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Drinking coffee is like a habit that most of us can’t shake anymore since they are providing a help when you need to finish some tasks or prevent the sleepiness from disturbing the work pace. If you are fond of espresso or espresso based beverages, Jura J80 Vs J90 are two nice machines to have at home so we can drink them anytime and save more in a long term than going to coffee shop. But first, before shopping, see what that can offer below.

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  • Jura J80 vs J90

Espresso Machine

Drinking coffee has been such an addicting habit that is hard to shake off and with the busy lifestyle as well as piling up work that needs to be done, a cup of coffee a day no longer quench our thirst of daily caffeine dose. Coffee enthusiast may drink them because of the taste while paying much attention into what gets on their cup or glass but, for the majority of us, as long as they taste delicious, we can go with any brand, beans, roast, and brewing method.

If thinking about those specific criteria is still too much, we can just grab a pack or Café Bustelo vs Café La Llave from nearby grocery stores which is far cheaper than going to a coffee shop and already give a nice kick to energize your morning. However, for those who are into shots what we called as espresso, there is another thing or more precisely a tool to create the beverage since it requires a method to make and a hot water and stove won’t be able to do it properly.

A shot of espresso is not going to satisfy one’s thirst but it will for daily dose of coffee and caffeine due to its thick concentration. This thick, concentrated liquid is made by pressing or forcing hot water through coffee ground to extract the aroma and taste quickly which is why it is very creamy, thick, and have crema on top. There is a manual machine to make this beverage which need some effort or energy to manually press the coffee but, many of us rely on automatic machine.

Espresso machines is very popular due to the huge amount of coffee drinker in the world but, they are also not very affordable for many. Depend on the machine, some of them are only capable of being used with coffee pods or capsules while the other can used pre-ground coffee that needs to be tapered before inserted on the machine. The other type will allow bean to cup operation for more convenience so users don’t need to do much effort before getting their beverage.

If you have more budget to spend, this type of machine will be a very nice option to have because not only they have a built in grinder for espresso, most of them also frothing wand to steam and froth the milk so we can drink beverage like latte anytime we want. Depend on the model, some of them may also have menu to specify coffee based drink type it can make.

About Jura J80 and J90

If you are drinking coffee especially espresso at home more than once a day and take the coffee game seriously, it is good to find a suitable machine for the kitchen so we can drink them anytime. It is also a great option for people who work at home and rarely go outside or want things to be convenient. Since we have so many options when looking for an espresso or coffee machines, we should see what they can offer and decide which suit our house the most.

Among those manufacturers that offer espresso machines, Jura is one of the best pick since this brand is providing their customers with reliable, high-tech, and convenient way to drink their favorite beverages. If you prefer machine with capabilities to cut up the process of preparing an espresso or espresso based beverages, Jura J80 and J90 are a very worth model to consider. However, before we are starting to talk about them, these models are actually the same machines just have different name since the latter is a renewed version of the older machine.

Both of them are made for those who drink espresso often and find it not wise enough to get every shot at nearby coffee shop since it will serve you espresso and several other drinks as easy as pushing the menu button. They are suitable for home used and not a very good option for stores except for used in a small office with less than 10 people inside. Another thing you may want to know is they need maintenance and regular cleaning for a better longevity.

Jura J80 and J90 Design

When first seeing Jura J80 and J90, the one comes to our mind is how similar they are and compact enough to sit in your kitchen top. These machines is not bigger than your microwave but is taller measured at 13.5 inches tall, 17 inches deep, and 11.2 inches wide, almost the same like the other popular Jura E line. The build is very sturdy and it feels nice when touched so we can hope it to last very long.

There are several lids that we can expose when lifting the top parts; the back side is to insert the coffee beans, the right side is where we want to use pre-ground coffee and a switch to adjust the coffee coarseness while the left side is for keeping the water along with its filter. Both machines also have the same display, adjustable coffee spouts, and milk frothing wand.

Jura J80 and J90 Beverage

As it has been mentioned above, one of the most convenient benefit when having an espresso machine with built in program is how it allow us to enjoy various beverages with a touch of a button and this is also one of the bright side of Jura J80 and J90. On both machines, we have specialty drinks including latte macchiato, cappuccino, coffee, espresso, ristretto, and milk foam. Since we have two coffee spouts, we can easily translate those menu expect for milk into two serving.

Being a bean to cup machine, another good benefit we love from these machines is the quick operation because they only need about a minute to brew coffee while steaming milk only need 15 seconds to complete. However, it doesn’t have a smart feature to allow the machine automatically switch on such as in the morning so we can brew instantly. On ease of use, they are using a very straight forward menu which mean we don’t have to spend much time reading the manual.

Jura J80 and J90 Feature

On the additional feature part, we are fond of how Jura J80 and J90 allow several programmability features to let the user decide some of the setting that affect the beverage taste. With these machines, we can decide for about everything beside how coarse or how fine the coffee ground with addition including adjusting coffee strength, milk length, brewing temperature, water volume, as well as dosing just like when brewing manually, making it easier to match the coffee with your personal preference.

If you are fond of freshly grounded coffee and want every cup to be made straight from beans, Jura J80 and Jura J90 have a very reliable burr grinder to transform your beans into a fine espresso ground in a short time. The grinding adjustment we have said earlier is also offering 6 settings as well as insulated to make sure the sound it produce is not going to disturb the other people watching television or chatting nearby for it is fairly quiet.

Jura J80 and J90 Water Tank

The water tank capacity of these machines are similarly 70.3 ounce and should be enough for a couple of days, single user drinker or a day for few people using the machine together. The water tank is made from a sturdy plastic with a handle to take, refilling or changing the filter but the boiler material itself is stainless steel. While we they do mentioned programmable temperature, we can only decide it between two basic settings and there is no exact temperature indicated with number.

Jura J80 and J90 Disadvantages

While Jura J80 and J90 are indeed a very useful and convenient machine, it is by no mean they left nothing to be desired since the issue of milk not being hot enough is still present in these machines. In addition, we also only have auto-froth which makes it less useful when you need to steam milk.


Now, let’s compare Jura J80 with J90. As it has been mentioned above, they are the same machine since they have the same design and features but, the latter is a new model and it is probably hard to find the older model except from some online shopping platforms. With the age gap, there must be some price difference and the J90 will be more expensive even though it has the same capabilities yet, also newly build.

Jura J80 vs J90

- Five Adjustable Coffee Strengths
- Two Brewing Temperatures
- Height-Adjustable Coffee Spout
- Adjustable water amount, water temperature, and coffee strength
- Cappuccino and latte at the touch of a button
- High-performance pump, 15 bar


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preference and have the same budget so it is better to get the one that match your request the most. Comparing the two, we prefer the Jura J90 better because it is a newer machine and even more affordable than the older J80.

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