Keurig K145 vs B145


Coffee Pod machine is a very useful appliance to have around the house or in your office kitchen because we can brew various beverages with the machine, simply, and quickly. Keurig K145 Vs B145 are two great option for the function and will cut some minutes as well as efforts from the user before they can enjoy the beverages but, since these models are very similar to each other, see what they can offer below before shopping,  so then we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why using a Single Serving Pod Coffee Machine
  • What are Keurig K145 and B145
  • What Keurig K145 and B145 Look Like
  • What Beverage we can make with Keurig K145 and B145
  • What else Keurig K145 and B145 can offer to you
  • How to use Keurig K145 and B145
  • Keurig K145 vs B145

Single Serving Pod Coffee Machine

Staying hydrated is important and not only from water, we also prefer to drink beverages with their own distinct taste since water is boring for many of us and we only drink them to quench thirst, not to help stay in the mood to finish these tasks. While working at the office or at home, we often drink coffee or tea because they are the most common beverage served and enjoyed on a daily basis yet, comparing the two, it seems that coffee enjoyed more in a working environment.

Coffee and tea have caffeine in it but in general coffee has more and we are drinking this bean-based beverage because they can help us stay focus in a tired evening or stay awake on Monday morning. No matter what task we are currently working on, a cup of coffee can be a great companion as long as you don’t have sensitive stomach. Due to our dependability, not only carrying the tumbler from home, we also brew several cups during the day while working.

Brewing coffee at home or office is a wise decision when you consume more than a cup per day because getting them from the shops all the time will be hurting the budget we specify every month. However, in a busy life, sometimes we need things to be as quick as possible and we may not have much time to just sit there, waiting for the water to boil and then brew the pre-ground coffee using filter, stirring the liquid with sugar and dispose the filter.

It is actually a simple step but, when living in a house with various people having various tastes about their favorite coffee or working in an office with many people using the kitchen together, things can get quite hectic. This is why people prefer to use coffee machine or pod coffee machine to be exact on their house or office since not only useful for many of the users, they will also cut the waiting time and still serve those different beverages with one simple operation.

Pod coffee machine is very similar to a brewer because they are doing the brewing process manually for the selected pod or cup yet, also slightly different since they employ some pressure or mixing movement inside to extract the beverage mixture properly. Because they are working with pod, we don’t have to measure and pour the ingredients manually anymore for all of them are coming in one package. Depend on the machine, some of the features may differ, but as far as single pod serving machine can offer, they can’t make authentic espresso. 

About Keurig K145 and B145

When looking for a single serving pod coffee machine, the first thing you may want to consider is the type of beverage and how often you drink them since getting something that we only used once in a while may not be a wise decision. For example when you are drinking some blend from favorite brands which also offer their product on certain machine so then we can enjoy them anytime. For home use, more than twice a day can be a good reason to start your shopping journey.

Pod coffee machine is widely available but the most popular brands today will be either Keurig or Nespresso. Keuring is the pioneer of single serving coffee machine and everybody are already familiar with their machines today, but one thing that made many of us confused when shopping from this brand is they have similar naming and similar machine despite the different model that is time consuming to look around since the manufacturer is not offering the information directly unless you want to call them and ask for some confirmation.

If Nespresso is very clear with their two machine lines for example Nespresso VertuoLine vs Lattissima, Keurig is using similar naming for the whole collection that can be easily separated from the home used and commercial version only but not for those with the same model name like K145 and B145. They are similarly used for commercial which is going with OfficePro naming but the difference between the two models are not stated very clearly so people have to call their customer service to know if there is any important difference or not.

As for these two, many people already know that the K line is released after the B line which mean the K145 should be replacing the other machine, but this is not true because Keurig doesn’t discontinued this model yet. To put it simply it is just a renaming action since the machine stay the same with the same capabilities, built, and the features inside as well, making them an identical option to look at. In addition, if you go to their site, the manual for K145 is referring to manual for B145.

Keurig K145 and B145 Design

From this onward, we are going to talk about the same machine but we will still use both of their names. Comparing them side by side, as you can see from the sample picture above, these machines are identical, with the same plastic material for most of the parts and the same fashion that combines both black and silver. They are single serving and operated with simple knobs combined with few buttons located at the top while the tray itself can be removed to contain taller cup.

Counting the drip tray, Keurig K145 and B145 are fairly compact in size because the machines are measured about 13-25-inch tall, 9.5-inch wide, and 12-25-inch deep. The water reservoir is capable of carrying fresh water up to 48 oz. but unlike the other commercial machines like K150 or K3000SE, they are not capable of being directly connected to a water line which means we need to refill them often especially for office application.

Keurig K145 and B145 Beverage and Sizes

The first thing you may want to know when looking for a single serving or any coffee machine is what kind of beverage they can offer and like many other Keurig machines, these two are also capable of using the K-Cup beverages that is made according to the company’s standard. Currently, there are hundreds of them ranging from coffee, tea, and even other beverages like chocolate. On the sizing options, usually we have 4-5 options but in these machines we only have 3; 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz.

Keurig K145 and B145 Features

Being a very simple machine we don’t have any other features to offer from Keurig K145 and B145 such as how to adjust the temperature and adjust the beverage strength level especially for coffee brewing. However, we have a useful auto-off function which is preset at 2-hours after being activated. This auto-off button is located above the power button and we can just simply press it to deactivate the machine automatically yet, there is no method on customizing this preset hour.

On the control panel, there are several LED light indicator which are all useful to remind the user when the water is draining, when to scale the machine, and indicating when the machine is heating up its water.

Using Keurig K145 and B145

After priming your Keurig K145 and B145, we can begin to brew the first cup with your K-Cup choice. After the machine is activated and it is ready, which is indicated by the green LED next to the power button, place a cup below the spout and lift the front handle of the K-Cup compartment to open it. Place the K-Cup inside but avoid putting your finger inside since there are needles used to open the pack. Put the lid back in and choose the brewing size between 6, 8, or 10 oz.

The last step is pressing the flashing blue brew button and then we can wait usually for about 40 to 50 seconds until they are finished dispensing the beverage while lastly the machine will dispense a burst of air to remove all liquid from the K-Cup. When finished, open the K-Cup compartment and remove the hot/warm pack then dispose it.


Now, let’s compare Keurig K145 with B145. As it has been mentioned above, they are an identical machine with the same capabilities and quality so whatever we can do on the first model can be done as well on the latter. They are offering equally 3 brewing sizes, using the same K-Cup, can’t be directly connected to water line, have the same control panel, and have the same operating method as well.

Keurig K145 vs B145

- Choice of 3 cup sizes (6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.)
- Easy cleaning and refilling with removable 48 oz. water reservoir
- Auto-off turns brewer off after 2 hours
- Heavy gauge materials for high volume use
- 48-ounce removable water reservoir
- Heats and brews in less than one minute
- Energy Savings Mode - Auto Off
- Drainable internal hot water tank


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and budget to spend but, since these machines are actually identical to each other, we recommend people to get the most affordable one or currently the Keurig K145.

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