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Not all of us are fussy about the coffee we take at home or in the office as long as they are able to keep us awake and energized. If you want to get an affordable cups of coffee anytime, Folgers Vs Taster’s Choice are a great choice to serve, a hot, tasty coffee that won’t ask much from your pocket. For those who are considering these coffee brands, see how they may taste below before shopping so then we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Pre-Ground Coffee or Instant Coffee
  • What are Folgers and Taster’s Choice
  • How many variants in Folgers and Taster’s Choice
  • How are the Aroma of Folgers and Taster’s Choice
  • How are the Taste of Folgers and Taster’s Choice
  • Folgers vs Taster’s Choice

Instant Coffee

For many of us a morning without a cup of coffee is not going to work because we are dependent on their caffeine content and while drinking coffee seems like a regular, enjoyable moment we can leave anytime, the case is not always the same. There are indeed people who drink casually and can choose to consume or take a break from the beverage but, unfortunately there are those who can’t function well without their black, caffeinated beverage in daily, busy life.

Coffee is actually not a harmful beverage to have everyday but the caffeine may cause some withdrawal symptoms when our body is already used to the stimulant. Taken from Mayoclinic 4 cups or 400 milligrams seems to be the limit and they also recommend people to cut back for taking more than this amount may cause some unpleasant side effects such as insomnia, restlessness, migraine, or even nervousness. However, in moderate amounts, caffeine is very helpful and even stated to have some health benefits like enhancing brain function.

If you are drinking coffee routinely, one of the issues we experience with coffee is the making process because in traditional way coffee bean needs to be grind until a certain level of coarseness and then brew or steep with hot water which usually include some types of filter. We then can dispose the ground waste and drink the black liquid, with sugar, milk, or none. It may seem not a complicated process but today where everything needs to be fast, it sure does not convenient.

This is why we see many people using coffee machine in their house or in office kitchen especially the pod coffee machine because they are faster and easier to use which allow anyone can brew their own cup. Coffee pod machine also boast versatility because in the core they are brewing machine so not only coffee, some machines are also capable of brewing many types of beverage as long as the mix is provided on their suitable pod such as those K-Cup for Keurig machines.

About Folgers

If you only want coffee, another way to be convenient is using an instant crystal instead of pre-ground or even whole coffee beans. Instant coffee is very popular and in some countries even more popular than their whole bean versions since not only fast to brew, most of them are also very cheap to allow anyone to purchase the product. They also have no waste so we don’t need filter, making it very suitable for iced coffee that needs to be stirred once or more when served.

For coffee drinkers who are not very fussy about their choice of caffeinated beverages each morning and want something convenient to be brewed without using any filter or waiting the pre-ground steep, an instant coffee will be one of the best options. Instant coffee is widely available so no matter we go, there must be stores carrying the product but, here in the U.S. not many of them are as popular as Folgers because it seems almost everybody ever taste this classic brand. 

When it comes to coffee, each person has their own opinion on which tastes better and it is all depend on our tongue which translate their taste as good or not. Folgers may be a cheap brand compared to specialty coffees crafted by their own shops but they are loved by many due to the familiar taste in which one sip can bring us some memory from childhood when our parents are enjoying their coffee while chatting about whatever issue happening at that time.

Folgers Variants

Folgers is a proud U.S. brand and to answer their customer’s demand, there are various coffee variants offered by this J.M. Smucker owned coffee brand including instant or crystalized coffee. This instant coffee is based from their Classic Roast pre-ground coffee and roasted to medium to not mask all of the beans natural taste or profile but, if you want a different, uniquely flavored coffee beverage, they also have some instant mix like cappuccino with vanilla and chocolate flavorings. They also have decaf version and single package for brewing on the go.

Folgers Aroma

When you brew this Folgers instant, there is a pleasant smell emerging from the cup and we do adore it very much because despite being an instant coffee, it almost like we are brewing from pre-ground itself and as a medium roast, there is not much strong scent which can be translated into bitterness later. We also can do some experiment with milk or cold water when making iced coffee since the crystal blends well even though we are not using hot water.

Folgers Taste

They are also quick to serve in the morning or anytime you need to get a quick dose of caffeine just make sure to close the container firmly since it can spoil when exposed to air for a prolonged time. When it is time for tasting, Folgers instant coffee is very much like the original version with a medium body and it doesn’t taste too bitter as well which can go well for people who are not very fond of coffee to begin with.

However, we also see some people adding much sugars or creamer whether flavored or not to make the liquid more drinkable. At the end it is all up to your choice but one thing for sure, this instant coffee does worth the price since an 8-ounce jar usually cost around $5.32 for serving up to 120 cups of 6 ounce coffee beverage.

About Taster’s Choice

Because we have so many options when it comes to coffee due to its huge demand and popularity, it is best to see what the other manufacturers are offering as well. With this we can see if any of them will fit your taste better or if you need to upgrade into pre-ground or even specialty coffees. For those who want to drink a cup of coffee at home without paying much and fast enough to let you get out of the house quickly in the morning, another nice option is Taster’s Choice from Nescafe. 

This Nestle owned coffee company is sure one of the most popular brands not just in the U.S. but also in many other countries in the world due to their wide availability and tasty coffee whether you want an instant crystals or pre-ground coffees. Taster’s Choice itself is a variant, a little bit up there compared to the brand original brand which makes it also a bit more expensive. If you prefer the more affordable instant coffee, see our Nescafe Vs Folgers Instant Coffee.

Taster’s Choice Variant

Nescafe Taster’s Choice is a good start to enjoy an instant coffee if you are not used to them yet because this variant is claimed to be made from a premium coffee in which the resources are also responsible as a producer. Similar with the one from Folgers, this is also medium roast but also mixed with some light roast for a medium body coffee beverage without the bitterness and less acidity. It currently has French Roast, Colombian, and Decaf as the other options.

Taster’s Choice Aroma

Nescafe is many people’s favorite and the one brand being used in our houses since long ago so getting another cup again today will supposed to feel similar yet, this variant is different from the Classic because the aroma is not as strong and compared to many instant coffee, it somehow not very distinct with an indescribable vague coffee smell which is surprising since we do hope to experience some better smell than its pre-ground Classic coffee.

Taster’s Choice Taste

In this stage we are very curious about how Taster’s Choice will present the taste and in first sip, we can distinguish some woody notes as well as quite heavy on cedar or like other people describe it as Christmas spices. It doesn’t taste bad but unlike what we expected when getting the jar from grocery stores. When getting second and later sips, those notes is shifting into a more bitter taste so you may want to add some sugar if this will annoy you later.


Now, let’s compare Folgers with Taster’s Choice from Nescafe. As you may already know, both of them are a good choice for people who want to get a quick dose of caffeine without waiting much. However, in our opinion Folgers taste better compared to Nescafe Taster’s Choice since it is less bitter and more pleasant with the “classic” coffee notes.

Folgers vs Taster’s Choice

- Classic Roast
- Rich, pure taste
- Makes up to 240, 6 fl. oz. cups
- Instant Coffee
- Light roast
- 100% pure coffee


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us are going to have the same opinion and preferences so it is always best to try them yourself and see if any will match your tongue. However, if we are to choose, we will go with Folgers instant coffee.

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