Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49976


A coffee maker is a very useful kitchen appliance to have in the house for anyone who is drinking the beverage more than two cups a day. Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49976 are two reliable machines to choose because not only they will cut the brewing process for several servings, they are also able to deliver a tasty black coffee and friendly enough to be used by almost all people. Before shopping, however, check what they can offer below so we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Machine Suit you the Most
  • What are Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49976
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  • Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49976

Coffee Machines

Breakfast is not complete without a cup of hot black coffee and while not all of us are fond of the bitter taste, it seems that people are adoring this bean based beverage due to its ability to help us stay awake and feel more energized. Adults are probably the one who enjoys the drink most often and college students who need to finish their studies or project also resource for this caffeine rich beverage to help them to do whatever needs to be done.

This bean based beverage is also very popular in the last several years as the trend of various new drinks have been introduced and becoming well-accepted in the market. In the past, coffee is only drank from time to time and mostly by working adults since youngsters are more into soft drinks or other various carbonated beverages. However, today we are seeing people almost from all age stages except for children enjoying coffee whether it is just a basic Americano or the fancier authentic Cappuccino.

Coffee shops are more prominent as well and we do love to visit them almost everyday to get our daily dose of caffeine and it is nice once in a while to taste something different from what we used to enjoy but, spending for them daily will not be a wise decision for your spending habit and it can pile up to be very costly in the long years. If you are also fond of coffee, it is probably better to get a dedicated machine in the house.

Depends on what kind of coffee beverage you enjoy the most, many of us are going with pod coffee machines because they are the most versatile and easy to use without sacrificing the kind of beverages they can brew. For those who are more into the thick and concentrated espresso, the machine is also available for home use and this is a great choice for a fussier drinkers or those who can spend more into the shopping cart. Not only able to create delicious espresso, many of them also have frothing function.

Frothing function is an ideal choice for anyone who are also enjoying milk based beverages such as latte whether it is cappuccino or the tasty Matcha latte for a new taste. If you are not really into specialty beverage or plan to shop in a limited budget, coffee maker is the best option because they are mostly cheap and easy to use, especially for shoppers with more than one drinker, drinking more than a cup of black coffee daily yet, it is also the least capable among coffee machine types out there.

About Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49976

Just like with many popular machines, the more people are interested in them and purchasing one, the more amount of options available in the market and while it is indeed overwhelming at first, it is also good to let us choose the one that fits our house the most. Coffee maker or coffee machine is offered by many manufacturers out there both from companies that provide kitchen appliances or those who are exclusively making coffee makers only and among those options, Hamilton Beach is one of the best choices.

We are sure most people are already familiar with this kitchen appliance manufacturer or even used one of their products because they are very well-known in the market. We also love this brand because not only the products available are priced wisely and competitive with many, especially other big companies, the quality is also very reliable and can work for many years to go including the coffee maker which is quick to use and deliver tasty beverage every time for you and your family to enjoy.

The problem is Beach Hamilton also have many options in the catalogue that making it hard to choose one despite being similar to each other. Like many other brands, they don’t actually provide enough information to assist the customers to pick the one for their application and mostly rely on each product’s general specifications. While all of us can do some information gathering based on the capabilities of each model, it is faster to see a direct comparison or a side by side comparison especially when the brand have several versions available.

The example is Hamilton Beach 49980A Vs 49980Z which is actually the same but previously differentiated by the included accessories and if you are looking for a machine that can be used with either coffee grounds and coffee pods, the 49980A and 49976 will also be a nice options to go. Both of them are not an identical machines like the other brother but indeed have quite similar capabilities in brewing mode yet, the latter is more similar to the popular Keurig brewers than a coffee maker.

Hamilton Beach 49976 is one of the machines from the FlexBrew line and as opposed to the regular brew method, these machines are boasting the flexibility since as it has been mentioned, it can brew both with coffee grounds and coffee pods or K-Cups we used to brew with Keurig machines. 

Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49976 Design

We can easily tell them apart because they are not coming with the same forms and as you can see, the latter is quite a bit more modern in terms of design with an appearance of Keurig machines while the 49980A Or 49980Z is more into a traditional coffee maker. Overall they are made from plastic but the first model is also featured with some stainless steel yet in dimensions the first machine is slightly bigger even though side by side they are almost identical.

On the box, both of them are featured with glass carafe and it is carrying the same amount of liquid or up to 12 cups of servings. While the 49980A seems to have the stainless cup on the picture, they won’t come with one anymore. These two machines also have two coffee spouts; one for the carafe and the other for smaller compartment such as cups or tumbler.

Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49976 Beverages

Moving forward, now we see what they can brew but as a coffee maker, it is easy to conclude that black coffee is their specialty and this is true for 49980A but, not the same with the Hamilton Beach 49976 machine since it is made to also brew K-Cup pods and it means we can brew anything or any beverage that comes with the pod including tea or another coffee beverages such as lattes. This machine on the other words gives more versatility for users to enjoy not just coffee.

However, the first machine is also capable of brewing single serving pods but not the hard K-Cup. This soft pods are comes in circle shape and filled with coffee ground so it eliminated the used of paper filter or dosing and then we can brew quickly. From the menu we can choose to brew in a carafe or in a single serving mode. In addition, there are Regular and Bold adjustment to brew your coffee stronger but will also takes more time to prepare.

Brewing with Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49976

Despite being a different models, Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49976 are being operated in the same manner. First, plug your machine and then choose the brewing mode between the single serve and carafe mode then fill the water tank with clear water then open the pod compartment to place either soft pod or K-Cup or if brewing with coffee grounds, place the filter and dose the ground following how many cups being made then close these compartments again.

The next step is choosing brewing strength whether you want it to be regularly brewed or longer to enhance the taste. If brewing with cup/tumbler, use the cup rest to adjust the height so the water doesn’t fall too high. After properly placed, press the brew button then the indicator will light while in brewing process but when done, your machine will automatically shut off especially with 49976 model.


Now, let’s compare Hamilton Beach 49980A with 49976. As you may already know, both of them indeed can brew from coffee grounds and pod but the first model can only use soft pod while the latter is compatible with K-Cup. This pod is more expensive and we also have to pay attention to how to recycle the waste but is also more versatile for different users since we can brew basically anything as long as comes in a compatible pod.

Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49976

- BREW TWO WAYS: Enjoy either a single serve cup (travel mug not included) or full pot of coffee with the 12 cup carafe
- FULLY PROGRAMMABLE: Wake up to a hot cup of coffee with fully programmable functionality and auto shutoff
- ADJUSTS TO YOUR CUP: Can brew directly into the carafe, a travel mug (not included) or a short cup
- TWO WAYS TO BREW: Brew a full pot using your favorite grounds on the carafe side, or make a cup for yourself using a K-Cup* pod or grounds on the single-serve side with this 2-in-1 coffee maker.
- SINGLE-SERVE: BREW WITH K-Cup* PODS OR WITHOUT. Pod holder and single-serve grounds basket are included. Features cup rest that adjusts to fit tall mugs and doubles as storage. pod-piercing needle removes for easy cleaning to prevent clogging.
- 12-CUP CARAFE SIDE. Features programmable timer, auto pause and serve and 2-hour auto shutoff.


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us are going to have the same preference and budget to spend so it is best to choose based on what you need. If the main purpose is black coffee only, 49980A is a more affordable option but if you also plan to brew other types of beverages, Hamilton Beach 49976 will be a more ideal pick.

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