Jura Impressa C65 vs C60


For a dedicated coffee lover, choosing the right coffee machine is very important. In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between Jura Impressa C65 vs C60, two automatic coffee machines that come from the same company. Both of them are excellent units with complete features and satisfying performance, and they both can deliver high-quality coffee.

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  • The primary difference between Jura Impressa C65 vs C60
  • The design and build quality of each model
  • The capacity of Jura Impressa C65 and Jura Impressa C60
  • The features and capabilities of these coffee machines
  • Whether these coffee machines are easy to clean or not
  • Which Jura Impressa model that is generally more recommended

The Difference

Before we discuss the more technical aspects of these coffee machines, let’s get one thing clear. If you are still unsure about the difference between Jura Impressa C65 and Jura Impressa C60, you need to know that the only difference between them is their appearance. If you find them sold at different prices, it is probably because the more expensive model is sought more than the less expensive model.

In general, both Jura Impressa C65 and Jura Impressa C60 are stylish and good-looking. Jura Impressa C65 comes with a silver finish on the front panel yet the rest of the body is black. On the other hand, Jura Impressa C60 is almost entirely black.

There is just one more small thing to be added into the consideration when choosing between Jura Impressa C65 vs C60. The cleaning. The silver finish on Jura Impressa C65 apparently will require more frequent cleaning because it catches stains and fingerprints very easily. Meanwhile, the black finish of Jura Impressa C60 doesn’t have this issue.

Of course, you may choose whichever color that suits your taste best. Or, if you don’t really care that much about the appearance of your coffee machine, you may choose whichever model between the two that is available at a lower price.

Design and Build Quality

Now that the difference between Jura Impressa C65 and Jura Impressa C60 has been cleared, we will delve further into the design, build quality, and features of these coffee machines. Design-wise, they both are really good, so you can’t make a wrong choice. They also have solid build quality.

Both Jura Impressa C65 and Jura Impressa C60 are fully automatic espresso systems which will allow you to brew high-quality coffee at home. They each have a built-in grinder, so you can use fresh coffee beans for the best flavor and aroma. They each also have an integrated milk frother so that you can make a wide range of coffee-based drinks such as latte, cappuccino, and café mocha.

Each model here measures 11 inches wide, 16.1 inches deep, and 13.6 inches tall. They are fairly compact and space-friendly. They should be able to fit into most average-sized kitchens. Plus, their elegant looks can match well with pretty much any modern décor. Each of them weighs approximately 21.21 lbs; they are indeed pretty hefty, so you don’t want to move them around too much.

The housing is made of solid, durable plastic. You don’t need to worry about the safety because the food-grade plastic material is safe for use. It is also robust enough to ensure that the unit will last. The internal parts, such as the grinder and boiler, are made of high-quality metal.


In terms of operation, Jura Impressa C65 vs C60 are extremely easy to use. The learning curve is short and simple. You don’t need to be a professional barista in order to use these coffee machines; they are perfectly suitable for home users.

The display screen can be configured into one of the 11 supported languages. The operation is mostly performed through the one-switch mechanism of the Rotary Switch, which is very intuitive and easy to use. You only need to press a single button in order to get a cup of perfectly brewed artisan-grade coffee within a matter of seconds. Furthermore, both Jura Impressa C65 and Jura Impressa C60 are easily programmable.


As mentioned above, each coffee machine here is equipped with a built-in grinder. It is a commercial-grade conical burr grinder. Dedicated coffee lovers know that burr grinders are much better than blade grinders for coffee. Moreover, the burrs here are made of durable steel, so they will last for quite a while.

The burr grinder has 6 selectable settings. The bean hopper has a capacity of 7 oz, whereas the brewing chamber can hold up to 16 grams of ground coffee at a time. Obviously, the burr grinder has been configured to provide the most suitable grinds for the coffee brewer. The grind settings range from fine to medium-coarse. The available settings will allow you to experiment with different grinds and find different coffee flavors.

When tested, the burr grinder provides good consistency and uniformity. The company also claims that the grinder has a special design which minimizes heat and friction, while at the same time maximizing the aroma and flavor. This is apparently true, as the resulted grinds do produce very good coffee flavors.

