Technivorm 59616 vs Moccamaster 59461


As our society is getting busier, our coffee brewing process also needs to be fast so then we can drink this tasty, caffeinated beverages anytime. If you and the family are loving this bean-based beverage as well, Technivorm 59616 vs Moccamaster 59461 are two ideal brewer to have in the kitchen to save some time in the morning. For those who are also considering these options, see what they can offer to you and choose the one that fits your house the most.

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  • Technivorm 59616 vs Moccamaster 59461

Coffee Brewer

Most of us probably don’t remember the exact time when coffee being such a sophisticated beverage to have every day or we don’t even know why it is very popular today. Many of us start to indulge in this caffeine-rich beverage in teenage years where homework is piling up or when enrolled into a university, far from our parents and try to finish all of those projects while studying for finals as well. What we know today is, a morning is not complete without a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee.

As one of the most consumed beverages in the world, taken from Howstuffworks coffee is roughly drank about 450 million cups every day just counting here in the United States and not the whole world. It proves how well-known this drink is and it is probably thanks to the caffeine content as well as the delicious taste. We can’t say much about taste because even among coffee drinkers, this can varied widely so as long as it fits your tongue, we should choose which bean, blend, roast, or brewing method freely.

Caffeine in coffee is indeed helpful or useful in daily life because it is acting as a stimulant and will help us be more energized, more focus, and less-tired which is why some people can’t sleep when drinking coffee at night. With the rising amount of coffee drinker, coffee shops like Starbucks and many other smaller brands are also more well-known and spreading rapidly in almost every city. While the beverage prices are expensive, they are made by barista or professional who know how to brew properly.

In addition, many of them are not only offering black coffee, espresso, or espresso and milk based beverages but also various types of coffee based drinks with additional flavors or ingredients which making non-coffee drinker more comfortable with the taste. Getting one once in a while is nice but, for cost reason we should avoid getting the coffee from shops all the time especially if you are drinking more than a cup a day which most of us are also doing.

To be wiser on spending your income, it is nice to brew at home since it is more affordable and coffee is also not very hard to brew for it only need hot water and filter. However, if you are drinking a few cups or if there are also other people who enjoy the beverage at home, we can use dedicated coffee brewer to ease the job and cut the preparation time. They are affordable, work with any pre-ground, and convenient.

About Technivorm 59616 and Moccamaster 59461

A coffee brewer is also easy to use and similar to drip coffee, they are going to extract the pre-ground coffee with hot water then drip the liquid into a canister or carafe below the drip spout. This type of brewer has been used since long time ago, so most people must be already familiar with the appliance as well. However, since there are so many of them out there, we should pick based on your own preference, especially if you have special features to be included.

When talking about coffee brewer, the first name that comes to our mind is the Moccamaster brewer which is made by Technivorm. This company has been operating for decades since they release their first coffee grinder in 1965 (sold by Douwe Egberts) and still one of the most well-known names in the coffee industry. They are also special because at that time, there are only few coffee machines and this company is trying to make the better version of what’s already available so they can last long or more durable.

The brand since then have lots of coffee products but, the one model that stay in our heart is their popular KBG machines that we can found in many kitchens or even in our parent’s houses. This model is approved by SCA and as you may already know, Technivorm has been close to Specialty Coffee Association and Moccamaster machine family are already approved by them as well as being their official sponsor at least until 2020. In this KBG line, however, we have so many collections to choose.

Before we are moving further, this line may have various models going by their own numbers but as long as they are from the same family, KBG machine is the same despite the different numbers for example Technivorm 59616 and Moccamaster 59461. They may sound different but Moccamaster is the name for coffee brewers made by Technivorm which means they are referring at the same Technivorm products. These two are also coming from the same KBG family and the difference is only on the color/fashion option.

Both of these brewers are a simple coffee brewers which is similar to another popular Bunn GRB Vs BXB since there is no additional features on board to adjust each brew automatically but, this is also what makes them a very friendly machine to have since we don’t need to fiddle with much adjustments or manual settings. The result is a delicious black coffee which is extracted from your pre-ground coffee, at perfect temperature, anytime.

Technivorm 59616 and Moccamaster 59461 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these brewers are an identical machine since they are coming with the same build and have the same design with the same parts and carafe included. While they may look like the same machine and have the same color, 59616 is actually coming with a polished silver finish while the 59461 is with shiny white finish. For the material, they are equally made with a combination of metal and plastic on some of their parts.

They are weighing around 6 pounds with the same height, width, and depth at 14-inch, 12.75-inch, and 6.5-inch respectively. The carafe is made out of glass with plastic handle but the water compartment is plastic and this compartment is capable of carrying 1.25 liters of water; the same with its carafe.

Technivorm 59616 and Moccamaster 59461 Features

Since Technivorm 59616 and Moccamaster 59461 are a regular coffee brewers, there is no special or fascinating features we can get in either of them and as for the beverage options, we can only get black coffee which is similar like a traditional drip coffee because it extract coffee with hot water by pouring it on top of them inside the brew basket. However, like many other similar kitchen appliance, these brewers are also featured with hot/warming plate to keep your coffee warm.

This warming plate is activated through the switch in these machine’s base and it will warm your carafe between 175o-185o F when switched on but, as for these models, we can either activate it at warm or hot setting marked with full half and full circle. In addition, it will also automatically shut off after 100 minutes so we don’t have to check them all the time. As for the brewing time, they varied but in general will take about 4 to 6 minutes for each brewing process.

Brewing with Technivorm 59616 and Moccamaster 59461

To use the brewers, we have to start from off position first and then place the 9-hole outlet arm which is the one between the water reservoir and brew basket lids. Next we fill an amount of water as desired according to the markings printed, place the standard white paper filter into brew basket and add around 10 tablespoons of coffee when you are brewing a full carafe then place brew basket on bracket with the outlet arm over the center of the basket.

Put the empty carafe with its lid on the hot plate along with Brew-Thru-Lid attached for both Technivorm 59616 and Moccamaster 59461 then switch the brewer on in which there will be orange light illuminating the power switch. We then can switch the carafe warmer on according to your preferred temperature. Brewing will begin and will take from 4-6 minutes but, when it is done, we should turn them off before enjoying the coffee while the warmer still active.


Now, let’s compare Technivorm 59616 with Moccamaster 59461. As it has been mentioned above, both of them are very similar to each other since they are actually the same machine but have different color option which is why the model number is also different. They equally made with the same material, can brew coffee at the same time, have the same features, as well as coming with the same glass carafe.

Technivorm 59616 vs  Moccamaster 59461

- The top choice of coffee brewing experts
- Easy use, one button Operation and 4-6 minute brew time
- Unique, copper boiling element and no Pumps, ensures Coffee is always brewed to the right temperature
- Made with durable metal housings and BPA/BPS/bpf and phthalate free plastics
- Auto shut off after 100 minutes
- Backed by a 5-year Manufacturers
- Handmade in the Netherlands
- Fits #4 Coffee filters


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences so it is best to choose the one that fits your kitchen the most, but, if we are to recommend, we do like the white 59461 better since it looks prettier but, if budget is limited, the silver 59616 is a more affordable pick.

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