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Having a coffee machine is convenient, moreover if you are drinking the beverage on a daily basis. They can cut the preparation and effort as well as offering various useful features like hot water. Some of them like Philips 3200 Vs 4300 can even steam milk for your espresso or black coffee. These coffee machines are not only easy to use but also helpful in the kitchen and for those who are currently considering the options, let’s see below about which you may like better here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

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  • What are Philips 3200 and 4300
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  • Philips 3200 Vs 4300

Coffee Machines

We love coffee and it is for various reasons whether it is because of the taste or for the caffeine content. They are tasty moreover when you combine the coffee with other ingredients like steamed milk, cream, chocolate powder, cinnamon powder, etc. making a more unique beverage. What affects the taste of coffee is basically everything from the variety of the bean itself, the ripeness, or even where they are being grown. The drying process and grinding until it becomes the coffee in our cup are also affecting the taste.

When it comes to beverages, personal preference plays a huge role in deciding how you want them to be. For enthusiasts who pay attention to more detailed factors, they may choose the bean carefully and grind the roasted beans at home to the consistency that they prefer. For the majority of people, pre-ground coffee and instant coffee are enough. With how people consume this beverage nowadays, getting them ready to drink from stores is a common option as well.

Depending on the store and menu we choose however, their price can vary. Some people believe that brewing at home can reduce this cost but it is also subjective to the type of coffee bean, the brewing method, and the machine that you are using. We do think brewing at home is more convenient rather than cost saving because we can make the beverage at home, anytime we want. It is a perfect solution for people who are enjoying the beverage on a daily basis.

A coffee machine is very convenient and depending on the machine, it can offer different functions. The basic coffee machine is the simplest one since it is brewing and filtering it at once. The hot water is sprayed on top of a coffee ground filter so the liquid will come down slowly and be contained in the glass or stainless steel container below. Usually the appliance has a heating plate to help keep the liquid warm for longer.

If you prefer something like espresso, we recommend getting an espresso machine or pod brewer. They are even more convenient to make this specialty beverage which usually can only be found in coffee shops or restaurants. The machine is great to reduce the cost of our daily coffee as we can make it at home. Depending on your personal taste many of them can offer more than just brewing espresso but also steaming milk to make various different beverages.

 Philips 3200Philips 4300
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions20.16 x 20 x 12.2 inches
9.6 x 11.42 x 14.6 inches
Shipping Weight21.1 pounds
17.4 pounds

About Philips 3200 and 4300

There are so many good options to choose from when you are in the market for a coffee machine. Each person may have a different opinion and what to look for from the unit but it is wise to choose based on what you will want from the machine or what they must offer. It is easy to get tempted and buy an expensive espresso machine but do note that they will require some maintenance from time to time that can get costly too.

If you are here then we assume that you are also currently looking for an espresso machine and it is easy to find the option if you know what you want from the unit. The popular options such as Breville Bambino Plus Vs DeLonghi Dedica will use ground coffee and brew espresso for you. They are semi manual machines so users will still do some of the effort but if you prefer something more convenient, Philips have several automatic machines to consider.

For those who want to choose their own roasted bean and brew at home, the Philips 3200 and 4300 are two ideal solutions to consider. These espresso machines are very easy to use since you can choose the roasted bean manually and then grind the coffee directly in the machine and brew it right after. They are offering a perfect bean to cup solution, moreover with the milk wand and container that can deliver a steamed milk for your beverage, more than coffee.

These machines are pretty much the same however when it comes to ability so you can make the favorite espresso and steamed milk based beverage using any of the two but they are not exactly the same. The main difference between Philips 3200 and 4300 is the milk container which is only present on the 3200 series while the 4300 series is featured with a milk steaming wand. They seem to have the same level of control and features for the types of beverage and ease of use.

 Philips 3200 and 4300 Machines

Before getting into what these espresso machines can offer, let’s see the unit first. They are very much the same fashion wise and the machine itself is not large or about the size of a larger air fryer. They will be taller and wider of course but quite compact, knowing that you can put roasted coffee inside. The control is also modern with a touch button and as you can see, everything is laid out perfectly with the 4300 also having a small display in the middle.

What we love the most from this type of layout is probably the beverage sizes that are coming with their own button so we don’t need to scroll or navigate too much; just press the size that you want to make. If choosing Philips 3200 series, this milk container or carafe is storing up to 0.26 liter of milk or cold milk while the water container itself is 1.8 liter for both machines. They include filters too and we like how easy it is to remove and attach this compartment.

Philips 3200 and 4300 Beverages 

Now let’s move to the most important part to see what the Philips 3200 and 4300 can offer starting from the type of beverage they can make. Compared to pod coffee machines, personally we like espresso machines better for they allow you to use coffee beans or coffee grounds of your choice. Both machines can make similar drinks like espresso, coffee, Americano, café crema, ristretto, cappuccino, and latte macchiato. The ristretto and café crema option are available on the 4300 while latte macchiato and cappuccino are on the 3200 series.

You can make these beverages on the other machine by adjusting the water and the amount of milk or adjusting the setting too. In addition, they can dispense hot water only for your instant coffee or soup, and other purposes. Both machines are brewing from bean to cup as well, meaning you can use roasted coffee or coffee ground to brew automatically. It is recommended to not use flavored coffee however for they may clog the filter and harm your machine.

Philips 3200 and 4300 Features

Moving to the features part, the most noticeable difference between Philips 3200 and 4300 is the milk carafe because 4300 don’t come with one. The one we are talking about here is 4300 EP4321/54 since there is another similar model with the carafe and it is an EP4347 variant. Without a milk carafe we have to use the milk jug or container and pour the steamed milk manually while the 3200 is more automatic since you can choose one beverage and it will adjust both espresso and milk automatically.

Another difference between Philips 3200 and 4300 is user profile because the 3200 doesn’t offer this function yet you can make 2 adjustable user profiles and another one for the guest. Additionally there is this aroma strength to adjust too and it is to improve the taste of your coffee. Series 4300 offer 5 levels or aroma strength while 3200 only have 3 levels.

Philips 3200 and 4300 Performance 

Lastly we want to talk about the performance of Philips 3200 and 4300 since they are very useful and also user friendly. We also have complaints however, especially about the pre-ground container which is a bit tricky to use. Some people reported that it doesn’t work on the 3200 series. There is no dedicated storage for this brewing mode too so we can only use it with the cup provided. In addition, the 3200 can use cold milk as well but it can’t heat up as high as 4300.

Philips 3200 Vs 4300

Both Philips 3200 and 4300 are good options for convenience because they are automatic and will elevate your experience at home. The two are also very easy to use and can make delicious coffee beverages. The difference is because 3200 have a milk carafe for higher convenience. The 4300 uses a wand to steam milk but it works better for cold milk for better results. It also carries more adjustable aroma and features compared to the 3200 series.

- Enjoy 5 coffees
- Intuitive touch display
- 12-step grinder adjustment
- 20,000 cups of finest coffee with durable ceramic grinders
- Enjoy 5 delicious coffees from fresh beans at your fingertips
- Intuitive TFT display with icons makes it easy to customize the length, strength, and temperature of your coffee
- Classic Milk Frother makes it simple to prepare warn, silky-smooth frothed milk
- 2 user profiles to save your favourite coffee settings


The decision is all yours because we may have different preferences yet, currently the 4300 series is more affordable and we highly recommend this option because it can work really well, offers more features and can steam milk better.

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