Jura Z8 Vs Breville Oracle Touch


Coffee machines are convenient, but if you prefer specialty coffees like espresso and cappuccino, you will need espresso machines such as Jura Z8 Vs Breville Oracle Touch. These machines can make plenty of ready-to-drink beverages and are very easy to use. There are some differences to differentiate the products and if you want to know which machine to buy, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is Espresso Machine
  • What are Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch
  • How are the Machines of Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch
  • What are the Drinks Available in Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch
  • What are the Features in Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch
  • How are the Workflows of Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch
  • Jura Z8 Vs Breville Oracle Touch

Espresso Machine

We love coffee, but there are so many brewing methods that will affect the taste of your coffee drink. Brewing with hot water in a cup is probably the most traditional and convenient way, but different people will have different preferences to meet. If you love a rich and creamy beverage with prominent flavors, we recommend trying espresso. This coffee drink has a smooth texture that feels pleasant on the mouth and is versatile to make various coffee beverages, especially when combined with steamed milk.

But, to make an authentic espresso, you will also need an espresso machine. An espresso machine is a coffee maker heating hot water and brewing the coffee ground with a pressurized system. To put it simply, it is forcing hot water through an amount of coffee ground in a filter. The filter will separate the coffee puck and the liquid so there is no residue in the cup. They usually have a steaming wand for steaming milk and are useful for making cappuccino or latte.

Espresso machines such as Breville Barista Pro Vs Gaggia Classic Pro are more expensive than capsule coffee makers or regular drip-style coffee makers because they use a more complex mechanism. The level of difficulties of each machine can vary depending on the type, but usually, there are only semi-automatic and fully automatic machines for the consumer market. The main difference between semi-automatic and automatic is in the workflow because the more effort we need to pour, the more “manual” the machine is.

Jura Z8 Breville Oracle Touch
Product Dimensions9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches14.7 x 14.5 x 17.6 inches
Shipping Weight40 pounds37.3 pounds
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About Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch

We recommend considering what you will need from the machine and how you would like to use it before deciding. It is also essential to consider the more automatic the machine is, the more expensive it will become because it is more convenient to use. If your goal is convenient, we think a fully automatic machine will be an excellent choice. They are typically brewing from bean to cup so everyone can get their favorite drinks with less effort.

For those who want a delicious coffee in no time or drink espresso and espresso-based beverages daily, semi and automatic machines like Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch will be a great choice. These machines share many similarities, but Z8 is on the higher end. You must wonder what makes it so expensive compared to many other similar machines like Oracle Touch. The Oracle is one of the highest machines in Breville’s line-up, but it is still far more affordable than Z8.

Our main goal is to determine whether the high price of Z8 is better or worth spending, knowing other impressive options are also available, such as this Oracle Touch. Both machines can brew espresso and espresso-based drinks with a simple press of a button, but they are also quite different from each other. The difference between Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch is their workflow and drinks collection. If you wish for the best convenience, we can easily recommend Z8.

On the other hand, Breville Oracle Touch is ideal for users who want to dial in their machine. This machine is semi-automatic, and it is open to a user setting or preference, starting from the grinding setting to the coffee finished brewing. It may sound like more effort but also essential for personalization and if you are interested in knowing more about the method of espresso brewing. Both Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch are impressive, but they are probably best for different users.

Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch Machines

Before checking what these machines can offer, let’s look at the unit first. We love their design because they are made of metal, stainless-steel look that will match modern settings. The units are slightly different in form factor as Oracle is both wider and taller. This machine is 15.4-inch wide, 14.7-inch deep, and 17.8-inch tall, and Jura Z8 is 12.5-inch wide, 17.7-inch deep, and 14.9-inch tall. The water tank of Z8 is 81 ounces in capacity and is on the outside of the machine.

The Breville Touch places its 84 ounces water tank inside the machine, accessible from the rear when you want to pull it out. But, refilling is possible from the front top of the machine while the water level is visible from the indicator at the front of the machine. The Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch are modern machines with touch-sensitive displays that show the menu and settings of the machine. Usually, you will get a jug or milk container with purchase, but it seems the Z8 doesn’t provide it in the box.

Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch Drinks

Now we want to see one of the essential parts of Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch: their drink collection. We think a drink collection is more prevalent in fully automatic machines because it is their main feature. Still, it is usually not as widely found in semi-automatic like Oracle. There are espresso, Americano, latte, flat white, and cappuccino. You can also program a new drink with your own preset to save in the machine’s memory.

On the other hand, Jura Z8 has more of these drinks. You can choose to brew ristretto, espresso, coffee, a café barista, macchiato, cappuccino, latte macchiato, one portion of milk, caffe latte, Americano, a jug of coffee, flat white, and one portion of milk foam. This machine can also dispense hot water specifically for tea brewing green and black tea or regular hot water.

Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch Features

Next, we also want to talk about the features of Jura Z8 and Breville Touch. The first most helpful feature is an integrated coffee grinder. This grinder is adjustable, so you can dial the grind size to match the bean type, roast, or your personal preference. But, the Oracle offers a wider range of sizes compared to Z8. Second, they also have a milk steaming system. The difference is Oracle Touch has a dedicated steaming wand instead of a fully automatic system.

This feature is useful when you want to steam manually, but the machine also has an automatic feature when you can leave the wand in the jug and let it do its job. Third, Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch have an automated milk rinsing system. For example, the Z8 will automatically clean the system after 15 minutes of milk preparation, so it is required to keep a cup or container below the spout to contain the water. This process happens faster in Oracle Touch because the machine initiates cleansing when you lower the steam wand.

Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch Workflow

Another difference is in the workflow when you make coffee with Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch. With Jura Z8, all you need to do is press the button of a drink and the amount of serving. The machine will do the rest for you, from grinding coffee ground, dosing, brewing, and adding milk are done automatically. On the other hand, Oracle Touch is more manual, so first, you need to adjust the grind size and wait for the machine to dispense coffee ground to the portafilter.

Before brewing the machine, you can steam the milk first and choose the preset settings or texture, then leave it to do its job. We then remove the portafilter and attach it to the brew group to start brewing. The Oracle Touch is a dual boiler machine to brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously. If we steam milk first, the two will be done almost the same time, and then we can pour the milk into the cup. You can also steam the milk manually if preferred.

Jura Z8 Vs Breville Oracle Touch

In comparison, these machines are quite different. The difference between Jura Z8 and Breville Oracle Touch is mainly on the workflow because Oracle Touch is a semi-automatic machine, so that it will need some assistance. The good thing is we can dial in the machine if you are concerned about the quality of each drink and interested in the brewing skills. The Z8 is a fully automatic espresso machine, so there is no dedicated portafilter and steam wand. The device is overall more convenient.

The Z8 also comes with a more ready-to-drink menu or beverages from the menu that we can manually adjust. The Oracle Touch also has these presets, but they are not as many as the Z8. From the maintenance point of view, they are equally easy to take care of, but we will need to do manual cleaning from time to time.

- RANGE OF BEVERAGES: 21 Specialty drink options
- SIMPLE TO USE: Intuitive operation using 4.3" Touchscreen or App
- CONVENIENT: One-Touch, Americano function for long coffees
- TECHNOLOGY: Flavorful ristretto and espresso with P.E.P technology
- The Breville Oracle Touch espresso machine with touch screen delivers third wave specialty coffee at home using the 4 keys formula; It has a professional Dual Boiler construction that delivers unparalleled temperature control and simultaneous extraction and steaming
- DOSE CONTROL GRINDING: The integrated precision conical burr grinder automatically grinds, doses and tamps 22 grams of freshly ground coffee, for maximum flavor
- OPTIMAL WATER PRESSURE: The Over Pressure Valve limits the maximum pump pressure throughout extraction, helping prevent bitter flavors; Low pressure pre infusion gradually increases water pressure to gently expand grinds for an even extraction
- PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: Achieve balanced tasting espresso with the Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine complete with digital temperature control (PID), delivers water at precisely the right temperature ensuring optimal espresso extraction


Both machines are amazing, but they are made for different users. We recommend Z8 for users who want a highly automatic machine, a more convenience espresso machine. The Oracle Touch is ideal for enthusiasts who want to dial in their device and are interested in brewing skills.


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