Gaggia Classic vs Gaggia Classic Pro


In case you are hoping to lessen the visits to your neighborhood coffeehouse, the best home coffee machines can assist you with getting your caffeine fix directly in the comfort of your own kitchen. That being said, a coffee machine is like an investment — particularly in the event that you need one with all the fancy odds and ends — so it is essential to consider the kinds of features that fit your needs. 

A decent mug of coffee is not only the domain of cafés with their baristas. With the correct coffee machines, you can make your brew at home so you can keep away from those high charges and huge expectations to learn. 

The best part of these machines? They consolidate straightforwardness with reasonableness. 

That way, you can gain proficiency with the ropes without using up every last cent or settling on taste either. The best machines create a hot, smooth mug of coffee that has depth, and is not excessively bitter or acidic, with crema that is smooth with no perceptible big or small air bubbles. 

Our top choices are Gaggia Classic and Gaggia Classic Pro. By and large, we think these are the best coffee machines to purchase in 2020. 

To find out about these two machines, read more about our preferred models down below and look to the end of this article for our final verdict. 

About the Machine 

  • Gaggia Classic:

The primary thing you notice about Gaggia Classic is the solidness and toughness of its stainless-steel and its excellent parts, for example, its overwhelming and well-made portafilter. The water repository holds 72 ounces which is more than any of the other coffee machines available. Read also: Gaggia Classic vs Rancio Silvia.

During the testing stage, an expert barista put this machine through some serious hardship. They noticed that you will unquestionably need to get another tamper, on the grounds that the one included with the purchase is plastic which makes it hard to get the tight pack expected to make coffee appropriately. 

  • Gaggia Classic Pro:

Gaggia Classic Pro is a self-loader machine that has a few impediments, yet this has not stopped anyone from proceeding to get them. It can make incredible coffee, foam milk sensibly well, though it cannot do both simultaneously. 

 Gaggia ClassicGaggia Classic Pro
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions9.50 x 8.00 x 14.20 inches 9.5 x 8 x 14.2 inches
Shipping Weight20.00 lbs 20.00 lbs

It has a vigorous and basic form quality and has a flourishing auxiliary market for additional items and extensions, and holds its worth well indeed. Pick it in the event that you need a reasonable entry into making coffee, wish to have a different processor, and do not have to make many milk-based beverages with hardly a pause in between. 

Brewing Capability 

  • Gaggia Classic:

This coffee creator makes conventional espresso. In the trials, the barista and inspecting group evaluated it at 7.5 out of 10 which is in the center ground, contrasted with different machines they tried previously. With this machine, you additionally get the comfort of a high temperature water stream for tea or different beverages. 

Shockingly, this one is the noisiest home coffee machine ever tried, with the sound level estimating 93.8 decibels. 

  • Gaggia Classic Pro:

A decent coffee machine, no doubt, should make great coffee. However, there is a trick. 

At this value point, a few people may pick Gaggia Classic Pro to use with a pressurized container and pre-ground espresso, while others who are pulled in by its ability and low value point need to pound their own coffee. Setting up a machine to give great outcomes for one, will influence the consequences of the other. 

Maintenance and Cleaning 

  • Gaggia Classic:

Gaggia Classic remains hot for a long time after use and it takes some effort to clean everything. The head can gather coffee beans, so you have to clear it off regularly or the overabundance grounds will fall into your coffee. 

What is more, in light of its stainless-steel configuration, fingerprints and different smears develop quickly, so you will have to clean it regularly. 

  • Gaggia Classic Pro:

Gaggia Classic Pro likes things done ‘old school’, expecting you to strip the machine. Contingent upon how hard your water is, you may be doing this on more than one occasion per year. 

The kettle is a covered aluminum type, which will not rust, yet the development of limescale may harm the covering. Different components, similar to the solenoid valve – used to remove water from the crate to the dribble plate to forestall your finished puck turning out to be ‘soupy’, will get blocked effectively without regular descaling.


  • Gaggia Classic:

Gaggia Classic picked up a 4 from 10 in the ease of use testing, one of the most noticeably awful scores. ITs issues began with the control board which is only a simple on/off switch, steam wand switch, and coffee switch. 

There is likewise a handle on the machine for modifying the progression of steam through the wand. This is sufficiently straightforward, however, considerably in the wake of utilizing the machine a couple of times, customers might naturally turn the steam wand handle before flicking the steam wand switch. 

  • Gaggia Classic Pro:

In the event that you need to press a button and go, Gaggia Classic Pro will grant you great outcomes, particularly on a customary Italian roast. There are three buttons on the front: ON, BREW, and STEAM.

It is very simple. Filling the water tank is direct with helpful access from the top. 

In the event that your machine sits on your counter or under your cabinets, you will still have sufficient space to pour water from a Breville filter into the tank.

Gaggia Classic vs Gaggia Classic Pro

- Rugged brushed stainless steel housing
- Commercial three-way solenoid valve
- Commercial-style 58mm chrome-plated brass portafilter and Brew Group
- Easy-to-use Turbo-Frother steam wand attachment
- Commercial three-way solenoid valve. Capacity water tank - 2,1 liter
- Commercial-style 58mm chrome-plated brass portability and brew group
- Commercial steam wand. Rotating steam want movement type
- Easy-to-use rocker switch controls

Final Verdict 

Gaggia Classic coffee machine is a hodgepodge. While it makes sufficient tasting coffee and has the biggest water, it misses the mark with regards to foaming quality and ease of use. 

In case you are not effectively acquainted with how coffee machines work, it will take you a couple of times through the procedure to hit the nail on the head. Meanwhile, Gaggia Classic Pro is worked to last and be a workhorse as long as you show it a touch of affection every once in a while. 

Simple to take a shot at, modest and accessible parts, and an upgrader’s fantasy. This is a machine that will kick you off directly over the 500 USD boundary. 

You will, in any case, need to purchase a different processor, tamper, and some different parts, however, you will have to become tied up with a framework that permits you to develop. On the off chance that you do choose to sell it, Gaggia Classic Pro holds its worth well.

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