Keurig K475 vs K55


Keurig doesn’t need introduction. It is a well-known brand of automatic coffee makers, which typically work with their own line of coffee pods. The following discussion will help you choose between Keurig K475 vs K55, both of which are automatic single-serve coffee makers. They indeed look similar at first, but there are a few notable differences to set them apart.

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  • What brew sizes that are available on each model
  • The coffee quality of Keurig K475 vs K55
  • The reasons why Keurig K475 is generally more recommended than Keurig K55

Keurig K475: Design and Features

Keurig K475 belongs to the emerging Keurig 2.0 series of brewers which are equipped with cool customization features to enable you to personalize your coffee, such as adjusting the brew size, brew strength, and temperature. However, it doesn’t stop there. Keurig K475 also offers the flexibility to work with not only K-Cups, but also K-Mugs and K-Carafes. See also: DeLonghi EC702 Vs ECP3630.

According to the company, Keurig K475 measures 10.43 inches wide, 13.63 inches deep, and 13.45 inches tall – which means that it is a little bit larger than its sibling, Keurig K55. But keep in mind that it requires some clearance above it in order to open the top lid; the total height is about 17.6 inches when the lid is opened.

On the front side, you can find a removable drip tray. You can remove the drip tray in order to accommodate a tumbler of up to 7 inches tall when using a K-Mug pod. For control, there is a 2.4-inch color touchscreen which is quite intuitive to use. Keurig K475 is also equipped with a water level indicator.

One of the most glaring differences between Keurig K475 vs K55 is the water reservoir capacity. Keurig K475 is equipped with an ultra-large 70-oz tank – much larger than that of Keurig K55, which is awesome. Such a large water reservoir will allow you to brew multiple cups of coffee without having to refill frequently.

Keurig K475 offers 9 brew sizes, with a maximum of 12-oz when using K-Cup pods, 16-oz when using K-Mug pods, and 30-oz when using K-Carafe pods. In addition, Keurig K475 also allows you to adjust the brew strength and temperature. There are high-altitude settings, which can be useful if you are living on a highland or mountain where the boiling temperature differs slightly from normal. Finally, there are time settings and an energy saver function. The power cord can be stowed neatly on the unit when not in use.

Keurig K475: Ease of Use

It doesn’t take long to understand how Keurig K475 works. If you are familiar with digital devices, you will be able to operate the unit right away without looking at the manual. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, the coffee machine is still easy to operate.

When selecting a brew size, the display will show an icon with a color to indicate the currently selected brew size. This eliminates all the guesswork. Meanwhile, the brew strength control is further down the window. You can set a setting as your “Favorite” so that it becomes the default for the next brew cycle.

Once all is set, simply push the power button. Don’t forget that you need to push this particular button instead of tapping it. You may wonder why the button needs to be pushed while most of the settings can be accessed by tapping. But there’s a positive benefit to this: The button is much less likely to get accidentally pressed, so the machine won’t ever start brewing prematurely before you adjust all the settings.

Unfortunately, Keurig K475 does not have the “brew pause” function, so you can’t interrupt the brewing cycle to steal a cup of coffee. You have to wait for the entire brewing process to finish before taking a cup – which may take a few minutes when brewing a carafe size.

Cleaning is one essential part for any coffee machine if you want it to last. The outer surfaces of Keurig K475 can be easily wiped clean, and both the water tank and the drip tray are detachable. Keurig K475 is equipped with a built-in descaling function, which is very useful for removing mineral build-up inside. Now, this is where you want to read the manual; the descaling process is actually easy, but you need the manual to know the steps.

Keurig K475: Performance

Now comparing the coffee quality of Keurig K475 vs K55, there is one advantage that Keurig K475 has over Keurig K55: the brew strength control. The ability to adjust the brew strength is very important here, because it enables you to choose the bold setting in order to increase the flavor intensity. Most coffee lovers will find that the regular setting is a little bit too weak – the bold setting can bring up the flavor to a higher level.

Overall, Keurig K475 is a fast coffee brewer. When brewing for a single cup, it takes less than a minute. As the effect, it is an excellent choice for people who need caffeine to kickstart their morning before going to work. By the way, the unit is programmable, so you can make it turn on and off automatically at certain times for both convenience and energy conservation.

