Keurig K400 vs K500


Many of us can’t shake the habit of drinking coffee on a daily basis and becoming addicted to the black, bitter liquid with its caffeine content. However, not all of us are fond of traditionally brewed coffee which is why there are machines like Keurig K400 Vs K500. They are a good option for users who want to drink various specialty beverages or need a convenient machines for a quick caffeine intake. If you are considering these models, see what they can offer and pick the one that fits you the most.

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  • Keurig K400 vs K500

Coffee Machine

Having a busy lifestyle or packed tasks to do in the office can drain our energy very quickly so we often feels tired and unmotivated to finish them. Thankfully, we have caffeine which is working as a stimulant on our central nerve system so we can carry on and do the job until it is time to leave the office. For some of us, carrying the work home is also happened from time to time and this will increase our caffeine intake especially those who already love the product.

Caffeine may come in various forms whether you prefer to drink or eat them but, among those options, coffee is probably the most popular option. This bean derives drink is sitting with tea as beverage we drank most often or liked by the huge population and while it is considered safe to drink even everyday, it is better to limit them in case you already have high blood pressure since it will increase the pressure in an instant.

With today society seeking convenience in almost all activities, coffee brewing process is also experiencing huge change and unlike in the past where we brew them at home or in office with instant package, today we already have a single serving machine to cut down the long and complicated process. Single serving machine is at a very high demand since people love coffee and want to drink them anytime they want but, this type of machine is also coming with more on its sleeve.

Depending on the model, coffee machine can create various beverages from regular brew to espresso which require different techniques to extract. Espresso machine equipped with pressure to press the coffee ground with hot water so unless they are specified as espresso maker, we can’t drink the beverage in a regular coffee machine. If you are more into regular brew, coffee machine is already enough to let users get their daily dosage of caffeine anytime without having to spend money and line in a coffee shop. Read also: Keurig B155 Vs K155 here.

Not only coffee, the most single serve coffee machines that work with pods or cup are also capable of brewing a wide range of beverages depend on the varieties of their pods. Coffee is the most prominent and we can get different blends from different brands but tea drinker can also benefit from their specialty beverages as well as those who prefer hot chocolate and flavored beverages. In addition, they are operating fast and we don’t need to measure ingredients one by one.

About Keurig K400 and K500

If you are living in a house where the preference of people living inside are different, it is good to get a machine that can accommodate all of their favorite beverages. Similarly, office environment will need something that can help its users to brew whatever they want without having to line different machines. All we need to bring is the beverage pod and our own cup to contain the liquid since settings are all done in the machine including the sizing and water temperature.

For those who are looking for versatility and convenience, Keurig is one of the best machines to go since their brewing models are very reliable and offering much for users. They are among the most well-known if not the most popular for single serving, coffee cup machine and the owner of K-Cup. Today, similar systems also offered by different brands, goes with different name and have different beverages. They are the one who introduced the system for home use and today, their machines are often found on houses as well as office.

With its long history as the leading brand, Keurig is known to offer a wide range of products that they continue to be kept today or remodeled and renewed into a newer version. During these improvements, some features or capabilities may be added or removed but the main functions will mostly stay the same. While it can be quite confusing, they are working the same but when in doubt, it is best to see their capabilities first before selecting and purchasing one especially for those who never have one.

Two of the most popular machines from this brand are their K400 and K500 line that looks like a brother and almost identical so, many users are finding it hard to decide their option thanks to the lack of information provided. For starters, these are pod coffee machines that can work with the brand K-Cup pods so we can use them interchangeably in case you are moving from one to another. They are also using the same 2.0 system that boast the strong brew option and adjustable temperature in some certain machines as opposed to their traditional system.

Keurig K400 and K500 Design

When you place them side by side, we can see how similar they are since in a glance they are like an identical machine but when you check closely, the screen on both machines are slightly different with K500 being a little bit wider at 3.5-inch compared to 2-inch in K400. Their build made with the same durable plastic material and if you check their water reservoir, we can see K500 can hold more water at 80 oz. slightly more than Keurig K400 at 70 oz.

They have single spout and a perforated drip tray below the mug panel to catch water when done brewing or when users mistake their cup size. There is single round button below their display and it is used to brew beverages but, all of their remaining features or functions are done on the display since they are touch-sensitive. 

Keurig K400 and K500 Beverages

The first thing we often asked when looking for a brewing machine is their beverage options but this is exactly why we are choosing Keurig since they are offering a wide range of options and many of your favorite brands are also providing the K-Cup version. What we need to pay attention is checking if there is Keurig logo on the pod since these machines can only work with compatible pod. If you are worrying about recycling the pod, we can pick My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.

Besides the wide beverage options, we are also offered with various beverage sizes which is slightly different between both machines since K400 has 8 sizes in total with carafe mode while the latter has 9 sizes in total with the carafe option. What’s not available in the younger brother is 18 oz. option. You may curious is the machine will brew everything in these sizes but, in fact it is decided by their pod we have inserted. For example K-Cup pods have 5 sizes while K-Mug pods have 3-4 sizes.

Keurig K400 and K500 Features

On their additional features side, both of Keurig K400 and K500 are practically the same because there is no fascinating features such as temperature or even waking up without being manually activated. Temperature adjustment does available in other K400 and K500 line but unfortunately not in these two machines so there is a basic level which is 192oF for all of their beverages including coffee, tea, and hot cocoa and we can’t manually decide how the beverage turns out later after brewing. This temperature is actually warm enough for most uses but not piping hot.

However, we love the auto off function the most since it allow user to set how long they want to set the machine idle for safety and energy saving purpose. For example we can automatically set it off in several minutes later and then keep the warm water. Even when the machine is at Off position, they are actually pretty quick to heat up before we can start brewing new beverages in case you are hurrying in the morning. 


Now, let’s compare Keurig K400 with K500. As you may already know, both of them are practically the same machines with the same capabilities and kind of beverages to brew. Their difference are on the display because K500 has a slightly wider screen to access menu and to work with the machine compared to K400. It also has one more brewing size for K-Mug pod at 18 oz. which is not available on the other machine. K500 has bigger reservoir so users can refill less but not very prominent in real life application.

Other than these differences, both machines are quite similar to each other or identical. K500 set is coming with the Keurig water filter so we don’t have to purchase them anymore while the other is not but, they are capable of being used with their own filter when needed.

Keurig K400 vs K500

- 9 brew sizes (including carafe sizes)
- 70 oz. Water Reservoir
- Strength Control
- Fully Programable with Color Touch Display
- Revolutionary Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology, Hundreds of varieties from the brands you love
- Key Product Features: 80 oz. Water Reservoir, Large Color Touch Display, Strength Control, Customizable Settings
- Programmable Clock, Auto Brew
- Customizable Night Light in Water Reservoir, Hot Water On Demand


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us are going to have the same preferences and budget to spend so between these machines, in our opinion, it is always best to get the one with a more affordable price range since the difference is not that crucial and the price gap can be quite far. 

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