Hamilton Beach FlexbRew vs Keurig K Classic


A coffee machine will be an ideal choice to have in the kitchen for those who are enjoying this roasted bean based beverage everyday because it will make the work faster and more convenient. If you are drinking not only black coffee but also other types of coffee beverages, Hamilton Beach FlexBrew vs Keurig K Classic are two great options to go with a capability to brew from coffee pods. But, before making any decision, see what you can expect from them below.

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  • Hamilton Beach FlexbRew vs Keurig K Classic

Coffee Brewing Facts

Breakfast is not complete without a cup of hot coffee and not only in the morning, many of us enjoy this beverage throughout the day in the office while doing some tasks or at home while watching those new TV series. Coffee is indeed a very versatile drink that we can have almost anytime as long as you don’t plan to sleep right afterwards because the caffeine may disturb your natural sleep pattern. Some may enjoy the “waking” effect but some of us do like the taste of coffee.

This beverage has been around being made from coffee beans since in the middle of the 15th century where Arabians are roasting and brewing the coffee beans to drink them. It is then spreading all around the world and now we have them almost anywhere we travel yet, each country may have a distinct taste of coffee depend on how they brew them or what method used to make them including the ingredients used to make the beverage such as milk and sugar.

Right from the Middle East, coffee was spreading to the outside regions and especially thriving the trade between Venice and North Africa however, the former is getting the best honor to introduce the beverage to the rest of Europe. The first larger importer of coffee was the Dutch East India Company which later grew the crop in Java and Ceylon. In the United States, coffee popularity was sparking since 18th Century with Boston Tea Party when switching tea to coffee seen as a patriotic duty.

Coffee Machines

As coffee becomes very popular almost all over the world, their products are getting so much more diverse especially on the machine which is used to brew coffee both from coffee grounds and from coffee pods. Coffee machines is a very versatile options to have for those who are enjoying coffee everyday because they will ease the job especially if your house has more than one people drinking the beverage and also drinking more than one cup of coffee each day.

Coffee machines generally available in 3 types; the traditional coffee brewer, espresso machine, and single serving or also called pod coffee machine. The choice is all yours but it is best to suit the option with your needs. For example those who only drink black coffee will be better with the more affordable coffee maker like Hamilton Beach 49980A vs 49980Z but those who prefer to have a wide variety of drink will best suit single serving coffee machine.

About Hamilton Beach FlexbRew and Keurig K Classic

If you are already choosing one type of coffee machines available, now is the time to see what the market is offering because there are so many of them out there and it will take some time to select and pick one. However, if you want a quick shopping, it is best to see what the other coffee drinkers are using since those satisfied most people will have a high chance as well to fit your taste. For a recommendation, Hamilton Beach and Keurig are two reliable choices to go.

Both of them are trusted brands that equally offer coffee machines and we are sure most of you are already familiar with these brands because they are very well-known in the market as household appliance especially kitchen appliance but Keurig is only offering coffee machines while Hamilton Beach have so many other machines in their catalogue. For those who are looking for versatility, two ideal choice to look at from these companies are the FlexBrew and K Classic line machines.

These machines are quite different because they are made by different companies but we also can say that they are almost equally versatile options especially if the users is not going to brew from coffee grounds all the time because they are operating with coffee pods. The FlexBrew line is meant to offer their end consumer a flexibility just as the name suggests and is a very nice option for anyone who are not sure whether to drink black coffee or any coffee beverage from pod or cups.

On the other hand, the Keurig K Classic is just like many other machines from this brand because it is exclusively a single serving coffee pod machine and is best being used by anyone who are living alone or with a partner with not much load around the house since it can only make coffee per cup. However, it is also one of the easiest machines to get used to and operate since all of the operations are taken care of the system and left us with little to do.

Hamilton Beach FlexbRew and Keurig K Classic Design

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is a line and there are several machines in the catalogue and all of them can be used with K-Cup pods but, for this article we are going to take the most popular 49976. Both of them are not even similar in terms of design because as you can see on the sample picture above, the Hamilton Beach one is bulkier in terms of design by being measured at 13.9-inch tall, 10.24-inch wide, and 10.63-inch deep while Keurig K Classic is slightly smaller at 13-inch tall, 9.8-inh wide, and 13.3-inch deep.

