Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49983


A morning is not complete without a cup of hot coffee and if your house have people who enjoy the beverage often, it is great to have a coffee maker to help the brewing process to be faster and more convenient. Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49983 are two ideal options for users who drink coffee more than two cups a day but, since these two models are too similar to each other, make sure you get the best option by checking their capabilities below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Drinking Coffee
  • Why using Coffee Machine
  • What are Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983
  • What Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983 Look Like
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  • How to Brew Coffee with Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983
  • Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49983

Coffee Benefit

We don’t exactly remember when coffee becomes such an important part in our life but today we can’t seem to get far away from this bean based beverage. They are our companion when facing a tired morning, our friend when need to stay awake during over time, and also our sweet treats when craving for some sugar. The fact that coffee has become very popular in our society is not surprising but just like everything else, over consuming is never good.

Coffee indeed helpful to make sure we have enough energy to finish whatever task needed to be worked on but since they have quite the amount of caffeine, it will also create some problems when over consumed. Caffeine is acting as a stimulant for our body and this is why we get a sense of alertness when drinking one but, taking in a huge amount may lead not only to insomnia but also upsetting the stomach and some people also experience headache or nausea.

When consumed moderately or take from Healthline is about 4 cups a day, coffee can be very beneficial to our body. According to studies it will improve our energy level and even makes us smarter because the caffeine which acts as stimulant will be absorbed into the bloodstream and then travel to our brain. In the brain, caffeine will block the inhibitory of other neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine increases that will lead to enhancer firing neurons. It is also affect the brain function like memory, mood, energy, and reaction times.

Coffee Machine

In real life, coffee is not only consumed because of its benefit because even since we don’t know that it is very helpful, humans already enjoying roasting and brewing coffee. With the advanced in technology and how complicated our mind is, coffee drinker also invent coffee maker or coffee machine which single purpose is to help people enjoy their favorite beverage with less effort. Today, coffee machines are available widely and there are several types of them out there from the most affordable to the most expensive.

The basic model is coffee machine called coffee maker/brewer and it is also the oldest machine created which main idea is still being used today for drip coffee. The next level should be single serving and this type is the most versatile among them due to being able to brew almost anything as long as the beverage come in the compatible capsule or pod. The most expensive and coffee aficionado option is usually espresso machine and as the name suggests, it will serve you authentic espresso.

About Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983

If you are not very fussy about the coffee, the first and most affordable machine will be the most ideal option because it can only make black coffee with drip system. It is also probably the most popular and used in houses because we don’t have to think much when getting one unlike when shopping for single serve or espresso machine. The black coffee is versatile as well when you want to add creamer powder or make it strong enough to get a cheap iced Americano.

Since it is very popular, you will also see so many manufacturers offering the machine in the market and while they are called differently, the main mechanism will stay the same. If you want to spend less but get a good quality machine, Hamilton Beach is one of the best bets to go and if you ever used any product from this brand, we are sure you will also know how reliable and durable their machines are. The problem is, they also have a wide range of models on the catalogue.

Many of them are very similar to each other, some are even identical such as Hamilton Beach 49980A Vs 49980Z. Their site usually containing required information to set some of those identical machines apart but as users, we want to get a more convenient option to choose and be surer about the option. Besides those two good machines, we also have another options but, if what you want to have is just a standard brewer, we also have the 49983 machines which is quite similar as well to 49980A.

Both of these machines are equally useful but comparable because each one of them are capable of doing the same functions. As a classic coffee maker, they will be able to brew coffee from coffee grounds and soft pod in case you only drink one or two cups a day. What makes Hamilton Beach 49983 often said to be more capable because not only we can brew with coffee grounds, this machine is also brewing coffee from K-Cup coffee pod, the same with 49976.

Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983 Design

From the outside Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983 are almost identical in a glance because they are indeed come with the same shape and material. The details, however, are different for the first machine is placing the single serving spout on the left while the latter is placing it on the right of the main carafe spout. They seems to be made mostly from plastic but there are some stainless steel plates to cover some of the outer layers, probably for fashion.

Some buyers are purchasing 49980A machine and hope to get the stainless steel tumbler as well but the company no longer include this accessories in the box so we have to get it separately. Both have the same glass carafe in the box and the capacity is also the same which is up to 12 cups per serving with carafe brewing mode. There is a control panel at the top front and while it seems to be different, you get the same functions but the buttons are now rearranged.

Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983 Beverage and Brewing Option

As a coffee maker, both of them can only brew regular black coffee that we can drink with sugar or without for those who are doing keto diet but, the latter is more capable because besides using just coffee grounds, both loose and soft pod, the 49983 machine is also capable of brewing from compatible K-Cup pods with provided adaptor. This makes the machine becomes more versatile and accommodate those who are not drinking coffee for the K-Cup is available for other beverages as well such as tea or even latte.

Apparently, there is no temperature control to adjust how hot the coffee should be or how high the warming plate below the carafe should be so all of them come preset. However, we can adjust the strength of your beverage because either Hamilton Beach 49980A or 49983 are offering two brewing options; Regular and Bold. The latter will create stronger coffee but the brewing time will be longer as well, probably to wet the ground first before the main extraction.

There is no adjustable brewing size on both of these machines so they will follow how much water we placed inside the water tank so make sure to only pour the required amount to brew if not they will overflow. 

Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983 Feature

On the additional feature part, Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983 are also coming with automatic programming function but the latter is using them for either single or carafe brew while the first machine can only program the carafe brewing. This feature is very useful and helpful when the user is planning to drink the beverage later at certain hour e.g. in the morning so we don’t have to prepare them again at the hectic hours since the machine will brew automatically at preset hour.

Brewing with Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983

Despite being a different machines, they are used and operated in the same manner and to use them, first fill the water tank with a required amount of water, place the carafe or cup on their tray then plug the machine into nearby wall power. The next step is choosing brewing options between single or carafe and put the coffee grounds, soft coffee pod or K-Cup pod for 49983 and close the compartment again. Choose the brewing strength and press the I/O button to start brewing.


As you may already know, Hamilton Beach 49980A and 49983 are quite similar to each other because almost all the things we get from the first machine are also available on the latter but the 49983 is also undeniably more capable since not only with soft coffee pods, it will brew from K-Cup as well. This difference is making it more versatile for non-coffee drinkers because then we can brew practically anything that comes in the pod. In addition, we also like the fact that Hamilton Beach 49983 allow programming for both carafe and single serve.

Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49983

- BREW TWO WAYS: Enjoy either a single serve cup (travel mug not included) or full pot of coffee with the 12 cup carafe
- FULLY PROGRAMMABLE: Wake up to a hot cup of coffee with fully programmable functionality and auto shutoff
- ADJUSTS TO YOUR CUP: Can brew directly into the carafe, a travel mug (not included) or a short cup
- CONVENIENT SINGLE SERVE: Brew a cup for one using loose, ground coffee
- Versatile brewing - single cup or a full pot.
- Compatible with K-Cup packs.
- Brew a full pot of coffee.
- Regular or bold brew strength.


At this point we are sure readers can already decide which machine to bring home since their capabilities are not exactly the same. If you are not a fan of K-Cup and only drink black coffee, we do recommend Hamilton Beach 49980A because it is far more affordable and already sufficient for regular coffee drinkers.

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