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Coffee is sitting side by side with tea as the world’s most favorite beverages and with today’s society getting busier, we can rely on its caffeine to stay awake and energized. If you are fond of coffee and want to drink at home without doing much preparation, Jura E6 vs C60 are two reliable espresso machines we can get out there. They are going to reduce the hassle and serve the beverage anytime we want but, before making a decision, it is good to see what they can offer first.

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  • Jura E6 vs C60

Espresso Machine

Due to the many activities and various tasks we have to do in a day, it is not uncommon to feel tired and not in high spirits especially after pulling an all-nighter to finish some reports or plan that we have to submit in the morning. We have different lifestyles and work which sometimes drain our energy faster than we thought which makes it hard to get through the day or start a new one tomorrow while the weekend is still far from eyes.

In such conditions, many of us rely on energy drinks and coffee that are famous for their caffeine concentration to make sure we are getting the work done and stay awake to finish the day. Some may drink coffee in the morning but, there are also many of us who took 3 cups even before lunch. We drank coffee because of the caffeine or the taste and depend on everyone preference, our favorite blend may not always the same.

For those who are in love with coffee and drank them all the time, it is good to invest on a coffee machine since getting one from a store will drain our wallets quickly in a long term. This is also especially beneficial for people who also drink espresso rather than other type of coffee such as cold brew since it requires certain techniques which can’t be done manually without a machine or a tool. Espresso indeed deliver quite the kick even in a small amount as well as versatile for various coffee beverages.

However, before making a decision whether you need one or not, we have to consider some things especially how to maintain the machine since they will need some caring to make sure they last and work properly. One of the important parts is detachable brew group since some machines let user detach this part for inspection and cleaning while the other clean automatically which can be hard when there is something wrong that mostly happened later in the future when having almost any machines.

Since espresso is done by pressing the coffee ground with hot water, another important part to check when looking for one is the pump pressure for it will affect the flavor from our coffee as well as the quality of its crema which we are sure most will prefer it to be rich and last long in the cup. Many people recommend to find those rated with 9 bars and below to get a flavorful espresso.

About Jura E6 and C60

If you are planning to get an espresso machine for a home used, now is the time to see what the market has to offer since there are so many of them out there. Espresso machines are offered by various brands and manufacturers ranged from a full machine to those compact model that require smaller space to store yet, also have less features or capabilities and may not as versatile. For those who prefer their machine to be rich, Jura is one of the best brands to go.

This company is focusing on coffee or espresso machines and have many on their collections that may look the same or have the same features but most are also different on some parts. Two of their most popular models will be E6 and C60 which are made for home use, to deliver an authentic espresso right whenever you want without having to wait for long or drive to nearby coffee shop. One of the first things we love from both machines is their convenience.

As we all know, the compact espresso machines used pre-grounded coffee that we have been purchased as it is from stores or ground with another tool before can be extracted with hot water. Jura E6 and C60 convenient part is we don’t have to do all of them in separate machines because they are working as a coffee grinder as well which means we can drink freshly ground coffee all the time without much hassle. The reason fresh ground coffee tastes better is because it retain aroma and taste.

Both of these espresso machines are coming from different line so there must be some differences happening here but, in general, they are capable to ground coffee and serve it after done brewing. Jura E6 and C60 are also featured with two mouth to serve two cups at once or one cup depend on your needs. 

Jura E6 and C60 Design

If you want to put the espresso machine in a visible place, Jura E6 and C60 will not disappoint due to their attractive design and look. Some of the parts are made from stainless steel while most of the body are from ABS plastic yet, still feel sturdy when handled. C60, the upgrade version of C5 is coming in a full black, shiny finish that looks elegant with simple design while the E6 is easier to see for its stainless finish. 

But, the E6 also have a full black shiny finish option in case you prefer a more subtle look. When you place them side by side, the two machines are very similar to each other in terms of dimension with the same 13.6-inch height, 11-inch width, as well as 16.1-inch depth. They also have a very similar water tank capacity and the same filter coming inside the package box called Claris Blue cartridge.

Jura E6 and C60 Features

Coming into their capabilities, both machines will brew water and then processed to make your espresso with their 15 bars pressure which is great to extract the flavors and aroma from our coffee ground along with a thick, rich crema. But, there is a slight difference in the pressure system they used since Jura E6 is using Jura P.E.P like the other E-line and it is special since being claimed to obtain the maximum aroma even with very small specialty coffee by pressing coffee with water in short bursts and optimizing extraction time.

What’s a bit tricky is C60 have a not so convenient display unlike the one we get in E6 with its dedicated screen since the one we have to use in the latter is a single text display which looks outdated and not as fascinating. This screen can’t be seen instantly and we have to press then hold the “P” button in order to access the menu while the milk foam is accessed through the “steam” symbol in the opposite side.Compared to E6, this display is not very user friendly and we do like the dedicated one for it is easier to see. 

It also has small image/icon to indicate each function and buttons to choose or access the features. The rest are fairly the same with espresso, cappuccino and other specialty drinks right on the menu as well as an option to choose water temperature so then we can decide the brewing temperature between normal and high.

The next thing we love from Jura E6 and C60 is their milk frothing function because to make specialty beverages, not only those from coffee, we need frothed milk and with these machines, we can make various drinks right at home such as green tea latte or hot chocolate. However, we also have complained since the milk somehow not hot enough; it is not cold but compared to common heated milk, these two producing a lukewarm temperature and we can’t make flat white since the milk are always frothed.

Jura E6 and C60 Disadvantage

While Jura E6 and C60 are very reliable to have in the house, they are by no means a perfect machine since there are some disadvantages that we found unpleasant. First, C60 has an inconvenient menu operation which require effort and not as easy to use, second, both machines produce a warm milk with a very light foam which may not be as pleasant when drank with espresso or used to create other beverages. In addition, the spouts are fixed and too low to accommodate taller tumblers so then we have to transfer the liquid to another compartment.


Now, let’s compare Jura E6 with C60. As you may already know, both of them are more similar than different but, it doesn’t mean they are identical as well since E line have P.E.P technology to optimize the coffee extraction as well as better display and menu to ease users when operating the machine. 

Jura E6 vs C60

- Controls make it easy to find, customize and brew your favorite drinks
- Pulse extraction process brews Coffee with a full, rich bouquet and delicious flavor
- Eight Coffee strength levels allow you to fine tune each drink
- One rotary switch operation and 15 bars of pressure
- Stainless steel and black ABS plastic
- Fine foam technology produces silky smooth milk foam


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences so it is best to find the one that fits your house the most. They have different price point and while we love E6 display much better, the C60 already deliver quite a good performance as well as more affordable,

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