Of course, when brewing a carafe size, Keurig K475 needs more time. It usually takes about three or four minutes. Perhaps the only minor weakness of Keurig K475 in terms of performance is that finding the right temperature setting can be a bit tricky. You need to experiment with the five temperature settings a few times to find one that suits your preference.

Keurig K55: Design and Features

Keurig K55 is also known as Keurig K-Classic. It is often considered as an entry-level model suitable for people who are looking to move away from manual drip coffee to the simple, practical K-Cup pods.

Compared to its sibling Keurig K475, Keurig K55 is a little bit smaller – but the difference is really marginal. This model measures 10.1 inches wide and 13.2 inches deep. The height is about 13.3 inches, but you want a total vertical space of 17.6 inches in order to open the top lid.

Unlike its sibling, though, Keurig K55 doesn’t have a touchscreen. Instead, it relies on physical buttons for control. On the positive side, the overall control scheme is also user-friendly and easy to understand.

Keurig K55 works with K-Cups and is able to brew for 6, 8, or 10 oz. Keep in mind that this model is not compatible with K-Mugs and K-Carafes.

Another notable difference between Keurig K475 vs K55 is the water reservoir capacity. This model has a relatively smaller tank, as it is designed only for single-serve shots. The maximum capacity is 48 oz, which should be sufficient for making 5 – 8 cups of coffee per refill. It is suitable for personal use and perhaps for a small family or office room where there are just a few coffee drinkers.

Keurig K55: Ease of Use

The user interface is exceptionally simple. There are five buttons in total, three of which are for selecting the brew size, one for the power, and one for the “Auto Off” feature. There are also light indicators to tell you when you need to refill or descale the unit, so there is very little guesswork.

Once you have loaded the water and the coffee pod, all you need to do is press one of the brew size buttons. Keurig K55 will brew coffee in the chosen size right away.

Cleaning is also notably easy. As usual, the exterior only needs to be wiped clean every once in a while. The water tank is removable for easy refilling and cleaning. Keurig K55 also has a built-in descaling function, so there won’t be an issue in regards to its maintenance. Read the manual to learn about the descaling process. The company recommends performing a descale once every six months, or twice a year.

Keurig K55: Performance

If we compare the coffee quality of Keurig K475 and Keurig K55, we can see that Keurig K55 is at a disadvantage due to the lack of a brew strength adjustment. With Keurig K55, you are stuck with the regular setting. For avid coffee lovers, the regular setting is rather weak, and the coffee flavor is not as intense as desired. However, for casual drinkers, it is already good enough.

When checked, the average brewing temperature of Keurig K55 is about 193 degrees Fahrenheit, which is close to the ideal brewing temperature of 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit. This is probably one reason behind the somewhat weak coffee. Nevertheless, the performance is quite consistent, and it is fast.

The initial warming when you turn on the machine takes about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, the brewing process itself is only about 30 – 60 seconds. If you brew another cup right away, the next brewing cycle only takes about 15 seconds or so, depending on the time gap from the previous brew.

Keurig K475 vs K55

- The Classic Keurig K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker. Includes 4 K-Cup pods and a water filter handle + 2 water filters to help your beverages taste their best.
- BREWS MULTIPLE K-CUP POD SIZES: (6, 8, 10 oz.) the most popular K-Cup pod brew sizes. Use the 6oz brew size to achieve the strongest brew.
- LARGE 48 oz. WATER RESERVOIR: Allows you to brew 6+ cups before having to refill, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine. The water reservoir is removable, making it easy to refill whenever you need to.
- DESCALING: An important part of cleaning your Keurig brewer. This process helps to remove calcium deposits, or scale, that can build up inside a coffee maker over time. Please refer to our descaling video for step by step instructions.


Between these two models, Keurig K475 is obviously better and more recommended. It is more versatile; it can work with K-Cup, K-Mug, and K-Carafe pods. It also has a much larger water reservoir and a wide range of customization options. The brew strength control is very nice; you can choose the bold setting if you desire strong coffee.

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