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Espresso machines are very convenient because you can enjoy the special beverage at the comfort of your home. They are also useful for making lots of different espresso based beverages such as cappuccino and if you want to have one, the Philips 3200 Vs Jura espresso machines are two ideal options to consider. These machines are easy to use and capable of making delicious coffee anytime you want yet, they are not identical so let’s check the comparison below to know which machine you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How Espresso Machine Work
  • What are Philips 3200 and Jura
  • How are the Machine of Philips 3200 and Jura
  • How are the Beverages Option in Philips 3200 and Jura
  • How are the Features in Philips 3200 and Jura
  • How are the Convenience of Philips 3200 and Jura
  • Philips 3200 Vs Jura

Espresso Machines

Espresso is probably one of the most popular coffee beverages that we often enjoy at coffee shops. They have this distinct taste that is different from the coffee we brew at home whether it is a cold brew or using the coffee maker. They are thick and creamy which is the result of how they are brewed and to have this consistency, you will need a dedicated machine such as an espresso machine. They are not cheap and surely enthusiast equipment.

The espresso machine is made of several core parts that work hand in hand to achieve the coffee beverage in your cup. The first component is water, typically stored in a reservoir to make coffee and there is a pump that creates pressure in order to press the tightly packed ground coffee. Usually 9 bars is what most machines offer but you may find options lower and higher depending on the manufacturer and their marketing strategy; 9 bars can be translated into 130 psi.

Just like most brewing methods, espresso is brewed using hot water and thus, they have a boiler too. The boiler will bring the temperature up and hold the pressurized water from the pump. The boiler size can be a good factor to decide the capacity of the machine since the bigger it is, the more cups we can make, and this can be extremely necessary in commercial setups. The boiler also affects the steam wand or the panel that you put milk carafe in.

When using a single boiler, it means there is only one boiler with two thermostats to adjust the temperature in different settings, perfect for brewing coffee and steaming milk. This means the machine may need a slightly more time to work with. The last part of your espresso machine is the group head where the portafilter, the place to lock it in, the mechanism to activate the pump, and the pathway of water where it moves from boiler to the portafilter.

The espresso beverage is unique from the work of these mechanisms and you can tell them by the size or the crema. Crema is the cream floating on top of the beverage and technically it is made of micro bubbles of CO2 or gas which is suspended in water because when coffee ground comes in contact with hot water, the micro bubbles of CO2 are released. This also happens when doing pour over but they will look different and in general these bubbles are attached to the natural oils and fats in your coffee.

 Philips 3200Jura
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions20.2 x 12.4 x 11.7 inches
9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
Shipping Weight21.1 pounds 19 pounds

About Philips 3200 and Jura

For those who are often drinking coffee at home and love the taste of authentic espresso, there is no other way than having an espresso machine itself. It is however subjective to the drinker because some argue that the taste of another brewing method AeroPress actually tastes like one. Depending on how you like your beverage and how you define espresso, the choice is all in your hand. If you are here, we assume that espresso must be made with an espresso machine and there are so many of them to choose from.

When it comes to coffee machines there are manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. The automatic and semi-automatic are probably the most convenient way to make the beverage whether it is for personal use or when you have a coffee shop in plan. Philips and Jura for example are some of the most prominent players in the end-consumer range with their plenty of products meant for home use. Their machine varies however depending on which seems to fit your preference.

For those who want to brew espresso quickly and conveniently, the Philips 3200 and Jura such as the D6 automatic espresso machine are perfect for homes with coffee enthusiasts in it because you can make various different beverages with them, easily by just pressing a few buttons. The models we are comparing today are not identical however and they do have both pros and cons yet price wise are just slightly below $1000 and have very similar abilities.

Our personal favorite thing about these machines is their convenience because the two can brew from bean to cup, in a very short time. We always love coffee made from freshly brewed coffee ground and both these Philips 3200 and Jura espresso machines are streamlined here. The main difference will be how they produce the steam milk and the beverage automation which is richer on the 3200 machine yet for the ease of use both are user friendly, even for the novice.

Philips 3200 and Jura Machine 

These machines are mostly made of plastic for the housing but they seem robust and compact. There is a panel at the top where you can find the coffee bean hopper and grinder. The 3200 has a dedicated port for using coffee grounds too but this option is not available for the D6 model we are comparing here. The water compartment is made of plastic and you get filters too that can be replaced from time to time. There are two spouts for making two cups at once.

The 3200 model or EP3241/54 we have today is coming with a milk carafe as well that is attached to the machine. The Jura D6 offers similar function but with a separate container which is connected to the machine through a single external pipe. The clearance from coffee spout and tray below it is quite high so we can put a regular cup or a taller glass. Since both are automatic machines, there is no need to use a portafilter like with Gaggia Classic Vs Breville Infuser.

Philips 3200 and Jura Beverage

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Philips 3200 and Jura espresso machines can offer starting from the type of beverage they can make. Since both are espresso machines, the basic setting is to make single or double espresso. We have to say that Philips has a richer and more modern menu here by adding coffee and Americano while the Jura is programmable but the preset comes with espresso and coffee only in which the latter is usually 4-6 oz. in size.

When combined with the milk frother, they are going to offer more such as this D6 from Jura that also automatically makes cappuccino and a portion of milk foam which is just hot milk and air to make the frothy texture. As for this Philips machine, you get the option to brew cappuccino and latte automatically. Both machines are also useful when you need convenient hot water for instant soup, cup noodles, or hot cocoa and tea.

Philips 3200 and Jura Features

Next on the features side, these Philips 3200 and Jura espresso machines are quite basic however. But, since we can brew from bean to cup, we can start adjusting the beverage taste from the coffee ground itself; adjusting the grind size will also affect the extraction process of your espresso. The machine provides adjustable brew strength for the more automatic experience so we can test them and see which setting fits best in your palate. There is also temperature adjustment for the two but Jura is more convenient here.

Philips 3200 and Jura Convenience

On the ease of use, this is what separates these Philips 3200 and Jura espresso machines the most in our opinion. The main difference is because Philips 3200 put its milk frother attached to the machine while it comes separately for the Jura D6. The latter connects a milk container to the machine using a dedicated port so the milk can be steamed or froth by the machine. It is automatic too but far less streamlined compared to the 3200.

The advantage however, it can contain more milk since the jug can be larger than 3200’s milk cup. The difference in beverage type can be dealt with by manual adjustment and another advantage by the D6 espresso machine is that you can froth milk only to make other milk based beverages. You can trick the 3200 to do the same by removing any coffee bean from the container and stopping the brewing process before the machine brews your coffee since 3200 puts the milk first.

Philips 3200 Vs Jura

There are plenty of capable machines like Philips 3200 and Jura D6 but these two are also impressive. The main difference between these machines are their menu and the convenience because Jura D6 is less streamlined compared to the 3200 yet, it can also contain more milk in the separate jug unlike the 3200 with its fixed capacity. The other difference is D6 also has a function for froth milk only straight from the menu.

- Enjoy 5 coffees
- Intuitive touch display
- 12-step grinder adjustment
- 20,000 cups of finest coffee with durable ceramic grinders
- VERSATILITY: Cappuccino, espresso and coffee maker
- OPERATION: Plain text display or Smart Connect App control
- CUSTOMIZATION: Adjustable water level, coffee strength and temperature
- GRINDER: Fast and precise AromaG2 integrated grinder


The decision is all yours and we are going to recommend Philips 3200 if you prefer a more streamlined machine and only brewing the menu but if you need a machine that can contain more milk and also separately froth it, the Jura especially D6 model is the one to go.


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