Vertuoline vs Evoluo Deluxe


Nespresso machines are very practical and convenient to use. People who have very little time or simply don’t want to deal with the complicated technicalities of coffee brewing will love these units. This time, we are going to discuss the differences between Vertuoline vs Evoluo Deluxe. How are they different from each other, and which one is better?

After reading this article, you will understand better about:

  • The design and dimensions of each Nespresso model here
  • The features on the Vertuoline and the Evoluo Deluxe
  • Which model that has a larger reservoir capacity
  • The performance of Nespresso Vertuoline vs Evoluo Deluxe
  • Which model that is better and provides more value for the money

Nespresso Vertuoline: Design & Dimensions

In terms of design, Nespresso Vertuoline is a stylish coffee machine that can easily fit into almost any kitchen décor. It has a black exterior, except for the top part which has a silver finish. Although the aesthetics don’t appear as sophisticated as some other semi-automatic espresso makers in the market, it still has its charm. Not to mention that it is available at a considerably more affordable price point than those units. See also: Nespresso Vertuo Plus vs Evoluo.

The construction is mostly plastic, but Nespresso Vertuoline still feels solid and robust. This coffee machine measures 3 inches wide, 11.93 inches deep, and 11.91 inches tall. It is equipped with a removable water tank on the side, which has a maximum capacity of 40 oz.

If you are interested in Nespresso machines, you should know by now that they work exclusively with Nespresso beverage capsules. They won’t work with ground coffee or beverage pods from other brands. Of course, the practical operation is the main reason that attracts people in the first place; you only need to add some water, insert a capsule, and hit a button.

The used capsule will be ejected into a tray which can hold several capsules before it needs to be emptied. The one in Nespresso Vertuoline can hold up to 14 pods.

Nespresso Vertuoline: Features

In terms of features, there are several things that Vertuoline vs Evoluo Deluxe share in common. First of all, they both come with the Centrifusion brewing technology. It is a proprietary system of Nespresso which brews by spinning the coffee inside the capsule at a very high speed (7,000RPM) with hot water. The company claims that this system is able to deliver optimum flavor and crema formation.

Secondly, both machines have an intelligent scanning system which reads the information in the barcode of the capsule to adjust the brewing parameters accordingly. Different drinks require different settings for the best flavor and texture, but you don’t need to worry about making adjustments manually because these coffee machines can do that automatically for you. This way, you will always get consistent coffee quality no matter what.

Third, both models have an auto shut-off function. They will automatically shut-off after 9 minutes without any operation. This is to ensure that the unit won’t be wasting energy needlessly. This is also really nice because you won’t need to worry if you forget to turn off your coffee machine.

Now, the distinctive feature of Nespresso Vertuoline is that it only supports three brew sizes, which are espresso (1.35 oz), coffee (8 oz), and alto (14 oz). Well, these options should be sufficient to meet the preferences of most people. But, if you want to get double espresso, you will need to run the brewing cycle twice at the espresso setting.

Cleaning is always an important aspect for any coffee machine if you want it to last. Fortunately, Nespresso has simplified this part by adding a built-in cleaning function to Nespresso Vertuoline, which is very simple and easy to use. Hence, cleaning is no more a daunting task. There is a button on the front panel which you need to press three times quickly to start a quick cleaning cycle. For descaling, simply hold the button down for seven seconds.

Nespresso Vertuoline: Performance

In terms of performance, there is a slight difference in the initial heating time needed by Vertuoline vs Evoluo Deluxe. As a note, Nespresso Vertuoline is a slightly older model, so it is understandable if there are some changes and improvements that are introduced only in the newer models.

Nespresso Vertuoline takes about 20 seconds to pre-heat before it is ready to start a brewing cycle. That is already really fast! We just want to point out that Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe is even faster. Nevertheless, you can still quickly get a cup of coffee from Nespresso Vertuoline, even when you are in a dash to get to work.

The Centrifusion technology of Nespresso Vertuoline received mixed reviews when it first came out. According to some users, the first generations of Nespresso Vertuoline can’t produce hot enough coffee. However, for some others who prefer to drink coffee that doesn’t scorch their tongues, the temperature of Nespresso Vertuoline is just fine. If you also prefer coffee that you can drink right away comfortably, you probably will like Nespresso Vertuoline.