They are mostly made from plastic in black fashion and when you check closer, the FlexBrew especially this 49976 machine is featured with two water tanks inside in which Keurig only have one that we can see from outside. They have several buttons on the control panel but Hamilton Beach also have a small display for the programming feature while Keurig only use LED light as an indicator of each function.

Hamilton Beach FlexbRew and Keurig K Classic Beverages

The first thing we often seek when getting a beverage dispensing machine is looking into what kind of beverage they can make. In the FlexBrew line machines, there are those that can only take coffee pods and not coffee grounds but it doesn’t really flexible and this is why we choose the 44976 machine because this model can brew both from coffee grounds and K-Cup which make it the best flexible machine to opt furthermore it can also brew with carafe.

This makes it possible for the users to enjoy black coffee with the family or treat themselves with K-Cup pods while at the other hand Keurig K Classic is only capable of brewing from coffee pods and brewing a single cup at a time. However, in terms of convenience, they are equally offering the choice to enjoy whatever K-Cup pods is currently packing whether it is black coffee, cappuccino, tea, or even hot chocolate.

Hamilton Beach FlexbRew and Keurig K Classic Features

On the brewing features, Hamilton Beach FlexbRew and Keurig K Classic are capable of brewing single serving up to 10 oz. but only the latter have the automatic option by pressing the available buttons that in the former is done by addressing the correct water size to produce the same size beverage. This is the same as its carafe function in which each brew  can make up to 12 cups in one operation with coffee grounds. In addition, Hamilton Beach also have “Bold” setting for stronger coffee beverage.

For the other features, it has an auto off function that we can use to save more energy but Keurig K Classic also have descaling monitor to tell you when to descale the machine. If using the carafe brew in FlexBrew machine, we can take the carafe from its heating plate for few seconds to pour it in our cup before the machine finish brewing since it comes with an automatic pause function.

Brewing with Hamilton Beach FlexbRew and Keurig K Classic

Brewing with either of them are quite simple and doesn’t require too much reading into the manual. With Hamilton Beach fill the required water for the beverage and choose carafe or single serving mode then put the carafe or cup on their tray. Second we can insert the filter and coffee grounds or use the coffee pods on its single serving side then choose “Bold” setting when needed. Final step is pressing the brew button and wait till the machine finish dispensing the beverage.

For Keurig K Classic, everything is even simpler by filling the water, turn on the machine, and then put the desired K-Cup on its compartment. We can then choose the brewing size between 6, 8, or 10 oz. then wait for the beverage to finish brewing.


These machines are a great choice for coffee drinker to have in the house because they are offering the ability for us to brew anytime but since we are taking the 49976 machine from FlexBrew, it is more capable in general than Keurig K Classic for it can make a full carafe from coffee grounds as well and is more versatile with additional pause brew function and Bold mode. However, Keurig is featured with automatic sizing which is not available in the former.

Hamilton Beach FlexbRew vs Keurig K Classic

- TWO WAYS TO BREW: Brew a full pot using your favorite grounds on the carafe side, or make a cup for yourself using a K-Cup* pod or grounds on the single-serve side with this 2-in-1 coffee maker.
- SINGLE-SERVE: BREW WITH K-Cup* PODS OR WITHOUT. Pod holder and single-serve grounds basket are included. Features cup rest that adjusts to fit tall mugs and doubles as storage. pod-piercing needle removes for easy cleaning to prevent clogging.
- 12-CUP CARAFE SIDE. Features programmable timer, auto pause and serve and 2-hour auto shutoff.
- SEPARATE WATER RESERVOIRS. Each brewer has its own water reservoir that’s easy to fill and features a water window, so you always know which brewer has how much water.
- Brews multiple K-Cup Pod sizes: (6, 8, 10 oz.) – The most popular K-Cup Pod brew sizes. Use the 6oz brew size to achieve the strongest brew.
- Large 48 oz. Water reservoir: allows you to brew 6+ cups before having to refill, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine. The water reservoir is removable, making it easy to refill whenever you need to.
- Simple button controls: just insert a Pod, select your desired brew size, and brew a fresh, great-tasting cup in under a minute. Brew Time: Less than a minute
- Descaling: an important part of cleaning your Keurig brewer. This process helps to remove calcium deposits, or scale, that can build up inside a Coffee maker over time. Please refer to our descaling video for step by step instructions.


We are sure at this point you can decide to go with which machine because their difference is substantial and for those who need something that can give them the best versatility, we do recommend to go with Hamilton Beach FlexBrew especially the 49976 machine.

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