When you don’t want to use whole beans, no need to worry. Jura Impressa C65 and Jura Impressa C60 do have by-pass dosers with separate funnels for pre-ground coffee. So, you can still use decaf coffee or flavored coffee if you want.

Water Reservoir

Each of Jura Impressa C65 vs C60 is given a generously-sized 64-oz water reservoir. It is loaded from the top, and it comes with an optional filter. The large capacity will allow you to brew multiple cups of coffee before you need to refill.

Whether you should use the included filter or not depends on your condition. For example, if you already have a water filter installed on your kitchen sink, or if you have a source of distilled water, you don’t need to use the included filter. However, if you need to use water from your kitchen sink that is without a filter, the included filter is useful for removing impurities and ensuring that your coffee won’t taste funny.

As mentioned above, the brewing chamber can hold up to 16 grams of ground coffee. This will allow you to brew any size between a 1-oz ristretto and two 8-oz cups at a time. Hence, these coffee machines are really versatile, suitable for preparing single espresso shots for personal consumption as well as multiple cups of coffee for guests.

Other Features

Jura Impressa C65 and Jura Impressa C60 each come with a fine foam frother that is really impressive. The performance tends to be superior compared to integrated frothers on other coffee machines. It is a well-designed frother that consistently delivers excellent quality milk foam.

The Impressa coffee machine is also equipped with an adjustable coffee spout whose height can be increased or decreased to suit any cup size. The height of the coffee spout ranges from 2.5 inches to 4.5 inches. So, you can use small espresso cups as well as large coffee mugs without having to worry about the coffee getting splashed and spilled everywhere.

These coffee machines are programmable and customizable. You can change the water volume used for the brewing process beyond the standard settings in order to meet your particular preferences, whether you want your coffee to be milder or bolder. You can also change the brew strength by adjusting how much coffee to use via the rotary-style control mechanism beside the bean hopper.

Each model here is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. The warranty will cover any manufacturing defect found in the product, but it will not cover any damage that is resulted from user abuse, neglect of maintenance, or improper use.


So, how is the performance of Jura Impressa C65 and Jura Impressa C60? Each model here is armed with the stainless Thermoblock Heating System. According to the company, this heating system is able to heat water quickly and efficiently for optimal brewing and steaming temperature. The boiler has a power of 1450 Watts, which is great. Each coffee machine here is also equipped with a 15-bar pressure pump which ensures optimum brewing process for strong aroma and rich crema.

When tested, the coffee machine is indeed able to reach the ideal brewing temperature quite quickly. The resulted coffee is strong with a nice layer of crema and great flavor. Very satisfying.

However, it is highly recommended that you don’t brew coffee right away after steaming milk. Let the temperature stabilize first for a few moments. This is because the steaming temperature is lower than the ideal brewing temperature.

To make maintenance a little bit easier, Jura Impressa C65 and Jura Impressa C60 come with a self-cleaning function. When activated, this function will purge the internal parts with hot water. You will still need to perform real decalcification every once in a while, but the self-cleaning function is still useful for increasing the time gaps between the real maintenance work.

Jura Impressa C65 vs C60

- Simple operation - thanks to the one-switch operating concept of the smart rotary switch
- Height-adjustable Coffee spout - the Height of the Coffee spout can be adjusted between 2.6 - 4.4 inches to allow any size of cup to be used
- Fine foam frothier - the revolutionary fine foam technology ensures unique milk foam quality with a fine, feather-light consistency
- Combination of striking clean lines, compact Dimensions, high-quality materials and uncompromising workmanship
- One rotary switch operation and 15 bars of pressure
- Stainless steel and black ABS plastic
- Fine foam technology produces silky smooth milk foam
- Height adjustable spout accommodates small cups as well as large cups 64 ounce water tank capacity


Both models here are great coffee machines that can deliver high-quality coffee. They have similar features and performance. In general, Jura Impressa C60 is more recommended because the black finish doesn’t catch stains and fingerprints.

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