When making alto drinks, Nespresso Vertuoline shows its true power. The coffee is full-bodied with a rich, well-balanced flavor. The crema is thick and tasty. However, if you prefer espresso shots, the performance remains great. Nespresso Vertuoline dispenses shots quickly, still with a full body and a well-defined crema.

Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe: Design & Dimensions

Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe is one of the later iterations in the new Vertuoline series. We can easily see the similarities between this model and the first Vertuoline in terms of appearance. It has a drip tray on the front, a detachable water tank on the side, and a used capsule container that can be removed for easy emptying.

However, Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe is quite larger. This model measures 12.3 inches x 12.2 inches x 9.0 inches. As the effect, it will require more space in your kitchen. If you have a very strict space availability, this can be an issue.

As you may have expected, the increased dimensions is due to the larger water tank capacity. Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe’s water tank has a maximum capacity of 54 oz. This means that you will be able to make more cup of coffee before needing to refill. This is a nice perk if the coffee machine is going to serve several people who drink coffee frequently. The used capsule container can hold up to 17 capsules.

One similarity between Vertuoline vs Evoluo Deluxe is that they both have solid plastic construction. However, there are some minor tweaks on Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe. The top panel is now black, just like the rest of the body, and has more rigid lines. More importantly, the height of the drip tray on the front can be adjusted to fit different cup sizes.

Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe: Features

Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe is armed with the Centrifusion technology, which brews coffee by spinning it with hot water at a very high speed (7,000RPM). However, this model apparently has been equipped with a more powerful heating element, as it can output coffee at a hotter temperature.

Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe also has an automatic blend recognition system which scans the barcode on the capsule to adjust the brewing parameters automatically. The operation is extremely simple and straightforward. While some of the more dedicated coffee enthusiasts may detest the lack of customization options, this is a great advantage for busy people who don’t want to spend too much time and effort for a cup of coffee.

Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe supports five brew sizes. It can make espresso (1.35 oz), double espresso (2.7 oz), gran lungo (5.0 oz), coffee (8.0 oz), or alto (14.0 oz). Make sure that you choose a capsule of the right brew size. Nespresso offers a wide range of capsules that differ not only by flavor, but also by brew size.

Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe: Performance

The first notable thing about Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe’s performance is the very fast operation. The initial heat-up only takes 15 seconds. This is even faster than its sibling, the Vertuoline, although the five-second difference is relatively marginal.

The company has listened to their users’ complaints and advice, and this is apparent from the improvement in Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe’s coffee temperature. Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe is able to produce coffee at a higher temperature which can satisfy most coffee drinkers. And the performance is consistent.

The coffee quality is great. There is not much difference from the coffee quality of Nespresso Vertuoline. Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe is able to deliver alto drinks with full-bodied flavors and thick, rich crema. Espresso shots also come out with decent strength. You will be greeted by a nice crema before finding and enjoying complex flavor notes in the espresso.

Vertuoline vs Evoluo Deluxe

- COMPLEMENTARY GIFT: Each machine includes a Nespresso Vertuo capusle welcome kit with a range of 12 single serve coffee capsules with unique aroma profiles.
- FEATURES: Includes 40 oz. water removable water tank for no hassle refilling. This machine also has a fast heat up time of only 15 seconds meaning you will never have to wait too long for your favorite coffee or espresso drink to be ready. There is an energy-saving automatic shut off at 9 minutes of inactivity.
- AUTOMATIC COFFEE/ESPRESSO MACHINE: Have the ability to create barista grade brewed single serve coffee or espresso cups at the touch of a single button. The single touch button mechanism delivers the best in-cup result for whatever style coffee or espresso drink you choose. Designed for use with Nespresso Vertuo capsules only.
- Includes Aeroccino Plus milk frother: rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth; Items sold separately valued at $348
- New revolutionary Centrifusion technology to gently brew both Coffee and Espresso with one touch of a button
- Capsule recognition and code reading technology for blend-specific parametric brewing; Two capsule sizes, large for Coffee and small for Espresso


Between these two models, Nespresso Evoluo Deluxe is generally more recommended. It is better in almost every aspect. It has a larger water tank capacity, it supports more brew sizes, and it has even faster performance. Also, the coffee temperature is higher, with excellent full-bodied flavors.

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