Philips 3200 vs 2200


As already known, coffee showed up in Europe in the primary part of the seventeenth century and promptly gained immense fame. Hence, today its history is right around 400 years of age, and the coffee maker has for quite some time been an obligatory property of most kitchens. 

Obviously, the high rivalry level due to immense interest constrained organizations to continually improve their models for a few centuries. Accordingly, the cutting-edge market offers an enormous scope of extraordinary coffee makers of different kinds from a few hundred manufacturers. 

Philips, though, does not linger behind its primary rival. As already known, in 2009, the organization bought the famous Italian Saeco. 

Presently, it offers the Philips models in the budget plan and mid-budget portions, and a wide scope of Saeco coffee machines. Philips 3200 and Philips 2200 are the most recent arrangements from this maker dependent on the new platform. 

Strictly speaking, the 3200 can be positioned as an updated variant of the 2200 series. The coffee machines in Philips 3200 and Philips 2200 have a reasonable touchscreen display for high ease of use.

However, the question remains, which one of these two should you buy? Let us find out the answer down below.

At a Glance 

  • Philips 3200:

In the wake of having more than once gone up against the plastic smell of machines recently, Philips 3200 is surely extraordinary in such a manner. You scarcely notice a whiff of anything while unloading it and even during the primary long stretches of activity, there is no ‘new vehicle smell’. Read also: Gaggia Classic vs Gaggia Classic Pro.

This could be on the grounds that the stainless-steel look fitted plastic not only earmarks of being of high quality, but also is of high quality. The fundamental components are similarly as noteworthy, too. 

In spite of the fact that Philips 3200 does exclude the “LatteGo” accessory, it has a place with a similar classification as Philips 5000’s “LatteGo” in terms of its milk foaming framework. This framework was touted as hot poo at IFA 2018 – which is somewhat true.

 Philips 3200Philips 2200
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions20 x 20 x 12.3 inches
20.1 x 20.1 x 12.6 inches
Shipping Weight21.1 pounds
20.3 pounds

That is on the grounds that the programmed framework does not utilize any (actual) cylinders and comprises just two easy-to-clean parts. The controls and menu navigation are likewise simple: there is no display whatsoever, just touch buttons, which, contingent upon the capacity, are enhanced with a three-advance lit up scale icon. 

  • Philips 2200:

Plastic, plastic and still progressively plastic to finish everything off: totally every square centimeter of Philips 2200’s surface is made of plastic. Indeed, even subtleties that are normally metal, similar to the trickle plate cover, are also made of plastic. 

This is unmistakably normal for the low price range obviously. However, this plastic does not smell of anything when you unload it. 

Otherwise, from the outset, the 2200 series resembles a shrunk-down version of the recently referenced Philips 3200. Here as well, a touch button cushion dominates the front board. 

Rather than a coordinated milk foaming framework with no cylinders, the 300 euro model “only” comes with a manual steam wand. You can likewise just straightforwardly prepare two kinds of coffee – espresso or coffee.

The 3200 series only has four options as well. 

Significant Differences 

In Philips 3200’s review section, many customers referenced that this producer is by and by playing a befuddling round of bingo and offering you super-programmed machines with fundamentally the same as model numbers yet totally different sticker prices. As usual, the overlooked details are the main problem – and the dumb digits contained in the item names. 

The model is known as Philips 3200 series. Numerous individuals might want an examination with the 2200 series. 

Be that as it may, there are likewise contrasts inside the 3200 series itself. The jump from the 2200 to the 3200 series is moreover founded on minor subtleties only – one specialty coffee is not really a real selling point. 

The distinction between the programmed milk foaming framework and the steam wand is the one in particular that sounds good to a lot of people. 


  • Philips 3200:

With its 2-section milk foaming framework, Philips 3200 series scores emphatically in terms of cleaning, yet it is in any case comparable to other great contender items. What ought to have the option to be removed, can be removed – from the blend group to the milk holder.

It is additionally extraordinary that the principle things, for example, the water tank, espresso beans compartment, and blend group would all be able to be expelled from the front or side. So, you never need to fumble around at the rear of the machine. 

  • Philips 2200:

It is clear and dependable. As usual, you can clean the blend group by shutting off the machine, opening the service hatch, removing the blend group, and washing it under water. 

The same likewise applies to the various components: the grounds holder, dribble plate, and water tank.

Philips 3200 vs 2200

- 12-Step grinder adjustment
- 20, 000 cups of finest Coffee with durable ceramic grinders
- Keep your beans fresh for Longer thanks to the aroma seal
- Up to 5, 000 cups without descaling thanks to a Qu a clean
- Keep your beans fresh Longer thanks to the aroma seal
- Up to 5, 000 cups without descaling thanks to a Qu a clean
- Removable brew group for easy cleaning
- Automatic descaling

Bottom Line

Philips 3200 places less accentuation on great usefulness and more on excellent effortlessness – and succeeds very well at it. In case you are searching for a super-programmed that is intended for ordinary use and which carries out the responsibility without a great deal of hassle, you will absolutely be happy with this machine. 

We do not need to debate the irritating degree of clamor: it is quite normal when contrasted with the various models in the super-programmed coffee machine review. However, in the event that you ever think about it, you can choose how significant this factor truly is for you at home. 

Philips 3200 has likewise effectively achieved something different: people are feeling pretty tired of the brand after the Philips LatteGo’s blended decisions and the grievous appearance at IFA 2019, yet this reasonable super-programmed machine has won them back fairly. Meanwhile, the 2200 is a fraction unrefined with regards to planning and setting alternatives. 

Also, it is fairly strong and not exactly as convincing in terms of drink results. All things considered, it is significantly more modern in style and when sitting in your kitchen, it does not look so much like the modest plastic shell that it is. 

These are just outward appearances, however, numerous individuals consider them significant. Aside from that, we additionally find that Philips 2200 series can be worked all the more clearly and instinctively.

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