Gaggia MDF vs Baratza Virtuoso


Coffee lover must love whole coffee beans as well because it is able to keep the flavor inside longer and there is no reason to buy coffee grounds when you also have a reliable coffee grinders like Gaggia Mdf Vs Baratza Virtuoso at home. They are a good option to accompany your espresso maker or moka pot because these machines can grind in a wide range of settings. But, before making up your mind, see what we can expect from these machines below so we can choose better.

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  • Gaggia MDF Vs Baratza Virtuoso

Coffee Brewing Methods

We are sure most people agree that coffee is delicious so it is no wonder why they are so popular and while there are some people swear to never gulp this black liquid anymore, the majority of us have few cups a day to stay energized and awake during the busy and hectic hours. Both at the office and at home, coffee is a necessary beverage to have and we do adore a cup of delicious coffee everyday depending on which blend or what method we prefer to use.

Coffee may sound and seems simple but it is not since there are so many factors that in the end will change how your beverage will tastes even after the coffee blend has been ground. We are talking about coffee brewing methods and as you may know, there are lots of them. At home, we prefer to be simpler with only available tools and drip coffee is one of the most delicious or effortless methods, especially those with drip coffee machine.

The coffee produced by this method will be smoother and have round bodies while those using Chemex will get a more refined taste as well as floral notes in their coffee. This method is utilizing different coffee grounds from the one we used to get in canister for the grounds must be medium or coarse similar to when using French Press method which then produces clean and robust coffee. If you have finer grounds, the best way to brew it is using a moka pot. 

This method requires the pot to be placed on top of a stove and it uses steam pressure from the boiling water inside in the lower section to pass through coffee grounds in the mid chamber or the pot. It will need fine or medium coarse coffee grounds to produce strong coffee that can sometimes be bitter. In addition, if you love espresso style coffee, there are many espresso maker or more affordable AeroPress tool to try which similarly require fine coffee grounds.

Espresso style coffee is loved by many due to its thick and concentrated taste which is not bitter because the process requires hot water to be almost instantly pressed through tapered coffee grounds and extracting the flavor as well as aroma into your cup. It is necessary to use finer grounds for this method because we need to get the most flavor of your blend and finer grounds provide more surface for extraction. It is also unique because the coffee have a thick crema on top.

About Gaggia MDF and Baratza Virtuoso

If you are enjoying various brewing methods at home, it is necessary to have the different coffee  grounds as well because not all of them will need the same type of grounds and as an avid coffee drinkers, we always want the best for our beverage. To have different coffee grounds anytime we want a certain brew, whether it is a pour over or espresso, it is great to also have coffee grinder as well so we can make them depending on what we want to drink at the moment.

Besides allowing the user to have any ground types they want, buying coffee beans as opposed to coffee grounds is better since it will preserve the taste of our blend longer and as you may already know, it is best to have freshly ground coffee anytime for the best quality. Coffee grinder is offered by many kitchen appliance brands as well as companies which focus is on coffee related products just like Gaggia and Barataza which are already popular among coffee drinkers.

Both of these reliable brands are offering various coffee grinders in their catalogue but it seems that the MDF and Virtuoso are still at the top line in terms of popularity and widely used by coffee lovers out there due to their versatility and reliability. We also love them because they are not expensive despite the fact that we also have to agree that Gaggia is a more budget friendly option. Both of them are sitting in the same range and often picked because of their performance.

They are offering a wide range of options when it comes to ground consistency because we can choose the coarse grind to make French Press or fine grounds for your espresso maker anytime. One issue that we often heard about these machines, especially the MDF grinder is it seems that the machine is not very neat and almost all people are complaining about it how it spills coffee grounds yet, it is the issue of most grinders including Virtuoso so it is better to be prepared for such a problem later.

