Keurig B140 vs B145


Keurig coffee makers are incredibly practical to use. They take away all the guesswork and complicated stuff, so you can enjoy delicious coffee in no time. Keurig B140 vs B145 are their products that are intended for office environments, capable of brewing multiple shots of coffee quickly. So, which one is better?

Below, you will find out further about:

  • Whether you really need a Keurig coffee maker or not
  • The size and weight of each model
  • How much water that the reservoir can hold at max
  • The available brew sizes on Keurig B140 vs B145
  • The brewing time of each model and the coffee quality
  • Which coffee maker that is generally more recommended for you

Why Keurig Coffee Makers are Great

We can’t deny that, in a way, Keurig has revolutionized the coffee brewing world. You no longer need to spend so much time for grinding coffee beans or make a big pot of coffee only to get stale flavor a few hours later. With a Keurig machine, you can make a cup of coffee whenever you want in such a simple manner. Just insert a K-Cup pod and hit the button. See also: Keurig K475 Vs K55

Traditional brewing methods typically take some time, but Keurig B140 and Keurig B145 can give you good coffee within less than one minute. Hence, making a cup of coffee is a breeze, and you won’t need to withstand hours-old coffee anymore.

Not only that; Keurig machines also make it possible for you to enjoy a vast range of flavors. Most Keurig machines work with K-Cup pods, which now have more than 250 flavors available. So, if you are the type who gets bored quickly or likes to experiment with different tastes, a Keurig coffee maker will suit you really well.

Of course, K-Cup pods offer not only coffee, but also other beverages such as hot chocolate, hot tea, and iced tea. So, a Keurig machine can be used by pretty much everybody in your home or office, including those who don’t drink coffee.

Keurig machines are easy to clean. For example, both Keurig B140 vs B145 have removable water tanks and drip trays, so you can wash these parts easily. Like other coffee machines, these units will need to be descaled every once in a while in order to eliminate mineral build-up. But, the process is quite simple. Just follow the instructions in your product’s user guide, and you’ll get it done in just a few minutes.

Design and Build Quality

In terms of design and build, Keurig B140 and Keurig B145 are indeed very similar. As a matter of fact, Keurig B140 is actually an older model, whereas Keurig B145 is relatively newer. The official website of the company no longer lists B140, whereas B145 is marketed as the Keurig OfficePRO Brewing System. So, you can say that B140 is succeeded by B145.

Nevertheless, there isn’t much of a difference between these two models. They each have a lightweight yet sturdy plastic construction. The body is mostly black, but the top panel and the top surface of the drip tray have a silver finish. Each of them measures 13.25 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide, and 12.25 inches deep.

The water tank of each model is located on the left. Meanwhile, the controls are found on the top panel. Here, you can find several light indicators that will help you determine the current status of the unit and aid in troubleshooting. A dial knob is quite prominent here, and is used for selecting the brew size. Unfortunately, while the knob is functional, it doesn’t feel really solid. There are also the power button and the hot water button.

The only difference between Keurig B140 vs B145 is the items that come included in their boxes. The old Keurig B140 does not come with any K-Cup pod, so you need to buy the pods separately. Meanwhile, the new Keurig B145 comes with four K-Cup trial packs, so that you can test your coffee machine right away. It isn’t much, but pretty useful for the initial run test.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing a coffee maker is the water reservoir capacity. This is particularly true if the coffee maker is for serving multiple people, such as in an office room. A large water reservoir is almost always more preferred than a small one because it won’t need to be refilled as frequently. If possible, you want to refill only once and have enough water for everybody’s coffee.

Keurig B140 has a 48-oz water reservoir capacity. Likewise, the tank of Keurig B145 can also hold up to 48 oz of water at once. This should be sufficient for serving 7 – 8 regular coffee drinkers. Well, you indeed can serve more people, but it will require another refill. The company recommends these coffee makers for office rooms of 15 or less.

The water tank of each unit here has a transparent window, which will enable you to monitor the water level easily from outside. This way, you can know for sure when to refill the water tank. You can detach the water tank from the unit for easy, mess-free refilling.

Available Brew Sizes

Another nice feature to have on a coffee maker for an office room is brew size adjustment. People often have different preferences regarding their coffee. Some people prefer small cups that can be gulped down quickly. Some others prefer large cups to sip while working. So, an adjustable brew size will allow everyone to get the coffee they want.

Again, Keurig B140 and Keurig B145 are similar in this aspect. Each of them has three selectable brew sizes, which are 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. Although the selection range isn’t really wide, the available options are already good enough to suit most people.

Keep in mind that these coffee machines only work with K-Cup pods. They won’t be able to work with K-Mug or K-Carafe pods. If you want a coffee maker that can work with those pods and make larger brew sizes, you need to invest in a more expensive machine, such as one of the Keurig 2.0 models.

Unfortunately, neither Keurig B140 nor Keurig B145 has brew strength adjustment. You can only use the pre-configured regular setting. This is actually not a problem for people who just want some good caffeine to get through the day. However, if you hate ‘weak’ coffee and prefer a darker and stronger flavor, you should go for models like K-Select or K-Elite, which have the “strong brew” function for increasing the brew intensity.


In general, the performance of Keurig B140 and Keurig B145 are similar, and both of them are very satisfying. The best thing about these coffee makers is that they brew very quickly. You can get your cup of coffee within a minute!

Really, there is no way of brewing that is quicker or more convenient than this. You don’t need to wait long, so these machines are perfect for office environments where people need to get back to their jobs as soon as possible. Plus, you don’t need to do anything else besides refilling the water tank and inserting a coffee pod.

There are so many pods with various flavors available, so you will never run out of options. The coffee quality is pretty good. Well, obviously Keurig B140 and Keurig B145 won’t produce coffee as fine as barista-grade. These models are not meant for coffee aficionados who want to enjoy premium-quality coffee. But the coffee quality is good enough if you just want to get some caffeine.

Both Keurig B140 and Keurig B145 have an auto-off function to save energy. They will automatically turn off after two hours without any operation.


Whenever you are about to buy an appliance, always check the warranty terms. It is very important because it is essentially your means of back-up in case that you get a defective product. This also applies to choosing your coffee maker.

Keurig B140 vs B145 indeed have similar warranty terms. Each coffee maker here is backed by a 1-year limited warranty. It will cover any defect that is found in the workmanship or materials, and the company will provide a free repair or replacement upon a valid warranty claim. The company will also cover the shipping costs, which is awesome.

However, keep in mind that the warranty only applies to units that are operated in Canada and the United States. Also, you have to keep the product’s purchase receipt, as it will be required when making a warranty claim. The warranty won’t cover any damage that is resulted from neglect, abuse, or improper usage.

Keurig B140 vs B145

- Perfect Keurig Brewer for offices of 15 or less, conference rooms or the boardroom. Please note: the B140 and K140 are the exact same brewer.
- Heats and brews in less than one minute at the touch of a button & brews one cup at a time
- Choice of 3 cup sizes (6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.) to suit everybody's needs!
- Choice of 3 cup sizes (6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.)
- Easy cleaning and refilling with removable 48 oz. water reservoir
- Auto-off turns brewer off after 2 hours


Between these two office coffee makers, Keurig B145 is more recommended. It is a newer model, so you can expect the build quality to be better although there is no real change in the feature set or specs. In addition, Keurig B145 comes with four K-Cup trial packs, which are nice for the initial test runs of the unit. This machine has good performance, and is able to give you a cup of coffee within a minute.

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