Starbucks Veranda vs Bright Sky


Sometimes coffee doesn’t have to be dark and full bodied because all of us may have different taste when it comes to our favorite beverage. For those who are more into light blend, Starbucks Veranda Vs Bright Sky are two nice coffee blends to taste out there especially if you are not very fond of getting a cup at coffee shops all the time. If you are also eyeing these blends, see which should fit your preference the most in our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to choose a Coffee Blend
  • What are Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky
  • Does Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky available as Whole Bean
  • Where are the Beans of Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky come from
  • How are the Color of Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky Grounds
  • How are the Aroma and Taste of Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky
  • Starbucks Veranda Vs Bright Sky

Choosing the Best Coffee

Many of us are drinking a few cups of coffee a day and it can be any coffee we found at grocery stores or a specific blend that we always ask our barista to prepare. If you are taking the beverage a little bit more serious, it also great to match the blend or type of coffee with your taste because apparently not all of them are going to taste just the same; even those from the same brand and same type.

For those who plan to spend a little bit on their coffee especially when brewing at home from roasted whole bean, it is nice to select them by their terms for many are featured with require information that will tell you how the beverage will taste like.

  • First is their roasted time because the best one are always roasted freshly and this is why we should keep the roasted bean on a proper storage so they won’t get spoiled and affect the taste later when brewed.
  • Second is the profile or roasted profile because in general we have light, medium, and dark roast which each level will describe how long the beans have been roasted. Most high quality coffee beans are lightly roasted to maintain the taste and in general many low quality beans are roasted dark to mask the unwanted taste. However, it will also affect the taste since light roast is high in acidity while darker roast is more full bodied and taste more robust.
  • Third is Single selection or Blend which show you whether the bean have been mixed or coming from a single source like farm or country. There is no such thing as better in this term since it all goes to how well they blend or how you like certain origin over the others such as those from South and Central America which is known to have delicate sugar browning sweetness.
  • Fourth is Varietal just like grapes or apple and each one of us may have distinct favorite among those available in the market because they match your palate like the popular Geisha/Gesha with its unique floral aroma.
  • Fifth is the Process which often described as washed or natural process that will tell you how the beans have been processed. For example washed method will deliver a coffee with much clarity while the natural version is often full of surprises due to the skin of the bean getting dried together in the process.
  • The final terms you may want to keep in mind is Altitude since it is very necessary in deciding the taste of the coffee. It can be simplified into 3 levels from Low, Medium, and High with Low having mild acidity and earthy flavor, Medium having juicy acidity and cocoa like flavor, then the High grown with refined acidity and floral notes.

About Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky

Choosing the perfect coffee may sound like a hassle but for the better cup, it is a worthy process and our decision should be based on which tastes better on our tongue. If you are here, chances you will love the coffee from lightly roasted beans because they tend to retain the natural flavor of the original blends and love the complex flavor each one of them can offer. Today we have many of them in the market both from specialty coffee shops and from big brands.

If you want to get something that are available almost at any grocery stores, Starbucks is a very good option to go because this brand is everywhere and if grocery stores runs out we can just go to their shops to get your favorite blend. They also have a very wide collections which comes from different origin and different varietal to satisfy coffee aficionado and for people who drink light roast, their Veranda and Bright Sky are just two from the whole interesting collection.

At this point we are sure that everybody knows Starbucks is offering their light roast as Blonde so each time we see this labelling we know that they are actually light roast and in addition to these two they also have an Espresso in light roast version as opposed to how the beverage was made from dark or medium roast. Veranda is describing its taste as mellow and soft which is great for a morning time similar to Bright Sky which boasting its nutty flavor.

In comparison, both of them are very similar to each other but Veranda was the older among the two and it is available in almost any package Starbucks is offering so it is a great choice if you are enjoying the coffee from home or with some type of coffee machine.

Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky Form Type

When it comes to versatility, Starbucks Veranda is one of the best because they are providing us with various coffee types to carry home and our favorite is whole bean version which is not available for Bright Sky Blend. The former also available in single serving pod for Verismo machine and if you often drink at the office, we also have the instant type for cutting the filtering process. On the other hand Bright Sky only have the ground and K-Cup version.

Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky Origin

As it has been mentioned above, coffee have territory or origin and it will affect the taste of your beverage so Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky may have some differences yet, both of them are listed to comes from the same origin which is Latin America. Coffee plantation is available throughout the jungles of Central and South America, including the Caribbean islands. Those coffee that comes from Latin America have a distinct taste and different from those from other regions because they are often grown at high altitudes.

Places like volcanic soil is a very popular place to grow coffee because they will produce coffee beans with bright profile and overall taste sweet with distinct acidity and light body, making them a great choice for Blonde blend like these two and some are even Medium roasted to bring the best from these beans so it is quite rare to see espresso or French roast have Latin America coffee beans in it. Read also: Café Bustelo Vs La Llave here.

Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky Coffee Grounds

If you are getting the whole bean from Veranda version, we need to grind the coffee bean first but after it turns to grounds, the color of these coffee are practically the same since it is more of like milk chocolate rather than black which we often drink from coffee canister so it is true that they have been lightly roasted. From the appearance of the brewed coffee, there seems to be nothing different on the cup since they appear to be the same. 

Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky Aroma and Taste

On the testing stage, both of them are having a fresh scent, the type that we can’t find when drinking just any canister coffee and it is not as robust but light, making them a nice option for those who want to cycle their morning coffee. We don’t pick up much just from the aroma but there is a slight tang on the aroma of Veranda in which Bright Sky is rather creamy. As for the taste, the former will give you a kick or fruity, tang flavor on the first sip.

It continues as the liquid cools down but our tongue is already used at this point so it tastes just like fresh, juicy coffee at this point and what’s more important, it is not bitter at all. On the other hand the newer Bright Sky is welcoming our taste buds with indeed nutty flavor, it almost like the coffee itself is roasted with peanut or if there is actually peanut on it because the taste is quite prominent and very surprising.

As the liquid cools down a bit, the coffee will somehow develop a bit of caramelized sugar taste which is unique and making the whole experience even better but still the same with Veranda, it also doesn’t taste bitter even without any sugar.


In terms of taste Starbucks Veranda and Bright Sky are very different from each other because those who ever taste Veranda with its tangy notes will surprise on how the same light blend Bright Sky produce a creamy nutty flavor. The aroma itself is light but the actual beverage is what mirror these products the most especially for those who love lighter roast.

Starbucks Veranda vs Bright Sky

- A lighter, gentler take on the Starbucks roast, Veranda Blend is flavorful without being overly bold
- Blonde is our lightest roast with more mellow and approachable flavors
- Enjoy the Starbucks coffee you love without leaving the house
- For finest taste, always use clean, filtered water; clean your machine before using; and grind beans just before brewing
- Bright Sky Blend is a gentle and well-rounded blonde-roast coffee with hints of nut and nice acidity
- Blonde is our lightest roast with more mellow and approachable flavors
- Enjoy the Starbucks coffee you love without leaving the house
- For finest taste, use cold, filtered water and store ground coffee in a cool, dark place


We are sure at this point many of you can decide to go with any of them because they are equally delicious but, if you love milder tang on the coffee, go with Veranda while those who prefer peanut and caramelized sugar should go with Starbucks Bright Sky.

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