Keurig B155 vs K155


If you find the visit to coffee shop can threaten your budget every month, it is good to start considering having a coffee or espresso machine at home because they will be more convenient and affordable in the long term. Keurig B155 Vs K155 are two ideal option for house and small office but since they are identical, some users may curious what set them apart. If you are the same, see our article below about whether they have some differences or actually the same.

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  • Do you need a Coffee Machine
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  • What are the Cons of Keurig B155 and K155
  • Keurig B155 vs K155

Coffee Machine

With our busy lifestyle today, it seems hard to just allocate some minutes to brew coffee and even when we have free time, we prefer something more convenient or at least those that don’t ask much assistance which is why coffee shops are always packed with people lining up to get their daily caffeine intake. While coffee shops are ensuring professional beverages, they are also quite expensive, moreover, if we drink several cups a day in the morning, at lunch and even once again to stay energized before going back home.

Besides for the caffeine, coffee is drunk because of their delicious taste which is continue to be expanded as trends request for more variants as opposed to the boring black coffee accompanied with only sugar. Just like tea, coffee needs to be brewed whether using hot water or cold water such as cold brew depend on the method and each method will produce different liquid with the same coffee name in general but not quite the same again when arriving at our mouth.

If you are not very fussy about the coffee, we can use commercial pre ground coffee and brew them at home manually or with a brewer like BUNN NHS vs GRB. They are simple brewer to assist coffee making so we don’t have to monitor them all the time and will brew several cups at once, perfect for people who work or often at home and need to serve the beverage for their family or guests. But, if you prefer flavored coffees or specialty beverage, single serving or espresso maker may suit you better.

Espresso machine generally more expensive but it is great for those who love thick and creamy shots so then we don’t have to visit coffee shops all the time just to get our favorite drink but, if you prefer a wider range of beverages, not just coffee but sometimes also tea, pod coffee machines will be the best option. These types of machines usually have some features on board but the shining part is their wide collection of beverages to fit everyone; even those who don’t like coffee.

Besides versatile, they are also convenient since all the ingredients we need to create certain beverage are already packed into one pod or cup. This pod is what we only need to insert while the machine is used to heat, measure, and pour water or mixing the blend inside then dispense it to your cup. Depend on the pod or cup, we can have coffee, tea, chocolate and other specialty drinks.

About While Keurig B155 and K155

If your house has many people with different favorite beverages, this type of machine will work very well to accommodate their preferences but, it can be a good choice as well in an office so instead of coffee, employees and all the people in your building can drink whatever they want. Since being popular decades ago, pod coffee machine is still used today and even though some have concern against its recyclable ability, coffee pods can be recycled when treated properly by separating different parts into their specific category.

When talking about coffee pods and their machine, our minds instantly remember Keurig since they are the one who first made the machine popular back then while today, there are several other brands who also manufacture the same type of machines and pods. If you want a machine that can handle various beverages and versatile enough to be used by different people, the long favorite B155 and K155 are two best option to get with the same ability and the same easy operation.

Many customers who plan to place a pod coffee machine in their office or house with either of them confused about which to choose due to the much similarities and as users, we always want to get the one that fits our purpose the most. For starters, there is no difference in ability and operation between both machines and if you wonder why they have the same name, it is actually because K line is newer while B is no longer produced.

The K155 replace B155 and the reason is because Keurig newer machines have NSF Certification. This certification is to make sure our machine fits their criteria to be safe for home use and addressing issues including product design, construction, materials and cleanability since we are going to consume the product made by those machines. Overall, it is to ensure safety and how we can rely on the product. By this description, K155 may change some of its internal to meets the standard compared to B155.

While Keurig B155 and K155 Design

Comparing them side by side, as you can see they are identical with a very little difference which not affecting their capabilities. These machines are measured at 13.2-inch tall, 12.25-inch deep, and 9.5-inch in width while the weight is about 18 pounds without water inside so they are definitely not something we can move around often. In case you worry about space, when we open the pod chamber we will need another 3-inch space at the top.

They have the same construction by being made with good quality plastic as the outer case but, if you look closely, the water reservoir which is placed at the right side of these machines is slightly different due Keurig K155 also featured with a small finger slot to hold the compartment when refilling, making the process more convenient.

While Keurig B155 and K155 Beverages

When looking for coffee machine or beverage dispenser, what we asked first is probably what they can make but, as you may already know, we can use K-Cup with either of them and the collection from this brand is currently more than 250 variants so we can have a wide option of beverages, not just only for coffee drinker but the majority is indeed coffee blend from different brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Folgers, and Starbucks. As for Lipton drinker, we also have the cup available.

Keurig B155 and K155 water reservoir capacity is 90 oz. so in one refill we can at least serve 9 people who choose to bring big mug of 10 oz. beverage. There is a small display near the water reservoir and this is used to operate the machine for they are simple touch screen operated without buttons which is quite modern even today. As for brewing size, we only have 4 options in both machines from 4, 6, 8, and 10 oz. that will be presented in their display.

While Keurig B155 and K155 Features

Another feature you may want to know is the brewing temperature since the preset setting is at 193o F. To program this brewing temperature, we are allowed to choose from 188o to 198o F and this is accessed from the main Menu where we can see  BREW TEMP, when pressed, this feature will show you a range of number and “+” , “-“ button to navigate the number up and down. Below we have OK button so when arriving at desired temp we can press this one.

Another feature that we love from Keurig B155 and K155 is their On/Off programming because it will reduce power consumption when not being used in a long hours or when the house owner is not at home. We can leave it all the time to be ready anytime you want but, with hour setting, we can wake the machine up at certain hours and turn it off at certain hours as well. However, make sure to properly set the hour first so it can follow correctly.

While Keurig B155 and K155 Cons

While Keurig B155 and K155 sounds like a perfect machine, there are also some people who find some cons on these machines first being the 8 oz. option as the default setting and the maximum size of 10 oz. since we want to drink more than the top size. Some people also find their machine has a certain smell when first arriving but it will be gone after a while.


Now, let’s compare Keurig B155 with K155. As it has been mentioned above, both of them are identical machine and actually have the same capabilities so we don’t have anything to say about some differences except for the finger slot on K155 water reservoir. The latter however, is NSF Certified so it is probably have better quality especially on the parts inside.

Keurig B155 vs K155

- 90 Ounces water reservoir capacity. Removable drip tray.
- Brew temperature settings. Brew size options: 4,6,8,10 ounces.
- Full color touchscreen. Single serve brewing system
- 1,400 Watts, 120 VAC
- Styled to impress, this Keurig coffee maker offers the features that everyone will value
- TOUCH SCREEN INTERFACE: An advanced full color touchscreen interface with adjustable brew temperature and programmable auto On/Off settings
- POUR OVER WATER RESERVOIR: With a 90 oz., easy to fill, removable Water Reservoir, you can make up to 18 cups before refilling. Full color LCD touchscreen
- FOUR BREW SIZES: Choose from four different brew sizes — 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz. or 10 oz. From strong to milder brewed beverages. Because tastes differ


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because both of them are equally similar and have the same type of beverages to make as well as size and design. However, we recommend people to get the one that benefits them the most or the more affordable and currently, K155 is cheaper.

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