Gaggia MDF and Baratza Virtuoso Design

Like many other coffee grinders in the same price range, Gaggia MDF and Baratza Virtuoso are a very sturdy unit and they surely built to last but it doesn’t mean that they are made from mostly metal for the general parts to build the housing on both models are still hardened plastic. They do have different fashion and as you can see on the sample picture above, they use a transparent glass to keep the whole beans and coffee grounds.

Since they are a simple coffee grinders, the control functions are also kept simple with only buttons and rotating switch to adjust the time or how long you want to grind the coffee in Baratza Virtuoso. There is a plastic lever on the side of MDF grinder and this lever is used to dispense coffee grounds automatically when you need to dose with a portafilter or any container to put on the coffee brewer yet, we can also scoop from the container as well.

Gaggia MDF and Baratza Virtuoso Coarseness Lever

When looking for a coffee grinder machine, the first thing you may want to check is their ground consistency and these models have been well reviewed in terms of providing a uniform result but, it is also necessary to see how many settings available to see how fine or coarse the coffee grounds should result in. MDF is offering coarseness settings from 0 to 34 level of coarseness and they recommend to use the first 10 to make espresso in which people often ends with number 5 or 7.

On the other hand, Baratza Virtuoso is offering slightly more adjustment on the machine that similarly adjusted by rotating and the top compartment or bean hopper between 0 and 40 which is printed on the neck of the machine. Of course this range can handle the coarseness of espresso grounds to French Press anytime. If what you need is a grinder that offer more, check our previous article Baratza Virtuoso Vs Sette here.

Gaggia MDF and Baratza Virtuoso Grinder

Coming further, the grinder inside these machines are slightly different as well since MDF is equipped with 50mm flat steel burr grinder paired with 120W motor while the latter is using 40mm conical burr grinder to produce uniform particles sizes and in nature, the former will run faster than flat burr because it needs to make sure all the beans are entering the grind chamber so it means more power consumption as well. In terms of which the best option, both are good as long as it is not blade grinder.

Gaggia MDF and Baratza Virtuoso Features

On the additional features, these grinders are coming with some interesting features in which one of them is the doser we have been mentioning above in MDF grinder that will dispense around 7 grams of coffee grounds in each pull. However, this doser seems to be inaccurate sometimes. With Virtuoso, we are getting adjustable timer and pulse button to grind on demand so we can make the final result as close as possible to however we want them to be.

Gaggia MDF and Baratza Virtuoso Speed

None of these coffee grinders are among the fastest in the market and while it sure doesn’t become a problem for us, it might be for you. But, we do like slow machine since they won’t heat fast and roast the coffee beans twice that sometime resulting in bitter coffee. The MDF from Gaggia is working on double shot or 18-21 grams of coffee in 30 seconds while Virtuoso on the other hand is quite faster by producing 45 grams to 72 grams at the same time.


Gaggia MDF and Baratza Virtuoso are a very ideal option for anyone who wants to drink freshly ground coffee everyday and they are also equally offering a wide range of coarseness for versatility despite Virtuoso have more. This grinder also have timer and pulse button to grind on demand but the former MDF have doser in case you have an espresso machine at home to be more convenient. However, what we love the most from Virtuoso is its reliable speed so users don’t have to wait long.

Gaggia MDF vs Baratza Virtuoso

- Burr grinder with 50-mm tempered-steel grinding burrs and 34 grind settings
- 120-watt motor plus gear-reduction system provides quiet operation and reduced static build-up
- Impact-resistant plastic housing; 8-ounce ground-coffee container; 10-ounce bean hopper
- Brushed-satin Metal Top - DC Motor.
- A sculptured metal top and base give this grinder an expensive, elegant image that adds a sense of class and quality to kitchen counters and coffee shop workspaces alike.
- When you want it all, the Virtuoso is the grinder that will get you there with function, elegance, and style.


We are sure at this point most of you can pick which coffee grinder to get and if you are still confused about the options, we do recommend getting Baratza Virtuoso because it requires less power due to conical burr and work faster.

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