Keurig B60 vs K60


For a regular coffee drinker, we need to have a coffee or espresso machine at home to let us enjoy the beverage anytime we want. If you are not very fond of preparing them from scratch, Keurig B60 Vs K60 are a good option to have around the house since these machines are convenient for a single serving coffee as well as reliable. If you are considering these machines, see what they can offer below and pick the one that benefits you the most.

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  • Keurig B60 vs K60

Coffee Brewing Machine

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages we drink today besides tea and probably the trendy newcomer bubble tea but, we are not only liking them for the tasty liquid but because of the caffeine as well. Coffee unlike tea is naturally bitter when not added with anything due to its roasting effect but with today’s many coffee based beverages, we can make them more acceptable. Despite the rather unpleasant taste, we need them to stay energized.

Our busy society today may drink more coffee than ever because not only in the morning or afternoon, many of us finish several cups already even before lunch. Caffeine is known to have addictive effect since it is working as a stimulant to our central nervous system so this is why we find it hard to reduce the amount of cups rather than just pouring more. No matter the reason why we drink the black liquid, they are very helpful to let us more focus and energized during the day.

Our challenge as coffee drinker is creating the beverage because depending on what you are drinking, we probably can’t just brew the pre-ground coffee with hot water from the stove. In theory, there is even the ideal temperature to brew coffee and different methods to create the beverage for example to create espresso we will need espresso machine because it involved pressing tapered pre-ground coffee with hot water, forcing, extracting the aroma and taste which is why we are getting a thick and creamy liquid.

Espresso or coffee brewing machine are available widely, separated between automatic and manual which commonly more affordable but less convenient due to requiring manual labor to complete the process. However, if space and budget is very limited, we can rely on manual machine but we do will need some experience and at least get some basic knowledge on operating the tool. On the other hand, automatic espresso or coffee machine is powered by electricity and will deliver the beverage with less assistance by only pressing or turning some knobs.

This is the most ideal option for anyone who want to drink their beverage anytime of the day without leaving the house or office as well as save more money from those we spend on coffee shops. Many of them are also easy to use as well as fast when heating for we can only fit capsule or pods inside and then press their brewing button or lever then get the drink less than few minutes.

About Keurig B60 and K60

If you also find brewing coffee manually a hassle or often drink the beverage making the budget pilling up, getting a dedicated brewing machine is a very ideal option to go especially with so many options to pick out there. When talking about automatic brewing machine or for home used, one brand that pop ups on our mind the first will be Keurig since they are the first to offer such brewing system which later than followed by various brands with similar features and capabilities.

Being the oldest player in the market, they surely have so many machines to offer, some of them are discontinued or renewed and called as another model but, in general their function stays the same. Their naming also can be quite confusing, making for example both of Keurig B60 and K60 almost indistinguishable from the users perspective. For starters, they are exclusive machines called Special Edition or Signature Brewing System line that are pretty much like the same item both from the design and capabilities.

Both of them are a single coffee brewer and very suitable for single user or a small office as well as home where the beverages is in a low but constant demand. They boast a reliable performance as well as quick option since these machines will only need about 4 minutes to heat up from the off position to ready brewing. In between the cups, the espresso machine will need 15 seconds before starting to do the next cup. They are also going to need some maintenance or proper care.

Keurig B60 and K60 Design

Comparing them side by side, both machines are coming with the same design as well as dimensions and material. Taken from CNET it is measured about 13-inch tall and 9.8-inch wide so they do need some space in our kitchen top but not much. They are mostly made from plastic, especially on the outer case and have the same finish but the K60 have brown version instead of black just in case it fits your kitchen theme better. There is a small display on the right side for viewing menu.

Below the display, we have three round buttons to navigate and operate the machine which is very easy to use and understand. As you can see, there is a silver lever at the top front and it is used to open the pod/pack container when brewing the coffee. The spout is quite high to accommodate taller cups or even tumbler when you need to carry the beverage outside. As for water tank, they can use the same size but, originally K60 has 60 oz. version and the other has 48 oz. size.

Keurig B60 and K60 Beverages

When looking for a coffee or espresso or brewing machine we should check the kind of beverages they can make but in case you like espresso, either of Keurig B60 and K60 are going to make espresso since they are only a brewing machine for regular coffee beverages so there is no pressure bar to indicate the pressing power. But, you don’t have to worry about drink variants since currently K-Cup packs are offering more than 250 varieties of beverages so we can pick anything we like and brew with the machine.

In addition to a wide options of beverages, we also may choose brewing sizes which stay the same in both machines between small cup measured at 5.25 oz., small mug at 7.25 oz., and large mug at 9.25 oz. 

Keurig B60 and K60 Features

Another thing or feature we love from these brewers is it also allows us to adjust temperature for lower or higher as the preset temperature is at 192o F. To access this feature, press the Menu button 5 times to view the temperature and then we can begin to adjust it in increments of 5 degrees. Besides this feature, there are quite limited options we can get from the machine but, there is one for those who often forget their electronic appliance when going out of the house.

This feature lets us program the On/Off time and following our schedule of caffeine intake which is also great to prepare before we wake up in the morning. While it is not smart enough to actually activating on its own, we can leave the machine on all the time so then we don’t have to wait for brewing and turn it to Off when needed only. In this Off state, the clock will remain on but the machine is not working.

Unlike Nespresso VertuoLine vs CitiZ, these two coffee brewers are not coming with preset Off time so we should set a time by pressing the Menu button twice to view the feature. There will be “SET AUTO OFF” menu and we should press or hold the small cup button under the blinking “H” to adjust the timer one hour at a time. 

Keurig B60 and K60 Ease of Use

At this point, we are sure you can guess how easy to use Keurig B60 and K60. To brew your first cup, make sure to properly finish the one time setup required and after it is done, we can start trying the K-Cup brews. Place a cup below the spout first and lift the lever or handle upward to expose the pod compartment, insert selected pod and lower the lever, closing its compartment. Next step is choosing brew size from the small buttons below the display.

Brewing process will need about a minute to complete and will be finished with a burst of air to remove water from K-Cup pack. Lift the lever again and take the used pack, dispose it then we can start to enjoy the beverage.


Now, let’s compare Keurig B60 with K60. As you may already know, both of them are essentially the same machine and the difference in water tank size is not very important since we can actually upgrade the size with additional purchasing when later you need to change the compartment. Other than that they can do exactly the same operations and have the same design or material.

Keurig B60 vs K60

- 1500-watt single-cup brewing system for gourmet coffee, tea, or cocoa
- Uses patented K-Cups; no messy grinding or clean up
- Removable 48-ounce water reservoir; removable drip tray
- 3 brew-size options; 2-hour automatic shut-off; descale indicator
- Single-cup home brewing system for use with patented K-Cups
- One-touch control panel; blue backlit LCD display; digital clock; programmable on/off
- 3 brew-size options; (6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.) adjustable brew temperature; removable drip tray
- Blue-lit removable 60-ounce water reservoir; descale indicator; dishwasher-safe parts


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preference but, when comparing the two, we will recommend people to get the cheaper one and currently, the K60 is the more affordable option between these options.

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