Keurig K40 vs B40


Single serving pod coffee machine is a very ideal option for anyone who wants to be as convenient as possible when brewing their favorite beverage because they cut preparing process and tidying up. If you need one for home or office, Keurig K40 Vs B40 are two of the best models from the brands which is able to handle the load of many brews in a day. Before deciding to shop, see if they are actually different or not in our article below.

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  • Keurig K40 vs B40

Pod Coffee Machine 

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages not only here in the U.S but also in other countries all around the world because since this bean-based beverage is introduced by Arabian people back in the 15-th century, now we are obsessed with its delicious taste and caffeine content which is not only beneficial in a moderate amount but also helpful for our daily activities, especially those with a busy life and packed schedule with a piling up tasks to do.

Our society now hail coffee as the staple beverage for non-morning people who need some booster when waking up on a tiring morning. Our dependence to coffee also made our day incomplete without a cup of this tasty beverage that sometimes makes us feels irritated when not getting enough dose of caffeine. While they are indeed beneficial in a moderate amount, coffee beverages that are high in sugar are better avoided or reduced since they are more into adding up calories rather than boost our productivity.

No matter if you are an avid coffee drinker or casual coffee lovers who are getting one cup a day, all of us still have to do the same process before enjoying these delicious beverage and depend on what you think as convenient, they will do take some moment to properly done. This is why we have coffee machines to ease the job around the kitchen and let us drink a good cup anytime we want without having to go to coffee shops or fancy café.

Coffee machine may come in a simple pod brewer, an espresso machine, or just a simple regular coffee brewer like Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Vs CF092. They are equally useful but the most capable will be espresso machine since most of them are featured with frother and can make authentic espresso which is the base for creating many other specialty beverages such as Americano, Cappuccino, or Latte. However, they are also expensive and will occupy some space in your kitchen table.

If you are fond of fancy blends or flavored coffee but want to save more in the long term, a single serve pod machine will be an ideal option. This type of machine is not only easy to use with a very simple operation but also rich in beverage collections because as long as they are offered in compatible pod, we can make any type of beverages from flavored coffee to fresh green tea and delightful hot chocolate. The pod system is also cutting prep time and messy brewing.

About Keurig K40 and B40

Not only for home used, single serving is also useful for an office or similar establishment where people can brew their favorite pods without much process and since the brewing operation is simple, almost all people can do it without problems. Depend on the machine, not all of them can accept just any pod because they need to be suitable with their brewing system so before deciding to shop, it is better to check the available pods for we are going to be stuck with them.

When talking about single serving coffee machine, our minds instantly recall Keurig as well because this is the brand who introduced the popular K-Cup and made many of us a fan of pod machine. They are also the top name along with the espresso pod machine Nespresso that are offering high-quality products along with a huge beverage options from different third parties manufacturers, not only coffee. While they are indeed a great option for a pod machine, this brand is also offering a huge list of machine collection.

Keurig is known to offer both home and office used or commercial machine with few differences between the types but in general they are working similarly reliable. Most of their commercial machines can be connected with water line but there are also those for home-used that have this feature as well. If you want to spend less on the machine, the K40 and B40 are two ideal machines to consider with a very simple operation and hundreds of pods to choose.

The problems when considering between these two models is because they are too similar to each other and as many people already know, the B line is an older family from the brand which is upgraded or renewed with the K line so the K40 is actually a newer model. What’s surprising is that we can see the older B machines priced more expensive than the newer K models and if you are asking what the difference is, they are the same machine but made at different times.

Keurig K40 and B40 Design

When you place them side by side, they are looking like a pair of twins machine lined up together because they are indeed identical both from the appearance or design and from the material option to build the whole unit which is plastic. The machine is very compact and can sit anywhere in flat surface without hogging too much space as well but they are also bigger than the compact Nespresso Pixie by being measured at 13-inch tall, 9.8-inch wide, and 13.3-inch deep.

As you can see from the sample picture above, they are prominently come in black, matte finish with some silver accents for the coffee pod lever on top. Taken from CNET, the water compartment on the left is carrying 48 oz. of clear water so it should last for days in a house with two people. They have no screen to navigate menu or operate the machine because we are only provided with few buttons and a several LED light acting as notification.

Beverage and Sizing

As with any machine that dispensed beverage, the first thing you may want to check is what type of drinks they can make and like any other Keurig earlier machines, these K40 and B40 models are capable of brewing K-Cup pods which is widely available from various other beverage brands. Currently, there are hundreds of beverages mostly coffee from different brands with different blends and origin but if you want some diversities, we can also brew tea or hot chocolate and even apple cider to warm a sore throat.

They can use the same beverage pods and also have the same sizing or cup serving amount at 3 different sizes; 6, 8, and 10 oz. The older machines with the same name as these are only coming with 2 sizes so make sure to check your purchase first. In addition, when you are using a taller glass or cups, both of their drip trays can be removed from the main body so we can place them below the spout such as when making iced beverages.

Keurig K40 and B40 Features

On the additional features part, Keurig K40 and B40 are very straightforward and there is no much offerings we can get on both machines, however, we are liking the empty water notification through LED light above to remind us when to refill the compartment. If you are often forgetting to turn home appliance off when getting off the house, these machines are also featured with auto-off function which is activated through the dedicated button above the power button and when it is pressed, the machine will be deactivated automatically after 2 hours.

Brewing with Keurig K40 and B40

After finishing the initial use that should be done according to their manuals, we can begin to brew the first cup. From the moment we switch the machine to proper heating, these machines will require a few minutes and when they are ready to brew it is indicated by the red LED on heating function switched off. Next place a cup below the spout then pull the top level upward and insert your preferred pod then close it back securely by lowering it back in position.

Then we can choose brewing options between 6, 8 or 10 oz. and wait for the machine to brew the pod which may take a few seconds while the brewing light on the pressed button illuminated. After they done brewing there will be a hot steam dispensed meant to clean the used pod from remaining liquid. Finally we can lift the pod compartment to eject them into internal empty pod collection and voila, our beverage is ready to drink.


Now, let’s compare Keurig K40 with B40. As it has been mentioned above, both of them are the same machine but made at different time because all the features or capabilities we get on the older B40 are also available on the newer K40 including brewing sizes, pod types, waiting time, additional features, dimension, as well as material and finish of the product.

Keurig K40 vs B40

- Brews a perfect beverage in under one minute
- Choose from three cup sizes with a removable Drip Tray to accommodate travel mugs
- 6-count K-Cup Variety Pack. Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages. Brews 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. sizes, Always ready and brews in under a minute, Removable 48 oz. Water Reservoir.
- Includes a free 12-count variety box of K-Cups
- Removable 48-oz. water reservoir
- Optional Auto-off feature shuts down brewer after 2 hours


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and it is best to get the one that fits your kitchen the most but, between the two we do recommend people to get a newer and more affordable Keurig K40.

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