding how the final product will taste. The more resilient Robusta is often found on various coffee blend, specifically those that not called their product 100% Arabica and in the U.S., most commercial coffee beans or pre-ground coffee we found at grocery stores are made with a blend of these two beans while the sources can vary or coming from across the globe.

The next thing that will affect your coffee taste is the process on how the product is being made and packed then sold but, we will simplify it as roast profile only since there are so many of them, including how the beans are dried and picked. Roasting profile is important since the longer your beans being roasted, the more bitter the liquid is and the darker or becoming full bodied they are. Cheaper blends tend to be roasted dark to mask the low beans quality.

The last important part to consider when picking your favorite coffee ground or bean is the brewing method because not all brewing methods will need the same coffee ground especially when you are brewing espresso for it needs a very fine ground, different from when you prefer to enjoy French press. If you are enjoying various brew methods, we recommend you to get the coffee bean and purchase a coffee grinder so we can make our own ground to match the type of brew.

About Folgers

However, if you don’t have much time to always ground the coffee freshly and complete the process from start to finish, a pre-ground should be enough for a regular home used, moreover when paired with a simple brewing machine like Bunn GRB Vs BXB to ease the work, especially when there are more than one person in the house enjoying few cups of coffee each day. Pre-ground coffee not only easy to brew but also cheap enough to let us save more in the long term.

Pre-ground coffee is available widely and when talking about which taste better, the opinion will be different from one tongue to another so it is all about the personal preference which means there is no better method than trying them yourself. However, when talking about commercial coffee, we are offered with a huge list of products which can get very confusing at first but, it seems that Folgers is having its own place in our heart for being one of the classic brands we used to see since childhood.

This brand is among the most popular we have here in the U.S and the staple of many houses so it is not surprising to see them almost everywhere from your grandparent’s house to your neighborhood grocery stores. They are very popular with the Classic Roast in the red tin which probably also the one used in our parent’s house even until today and this version is a blend of both Arabica and Robusta beans, roasted at medium level to still present you the fresh quality of the beans.

Folgers Variants

While the Classic Roast is the one we most often see or drank by people, in fact Folgers have many more to offer especially for those who want more flavor coming out of their beverage from the Black Silk which is roasted dark to decaf coffee variant and even instant cappuccino mix for tasty beverage anytime, anywhere with less hassle. If you have a sensitive stomach, they also have a friendlier blend so we can still enjoy coffee with less worry.

Folgers Aroma

When you brew Folgers especially this Classic Roast, the aroma from hot water steeping the coffee ground is oddly calming and familiar which is not surprising since they have been so long in the market. It doesn’t smell too strong like dark roast or Cuban coffee and it is quite bright in our opinion without being too overpowering or intimidating. It smells nice and we can definitely enjoy how its bring life to a tiring morning yet, there is nothing special as well.

Folgers Taste

On the taste test, opinion may vary so we are not very sure on how to describe the flavor of Folgers but, our first word is “decent” and this is because this coffee is having a mediocre taste. What’s surprising is the liquid introduced a sweet taste when in a perfect temperature and there is not a lot of bitterness. It comes smooth the sweet and then followed by some bitterness but, there are also people who can taste some nutty flavor as well in which we can’t distinguish.

About Starbucks

There are so many brands to try out there and we do recommend people to try them before settling for one especially if you don’t mind spending some time for an adventure since then we can get the best option for our home. Folgers may be the classic favorite and they are still going strong even today, but we can’t deny the rising popularity of coffee shops that seems to be established more each year with their specialty beverages.

As popular as coffee shops can go, almost everybody knows the giant Starbucks today no matter in which country you are in despite being established first in Seattle decades ago. Besides selling ready to drink beverages through their shops, this company is also offering roasted coffee beans and pre-ground coffee for home used so we can enjoy the same quality coffee but without having to walk into the nearby store which is also more cost saving for many occasions.

Starbucks Variants

This brand is offering a wide collection of coffee beans and pre-ground coffee in which not all of them are available in every country or shops. Their whole beans coffee collection is also interesting to try when you are more fussy about the origin of the coffee but, as what other people have been drinking lately, we are going to talk about the popular Starbucks Breakfast Blend. In addition they have lots of interesting blend such as the smooth Veranda or tasty flavored coffees like Mocha and Cinnamon Dolce.

Starbucks Aroma

In the past we always found Starbucks coffee to be dark and better suit an espresso machine rather than being brewed manually but, it is definitely different when you are brewing this Breakfast Blend because it is very light; even the coffee itself doesn’t look as dark as the one we used to drink at family restaurants. It smells bright and has a touch of acidity just from the scent of it but we also didn’t get anything more out of the cup.

Starbucks Taste

As for the taste test, somehow we can already guess the flavor just from its aroma and since it is very light, we also expect a very light coffee and this is true because this coffee is almost not like any regular medium roast we used to have. Many people tell it is more similar to a watery coffee but we don’t get much from the cup and their coffee is indeed not bitter with a little bit of tang so it probably will suit anyone who aren’t used to coffee.


Now, let’s compare Folgers with Starbucks. Both of these brands have tons of coffee variants to offer but, what we are talking here are between the Classic Roast and Breakfast Blend. In comparison, Folgers is more affordable and has more taste per cups despite being a medium roast and it also has richer aroma as well as taste than what we get from Breakfast Blend of Starbucks which probably will suit people who are not very fond of coffee.

Folgers vs Starbucks

- 48 oz. AromaSeal canister holds enough ground coffee to make up to 380 - 6 oz. cups
- Regular caffeinated ground coffee
- Classic medium roast
- 100% Mountain Grown for Smooth, rich and consistent flavor
- Breakfast Blend is a lively and lighter roast with a crisp finish
- Medium-roasted coffees are balanced with smooth and rich flavors
- Enjoy the Starbucks coffee you love without leaving the house
- For finest taste, use cold, filtered water and store ground coffee in a cool, dark place


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences about their coffee beverage but, comparing the two we do like the taste of Folgers the most since it is what coffee taste like in general, moreover, it is also cheaper.

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